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“In the news today, there has been more information on the Mutate known as Hiro Oda. As National News Network reported first that two days ago the Mutate broke out of his containment water based cell at one of VCI’s private facilities in Kentucky. VCI immediately released that several guards were killed during the mutates escape from the facility. At a press conference the head of VCI Magnus Valhalla reported that he was deeply saddened by this series of troubled events. Valhalla also stated that quite possibly Oda might have suffered shock while in the holding tank which made him lose his mind sending him into the fury that made him want to break out of the containment cell. Valhalla wanted to stress that Hiro Oda signed a contract with VCI to undergo study so that scientists could better understand the DNA structure of the mutate which could help them better understand mutates in general. Oda was paid the sum of five million dollars for a one year study. It was believed by VCI scientists that Oda was just a lower level mutate but after Black Squad clashed with him on VCI’s private reserve in Kentucky, the battle left one of the members of Black Squad dead. We tried reaching Overwatch Prime for a statement but as usual they stayed pretty tight lipped. Yesterday we obtained a leaked video from an employee at VCI of the entire confrontation and we at National News feel that Hiro is not a low level mutate but in fact an elite level mutate. After we aired that video public opinion seems to be that many are worried the Oda could be the next Fusion, and in the minds of every American, no one has forgotten the death and devastation that Fusion caused. In a press conference this morning CEO of VCI Magnus Valhalla expressed that he was not aware of the power levels of Oda as his team was only a few weeks into studying Oda when the escape occurred. He further went onto say that Oda himself said that he felt he was only a lower power leveled mutate and showed no signs of elite levels, and that all of this comes as a surprise to Valhalla and to his team. Valhalla and VCI have promised to help local law enforcement and Overwatch Prime in anyway possible to aid in the capture of Hiro Oda. But it is come to our attention that Overwatch Prime who has fully taken over in this matter. In an official press conference over an hour ago Overwatch Prime released a statement confirming that Hiro Oda is indeed an elite level mutate, and that they are now sending an elite level mutate to bring him down. Overwatch Prime also released that they will be sending the humanite Sacred to bring down Oda. As many know the humanite Sacred is a devout believer in God, something that most humanites do not believe in since they are born of science. Sacred claims to have a direct connection with God and says all humanites detect the presence of God but choose not to see it, andgor this he has stirred much controversy. Whether or not one would believe what he says about God, it can not be debated the immense power Sacred has. It is said his power levels are above even American Warriors and maybe even giving Kinetic Balance a run for his money. We are sure at National News that Sacred was not just picked for his elite speed and strength. He can also generate high amounts of heat from his body and unleash that heat from his hands at his enemies. Heat versus water, sounds like Hiro Oda’s days of freedom are evaporating. We will keep the public posted on any new events as it occurs. This is Jay Marshall with National News Network.”


Shia is 17 years old and the fraternal twin of Rayvon Miles. She goes to McKinley High school and lives in Bay City Florida. She is the girlfriend of Chayne Riley. She enjoys working at the Bay City mall, and enjoyed turning down being a cheerleader to pursure what she feels are more productive measures for a female such as science club, and speaking out on womens rights. She knows nothing about her brother or Chaynes exploits in fighting crime.

                         The Call To Arms (Part 1)

American Warrior streaked across the mid afternoon sky flying toward an urgent destination. His arms were at his side to make it possible to cut through the wind currents easier. He was focused and determined. 

“What’s that casualty rate at now?” He said without moving his mouth. Through the nanites in his body he was able to communicate with The Eyes communication devices on a level that baffled them. All save for Professor Fredricks. The Professor was full aware that all humanites could do this with any communications device, and with other nanites. It was a special radio wave that only nanites could produce, yet nanites could make it possible for two way or more communication. Professor Fredricks had a special implant in his ear that gave him direct private communication with American Warrior via the nanite channel. This was classified information that maybe only the Professor and American Warrior were aware of. All public communication was through the communication chip sewn into the collar of American Warriors uniforms. General Reyes was watching American Warrior streak across the sky via two MC30’s. They were an updated much smaller and harder to see version of the older mini cam invented by Griffin Core science. The MC30 had cloaking tech where it could bend light around it making it almost invisible. All MC30’s had a built in PDA to scan any humanites they crossed. They were weaponless using stealth as its only weapon.

