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It had been several days since Hiro and Luana escaped from the VCI reserve, and without incident. They were able to stay under the radar of Overwatch Prime who searched for them. They avoided cities where they would be noticed, and stuck to traveling through smaller rural areas where people tended to mind their own business, but even that was still a risk. Luana stole a vehicle and destroyed its GPS tracer, and the onboard insurance camera so that the vehicle could not be traced. And yet again Hiro wondered what she was that she could tinker and manipulate the electronic devices, was she a mutate, or humanite? It was frustrating to him that Luana was so guarded about herself, he helped her escape VCI, the least should could do was open up and give him more information about herself. He knew nothing about her save for that she came from VCI and was possibly a test subject as he was. The cause of his frustrations were that he found himself attracted to her, and no matter how much he told himself it was a bad idea he ended becoming that much more attracted to her. The stolen car was fine until they were spotted by a police car, a chase ensued and Luana eventually lost their pursuers thanks to her fancy driving. The car was heavily damaged though so they had to ditch it and walk on foot. The duo found themselves walking out in the country in green wide open hilly fields. The one and only goal was to get out of Kentucky and as far away from VCI as possible. They did not realize how difficult that would be. They were still in Kentucky, and only a few days away from VCI. It was time for Hiro to replenish again, he could feel his power slowly fading. He stopped walking.

“Wait.” He said looking around. Luana stopped and looked back at Hiro impatiently. 

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Searching for any body of water. A creek, river, pond, or lake. Anyplace I can replenish.” 

“So you have to be immersed in water to do that?” Luana asked. Hiro closed his eyes sniffing the air for traces of water sources. Luana thought he looked foolish.

“Depends on my level of weakness. The way you found me the other day on the VCI reserve? That time I needed to be immersed in water, I was too drained. Right now a nice tall glass of water would suffice as it has since we left the reserve because I replenished. But if I don’t get a glass soon, I will need more than just a glass of water in a few hours. I don’t want to get at that level of weakness again ever!”

“So you can maintain your power levels like you had back at the lake against the Black Squad?”

“No. The only time I have that kind of power is if I am immersed water. But I’m not a weakling either even when I am not in water, just not at that level.” Hiro shook his head realizing something. “Why am I telling you things about me when you don’t say shit about you to me? How about let’s not have a double standard? I have busted my ass to help a damn woman I don’t even know!” Hiro said enraged. Luana looked at him with focused temper. 

“Did you forget that if not for me you’d still be laying on your ass back in the reserve waiting for Black Squad to pick you up?” 

“You won’t guilt me with that, because you needed me! That’s why you came to me to begin with! In fact Black Squad caught you pretty quickly! That damn gun you had didn’t even do anything for you to stop them, and swinging a tree trunk at them was useless as well! You say I would still be laying on the ground back on that reserve? But I freed you from your shackles! Or did you forget? You have done nothing but treat me like a piece of shit and talk down to me! But maybe you’re the piece of shit! Did you ever think of that? You’re nothing but a cold hearted bitch!” His words were hurtful to her, she tried to wave them off but found all she could do was lower her head and catch her breath trying to digest it all. Hiro expected Luana to lash out angrily at him, he waited. She grabbed the zipper that was in the middle of her VCI jumpsuit and unzipped it by pulling the zipper down to her midsection. She then opened the suit exposing her breasts, Hiro stepped back in shock. “What are you doing?” He said bringing his arms up defensively, he did not realize he was doing this but he had never seen a woman’s breasts before. Luana remained silent. Pulling her arms out of the jumpsuit she lowered pushing it down off of her hips, once she did that the jumpsuit fell to her ankles. She stood back up to reveal that she was fully naked. Hiro stared at her body taking it all in. She was flawless, so beautiful. 

“I owe you for helping me escape, fuck me.” She said in a saddened voice. Hiro looked up at her eyes his own wide in disbelief.