“The death toll is in the low 60’s but rising.” The Professor said urgently. “This guy easily took out over 30 local Texan police officers, the rest of the deaths are innocent bystanders.” 

“Any PDA readings?” American Warrior asked.

“That’s the thing, the MC30’s that were orignally dispatched burned up once they were 10 feet away from him. Only one was successful in attmepting a read but came back negative on all categories. Your accompanying MC30’s will try just an energy output reading to give me a better idea. This is something new I want to try, output readings are something I’ve been thinking about adding to the overall PDA scan. I feel that it might be equally as important as all other categories.” 

American Warrior raised a brow. “Still it’s strange that none of the MC30’s couldn’t pick up any nanite readings. Maybe this humanite can block PDA scans?” 

“It’s possible, but let’s wait and see once these little guys get there. Stay focused on the true task though Brent, whoever this humanite is he is powerful and has no regard for human life. Two women and one 8 year old boy are among the dead by his hands.” 

American Warrior frowned upon hearing who some of the victims were. This villian had to be stopped before he took more lives. 

“It doesn’t matter how much power this criminal thinks he has Professor, he has never come across the might of American Warrior!” American Warrior defiantly protested.

And at that American Warrior picked up speed traveling even faster toward Texas. He finally came over top of his intended target seeing a shirtless man with a radiating blue type of skin below calmly waiting. Local law enforcement stood back at a safe distance unloading a hail of bullets that all burned up disintegrating 10 feet away from him, the bodies of burned corpses littered the area around him.  The MC30’s immediately started scanning the villians energy output readings. 

“Holy!” Professor Fredricks said in amazement. It was enough to catch American Warriors attention.

“What is it?” American Warrior asked while he hovered high above the conflict below. Law enforcement officers took notice that he was there and started cheering and calling to him. He waved with a smile to them in an effort to calm. 

“I did an energy output reading on you to test this new scan, yours is of course 100 class as I suspected. Makes sense though, your energy output readings should be high because your body demands it so that you can have the strength and speed levels that your nanites create.”

“Yea…? And…?” American Warrior asked with slight impatience. 

“The Smurf below is kicking out a 500 class energy output! Do the numbers on that Brent! You are a 100 class, this guy is giving off readings that are on levels I have never encountered! If his output is that high, then we can only surmise that there is a strong possibility that his strength, speed, and God knows what else could be at higher levels than you!” Professor Fredricks said surprised. 

The information did not falter American Warrior. With arms crossed his slowly lowered about 6 feet from the blue skinned villian. He did it to prove a point. “It feels a little warm but his melting agenda is not harming my skin or uniform.” American Warrior stared at his adversary silently a few moments before speaking. “Why can’t you hear me?” He finally said out loud. He was trying to reach out via nanite communication, but failed. 

“It’s because he’s not a humanite in any way, shape or form!” The Professor said with shock in his voice. I recognize him now! He went missing after Griffin Core was shut down. The Eye had a feeling that my brother Horacio stole him. His name was Verdune Mathias. He was the first stab at creating a super soldier by use of atomic energy by Griffin Industries when my father owned the company. But his power was too uncontrollable so the program was shut down and Verdune was put in a special hybernation chamber where he remained for over 65 years. Be careful Brent, I’ve read the file on this guy years back!”

“Verdune Mathias, by the power vested in me by The United States Of America I order you to stand down!” American Warrior said firmly. The law enforcement officers cheered and whistled at his demand to Verdune. Verdune smiled, his eyes ignited red. 

“I used to be called that name, but now you may call me Fusion. And please tell the dear Professor that Horacio Griffin sends his regards.” 

Fusion extended his arm to American Warrior releasing a powerful wave of atomic energy. American Warrior instinctively flew upwards avoiding it. The surge of power struck the offficers instantly melting skin and taking more human life. The officers cried out in pain before falling to the ground into a steaming mass of flesh. None were left alive. 

“You evil bastard!” American Warrior cried out. 

“I intended for you to move so that I could clear the area of uneeded spectators. Now that that is done let me now break the symbol of America so that they all are aware of the impending doom that will soon befall them!” Fusion said confidently. 

It was only now that American Warrior could see the difficult task at hand. He told himself that he would emerge victorious. 




General Reyes stood with his arms crossed behind his back staring down at the base below from his office, the former office of Horacio Griffin before the United States Army seized the base back from Griffin Core. That was 18 years ago during the events of Griffin Core failing to recover Subject Bullet after Bullet escaped from the base in Hawaii. That whole mess became public thanks to the media. But that wasn’t the reason the Army seized control of the base taking it back from Griffin Core. The White House had discovered that Bullet had flew into outer space where his body exploded from the nanites within him going critical mass. That was duable damage control, but what was unforgivable was the fact that Proffesor Englehardt alias Valhala escaped the compound entering the shell of the robot Headhunter and was already gone before anyone could calculate where he had went. Valhala was a true security threat, but had never resurfaced in over 18 years. It was believed that his new body had suffered too much damage and that now his metalic form was rusting away somewhere. 

Things had calmed down after the Army took over the base, and that’s when the Humanites surfaced bringing a whole new dangerous element to the world. They were humans that were part of the original 42 test subjects of Project Aries who were given The Golden Elixr. A liquid formula that had nanites in the serum to boost the human body to super human proportions. The test failed 42 times, the namites never activated in those subjects, but subject 43 was different. Not only did the nanites activate they gave him great speed and power but at a price. Jai Simmons was told that the namites would eventually overload and cause his body to explode and after a time this did occur. He was the only test subject who’s nanites went overload, some speculated it was because of the sheer power that he possesed. Of all the test subjects he would have been the most powerful had he been alive. Thanks to Valhalla the 42 subjects had the dormant nanites inside them awakened. 

When the 42 went into the world the vast majority  went into hiding and started normal lives creating families. But a few saw thier new power as a means to become rich and powerful so they turned to a life of crime. No ordinary man or woman could rise up against a humanite so a few of the 42 stood up against the evil. So came the rise of true super heros and villians in the world. No longer comic book lore, they now were real. The United States trully had nothing to combat the humanites and fear of them started to grow until the White House brought in the half brother of Horacio Griffin, Professor Darren Fredericks, the inventor of the nanites that was in every super human. Professor Fredericks was also head of Griffin Cores Aries Project and personally gave each of the 43 the Golden Elixir serum. The professor was put in charge of the former Griffin Core base which was now called The Eye, General Reyes was head of security. 

With the leading expert in nanite tech on the side of the United States government things started to calm down. Weapons were made that could work against the humanites, and one humanite became the symbol of America six years into of what Professor Fredricks called the Genesis Event. The time and rise of a new type of human being. Humans of course did not like being the weaker species and they started hating even the good humanites envious of their power and imortality. But when the largest terrorist attack that made 9/11 look small in comparison happened on American soil, the humanite American Warrior was sent in to clean it up. Single handedly American Warrior wiped out countless terrorist cells in America ridding the United States of terrorist threats in only one year. Because of American Warrior the view on humanites changed to a positive. Because of this new generation humanties came forth as heroes to help humanity, to make a better world. And now there were humanites that had seen how they were viewed by humans, and thier hearts grew bitter giving rise to even more villians. If it were up to General Reyes he’d just find a way to kill of humanites, to him they were all a threat. 

But President Carson had an agenda, he was wise. He knew to threaten the humanites could possibly cause the good ones to switch sides. And until Professor Fredricks could create the perfect weapon that could kill them all it was futile to go to war with them. General Reyes sighed heavily with the weight on his mind. 


(After the Solitaire Venus short is completed)

18 years after the death of Jai Simmons, much has changed in the world. The 42 human trials of nanite subjects had their nanites awakened by Valhalla. After the fall of Griffin Core the 42 were able to escape and take on private lives in society. With their newfound powers some became heroes, others became villians. The villains wreak havoc on the weaker humans, the heroes fought against them. And now the offspring of both are trying to find where they fit into all of this. The short stories that happened come from what science calls the Genesis Event. This event occured once the offspring of the 42 came into early adulthood with thier powers maturing and began joining the battle for good, or evil. This event is the start of my super hero, and villian universe. The nanites are the cause of this boom. Here are a few of the titles (the names of heroes or villains to come from the Genesis Event in the order each story will be:

Kinetic Balance (Male Hero)

Pressure Point ( Female Hero)

Deviant (Male Villian)

Rising Son (Male Villian)

Reckon  (Female Hero)

Battle Boy (Male Hero)

White Rabbit (Female Villian) 

Zilch (Male Hero) 

Trauma (Female Villian) 

(These are the start of the heroes and villians during the Genesis Event. They are the offspring of the 43. 43 you say? Well yea, Jai Simmons (aka Bullet) was the 43rd. His offspring is included the 9 above. His sons story will kick off the event. When I used to draw I came up with this stuff but got too lazy to draw it all lol. The funny thing was this universe was thought up about six years ago after watching on Netflix about nanites and their potential. Each short story will be about one character only, other things will connect though since they are all in the same world. I hope you enjoy it.)

Thanks for reading

R. Sulli

The local news in Florida caught the attention of an employee at Griffin Core who in turn brought it to the attention of his superior, who in turn went to General Mace with the information. General Mace then went to Horacio Griffin about the valuable find. The first who actually knew was Valhalla, he had been scanning all receptions; radio, tv, and police bands. He did not tell the General though because that would have given away the fact that the firewall was not working as good as they thought. Valhalla had broken through that the first day it was put up years ago, and it only took mere seconds. And every time the firewall was revised he would break through it again. To date Valhalla had broken through 8,496 resets of the firewall, all in record time. It took a few hours for the news to finally get back to Valhalla that Jai had been spotted and when it did it was both General Mace and Horacio Griffin who presented it to him. Horacio seemed obsessed with visiting Valhalla and picking his brain. That was the problem, Horacio was arrogant. He didn’t think that he was being outwitted by a metallic sphere. Valhalla would always play along of course, and make suggestions. Valhalla had the perfect poker face.

General Mace felt that Subject Bullet would be long gone from his home town by now. Valhalla’s educated guess was that Jai was still there. After all according to the news clip Jai was distraught to hear that his mother had taken her life, Valhalla felt that Jai would stay where he was comfortable for the time being. Possibly with a family friend, or relative.

Valhalla pleaded to be part of the actual recon mission, that idea was turned down but he was promised that he would be able to sit in and give advice. Horacio Griffin, General Mace, and Valhalla were all in the war room together when the mission started.

The room was filled with massive monitors, and an operator sat in front of each screen tapping away on a key board. A few monitors had smaller screens side by side showing soldiers helmet cams with name included at the top of each screen. Other monitors had cameras from the Apache Helicopters, or mini cams that were sitting in the back of the Apaches that would fly out and film everything that was taking place once Subject Bullet was found. Horacio stood in front of one of the Apache monitors watching nothing but sky at the moment. He rubbed his chin, his face was serious. He even trimmed his beard in a different fashion making it thinner, he was superstitious but was never one to admit it. Superstition was for the uneducated, that was not he. He wore the finest black tailored suit that seemed to shine in the light of the monitors. His hair was also freshly trimmed, new things meant new positive beginnings. Not a superstitious thing mind you, again that was for the daft minded.

“I’m staking a lot on this Valhalla, I should hope you are correct…” He said in a scolding manner. Valhalla laughed catching Horacio off guard. The General remained silent, he worked better observing. Horacio walked up standing close beside Valhalla staring at the sphere with raised brow, General Mace stood behind them silently. “You find this humorous Valhalla?” Horacio Griffin remarked almost angrily.

“I laugh because you doubt my genius. My calculations come from precise thought that is not hindered by imperfect human thought.”

“So you admit you are no longer human?” Horacio asked sarcastically.

“I admit that I am far better than I was before, that is all I need to admit.”

An argument seemed to be taking place, one that Valhalla could care less about; he knew he had the superior intellect. Even when he was human his mind was far more brilliant than Horacio’s. So Valhalla chose to stay quiet, Horacio wanted to continue it but was interrupted by radio communications.

-Eye in the sky approaching ground zero. Deploying mini cams- said one of the Apache pilots. The hum of Apache blades blended with the pilots voice.

-Rodger that Eye in the sky. Kings pawn zip lining soldiers in 5…,4…,3…,2…, green light-

-Copy that Kings Pawn, Red Spawn zip lining second wave of soldiers in 5…,4…,3…,2…,1… green light-

The three watched the action unfold on the monitors.

“May I request putting the mini cams on the main screen just for a moment, all of the ones that were sent in the area Subject Bullet was found by the neighbor. I feel Subject Bullet could still be within a ten mile radius from that area.” Valhalla said.

The operator for the main screen looked at Horacio Griffin for the ok after hearing Valhallas request. Horacio nodded yes apprehensively but made sure to cover his emotion on the matter, but it didn’t fool Valhalla. Horacio’s alga rhythms told the true tale, one of the weaknesses of mankind Valhalla told himself. The main screen popped up twenty smaller screens showing what the flying mini cams were going in first person view. Each view showed how smooth and silent the mini cams were. The only sounds came from the environment around the mini cams as they flew.

“My hat goes off to Professor Haley on the invention of the Null Field Generator. I am still amazed that the Apache helicopters have not had NFG’s installed. It would make them silent, and incredibly versatile, and far faster than they are now.” Valhalla said. He never understood the backward thinking of Griffin Core. They had mini cams with Null Field Generators which enabled them to hover or fly silently with no propeller or thrusting engine that used fossil fuels. And it enabled the mini cams to move at great speeds. Valhalla was greatly impressed, so much in fact he had them install the Head Hunter with many in various areas of the robot to give it even more flight speed capability.

“All in due time…” Horacio Griffin said laughing uncomfortably. He was starting to regret having Valhalla in the room.

“There screen 26, have it turn and go back!” Valhalla noticed something. Valhalla noticed an ATM machine then instantly hacked into the ATM camera near the alley Behind where Mr. Clarke had seen Jai, it had a good vantage point facing right at it from across the street. Playing back several days of video data in seconds he saw Jai hunched on the wall near the edge of the alley crying and broken. An unidentifiable black female who had her back turned walked up to Jai from across the street in front of the camera and held a conversation with him. The video had no sound. For a brief moment Valhalla saw the side of the woman’s face as she looked around. Then she helped Jai up walking out of view to to the right with him. The General and Horacio were not aware that Valhalla could, or was doing this. “Have two units search nearby apartment buildings, I know he is there!”

General Mace finally spoke up. “How can you be so sure?”

“The neighbor next door came across Subject Bullet. When the neighbor told Subject Bullet that his mother killed herself over the loss of her son, the neighbor said Subject Bullet became irate. I can assure you someone took pity on him or he pleaded to stay with someone. This was his neighborhood, the place he grew up with his mothers love. He will not want to be far from his mothers house. He’s there alright.” Valhalla replied.

“We’ll see…” Horacio Griffin said with a smirk. At this point he was hoping Valhalla was wrong. He would see to it personally that Valhalla was decommissioned and destroyed.

The sound of the monitor caught everyones attention.

-This is Red Spawn leader. Our unit is headed Northwest. Checking all occupied areas door by door-

-Copy that Red Leader, this is Blue Spawn leader. Unit One is now covering all East occupied areas-

As other units sounded off Valhalla focused on BlueLeaders camera. That was the closest apartment unit from the ATM machines camera, and in the direction Jai and the unidentifiable black female had went off camera. He remained silent waiting for his calculations to be seen. Horacio and the General were focused on another screen entirely still watching the mini cams search. Blue Team methodically began knocking on every door starting with the first floor, then the second, and then just as Blue Leader was knocking on the door a mini cam sounded an alert, then another, and another. Horacio ordered the operator to switch the main screen to all mini cams. When the operator did every screen showed Jai trying to break through the electric barrier.

“At last we have found you!” Horacio Griffin said excited and pleased. He had quickly forgotten how badly he wanted Valhalla to fail. The emotion was replaced with relief. “Good job Valhalla, well done!”

“Release the Head Hunter!” The General ordered. General Mace and Horacio Griffin looked to a single large screen on the left. The operator controlled the Head Hunter. The screen show the back area of the Apache open. The Head Hunter moved forward upon the command of the operator. The howl of the wind was heard along with the cutting of the blades on the Apache. The screen looked down at the shiny metallic feet of the Head Hunter as it jumped out of the back of the Apache speeding downward. It stopped hovering inches above the ground as the null generators kicked in, then it touched down gently. From first person view of the Head Hunters visual camera the monitor looked up at Jai who floated higher above the ground. The Head Hunter raised its arm up to Jai at which point he looked down directly at the Head Hunter saying something before crashing into it with blinding speed. The camera view flipped and tilted all about as the Head Hunter was hurled backwards into the wall, at which point rubble was seen falling down before the screen showed only rubble. The entire scene was silent as it unfolded.

“Wait a minute, what happened to the sound? There just sound a minute ago. But I didn’t hear anything just now.” Horacio said annoyed.

The Head Hunter operator looked back briefly shrugging his shoulders. “I don’t know Mr. Griffin. The system is not showing any malfunctioning including sound.”

Horacio walked closer to the screen his eyes glued to it. His head tilted slightly as he tried to hear sound. Rubble was all that could be seen on the monitor. Jai had struck the Head Hunter into a building causing a portion of rubble to fall on it. The sound of rubble moving could be heard on the monitor followed by metallic hands clearing the rubble.

“It appears we have sound back Mr. Griffin.” The operator said. The Head Hunter easily pushed the rubble off of it standing up. Jai stood there staring at his shiny adversary.

Jai looked at the Head Hunter with disgust. “So they send a robot to try and kill me?” He said with anger. Then the sound went out again. Horacio looked back with great irritation.

“I thought you were a genius! You can house your brain in the metal ball! You can create that!” He pointed to the Head Hunter on the monitor. “But you install a horrible sound card?”

“The Head Hunter shall not fail in his task for I have created him. But I can not take blame for your imperfect workers who put the sound installations in him. The blame is to go to whoever installed the speakers, and microphone. Kudos to the one who installed the eye cameras though…” Valhalla said it in mockery. It made Horacio’s blood boil.

Before he started yelling and cursing at Valhalla the operator pulled his hands back and away from the control board in surprise. “Whoa! The Head Hunter is moving about freely!” The operators training kicked in. He started working on recovering his control over the Head Hunter. Horacio and the General both moved closer to the screen seeing Jai talking to the Head Hunter. It was clear that there was dialogue between the two, there was just no sound. The General turned, his eyes wide while looking at Valhalla. The General knew at that moment what was taking place but it was too late.

“Code 736!” General Mace yelled out. The code 736 meant extra measures to make sure the Griffin Core firewall still had Valhalla contained. The flickering lights on the front of Valhallas sphere dimmed then went out. The General got Horacio’s attention, he knew that something was wrong and that it had something to do with Valhalla. The sound came back on the Head Hunters monitor. All eyes were glued on the monitor.

“So you are declining my offer Mr. Simmons?” Valhalla asked patiently, Horacio Griffin was startled to hear Valhallas voice come directly from the Head Hunter. He knew what code 736 was now, and he was full aware that it failed.

“Did Valhallas voice just come from the Head Hunter General?” He almost sounded panicked. General Mace walked up to the lifeless metallic sphere placing one hand on it before looking at Horacio Griffin.

“The firewall has been compromised, Valhalla has escaped! We have protocols that are now in action to retrieve him sir!” General Mace said.

“I’m afraid so.” Jai responded to Valhalla, Horacio and the General put their attention back on the monitor.

“A pity…” Valhalla said. Jai took a step back touching his chest. The room flickered before going black, the back up lights came on, the room was a red hue. “I have locked you all in this room and shut off all communication to the outside world minutes ago. Before anyone knows that you are in need I will have already been gone. It was a pleasure General Mace. Horacio you should really relinquish your stock in Griffin Core. You are too much of a fool to be its leader. Farewell my friends!”

All monitors in the room shut off, Horacio Griffin turned screaming loudly while he kicked the stand that the lifeless sphere of Valhalla rested upon. The sphere shook then fell to the side as the stand fell backwards. Horacio yelled at the top of his lungs using every curse word imaginable. 

This was all going badly….

It was a bright sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Jai stood behind a white line waiting for the green light from Proffessor Fredricks. He stood in front of the proving grounds, a nickname given it by one of the soldiers at Project Aries that just seemed to stick. The base itself was in a hidden location on a small island not far from Honolulu. The base was leased to Griffin Core via the United States Army. As long as Griffin Core produced the high tech waepons for the army that they had been producing, the island was theirs to use. There were many top secret tests that took place on the island for the advancement of warfare. The top was Project Aries which was the attempt to create super soldiers in various ways. Jai was not the only specimen for this project. Cybornetics  was also being tested with soldiers who were amputees they were phase two. Jai was the only one from phase one whose body accepted the liquid named gold elixir type fourty two. There were no deaths so far from the other fourty one who had taken the elixir in its various forms, the elixir was changed or tweaked each time it failed to work for each recipient. All were under observation until further notice. Jai though took quite quickly to the newest concoction of the gold elixir and just in a matter of days he started to exhibit changes. The first was the increase in his strength. Then his skin began to toughen sporadically at various times. Sometimes his skin would be normal then it would be so tough that nothing could penetrate it. This was discovered when Jai complained about a numbing sensation on the surface of his skin, and when a doctor went to inject a needle for a blood test the needle broke. They found that no needle could break through Jai’s skin, then hours later his skin was normal and a needle could be injected. 

Weeks later Jai lost all sensation in his skin, even when it was normal and could be penetrated by a needle. His sense of touch was lost, even the sensitivity in his lower extremities. This was too much for Jai to handle and he fell into depression. After months of therapy he was able to cope, Proffessor Fredricks promised that he would find a way to cure Jai’s lack of sensitivity.  Jai’s depression faded to some degree and training resumed. While jogging on the track one morning Jai had his first trigger. Proffessor Fredricks called Jai’s ability to change the molecules in his body a triggering affect, not long after Proffessor Fredicks used the word trigger regularly in regards to when Jai would activate his power. The trigger on the track field caused Jai to excelerate at such a blinding speed he ran into the security wall crashing through it. This was when the proffessor discovered that when Jai triggered he not only could run at super sonic speeds, the trigger affect also made Jai’s skin toughened. His strength was always above average though even when Jai didn’t trigger. Proffessor Fredericks determined that Jai possessed the strength of ten men. Jai quickly became the spearhead focus of the Aries project, Jai was making strides in controlling his power. Over that following year Jai could control when he wanted to trigger, and he was able to use his super speed and invulnerability in deadly force. A soldier said after watching Jai perform in a training simulation “He’s a human bullet.” After that Jai was given the codename Bullet. 

But with all of his new found powers came limits. Once Jai triggered he could only maintain his power for two hours maximum, lessening and becoming weaker losing speed, and invulnerability  then it would instantly shut off like a light switch. It took fifteen minutes exactly before he could trigger again and in that time his body was vulnerable. No matter how hard Jai tried within that fifteen minute period to trigger he could not; and in a few cases he would get a rush of pain through his body if he tried too hard during what was called his cool down period. If that occured, it would take much longer before he could trigger again, once it took thirty six hours before he could trigger again after he tried to during cool down. Through his training Jai learned to trigger for short durations then shutting down. If he did this his skin would stay invulnerable for twelve hours, but he had no super speed. He was learning more and more about his powers thanks to Proffessor Fredericks. The two had an incredible bond, the proffessor treated Jai like his son, and Jai looked up to him like a father. In the moments of fear that Jai had upon taking the golden elixir the Proffessor was there to guide and calm him. It was a genuine relationship of trust. Proffessor Fredricks saw Jai truly as his son, after all he was the leading scientist on the creation of the golden elexir, so in essence he gave birth to what Jai was. He felt it was his responsibility to guide and comfort Jai. He was there to help Jai understand what he was becoming, and how to help him control his newfound ablities and to explain to Jai what and why he could do what he was able to do. The proffessor made Jai’s transition from what he was to what he had become much smoother and bearable. 

It was a bond that the proffessor never intended, but as he watched Jai’s dedication to honing his skills, and to the courage Jai displayed such as when his body started to produce side affects it touched a sensitive chord in him. If this situarion happened to him, he knew that by now he would’ve had a nervous break down. Jai reflected on the conversation he and Proffessor Fredricks had earlier this morning on the walk over to the proving grounds. Jai was feeling quite good. They both walked down a white hallway via an underground tunnel. Jai couldn’t help but notice the proffessors depressed attitude. 

“So top brass from the Army is going to be here today so they can see what I can do? I’ll be sure to do the Aires project some justice.” Jai said to try to shake the proffessor from his mood. He glanced over seeing that it did nothing. Proffessor Fredricks quickly looked around cautiously before speaking. 

“I’ve come to admire and respect what you’ve done here Jai, and I’ve learned much about you in the time you’ve been here. You are a fine human being, and you have suprised us all with your dedication to the program.” 

Jai didn’t like how this was sounding. “So what’s up PF? You sound like you’re doing my eulogy.” Jai forced an uncomfortable chuckle. 

“As we contiue to talk maintain normal body language and try to smile from time to time. There are cameras all along this hall, but they can not hear us talking. Promise me that you can do this before I go any further with what I have to say.” His eyes roamed about the hall spotting the cameras. 

“You’re starting to concern me man, I…” The proffessor quickly intervened as Jai spoke. 

“There’s no time for this! Either say yes or no or I will disengage from the conversation!” He forced a smile as if Jai had just told him a joke. Jai felt a tug in the pit of his stomach then nudged the proffessor in the side of the arm followed by forced laughter. 

“Good.” Proffessor Fredricks said with a smile. “I have to speak quickly. Today you are to make an impressive show the top Army reps so that Griffin Cores contract can be continued for another ten years, although after they see what you can do, funding could very well go on for many decades to come. But anyway, it was discovered two weeks ago that your blood is causing a chain reaction. Everytime you trigger it brings you that much closer to your body shutting down. I’m so sorry my son.”

They both stopped at a large silver door Jai couldn’t belive what the proffessor had just said to him. Finally he was starting to feel better about what he had become, and he felt that after today he would be the symbol of American defense. He started to speak when Proffessor Fredricks hushed him. 

“Wait until we are through the doors, there will be guards on the other side.” The proffessor said quickly and under his breath. Jai started to feel numb, this can’t be real.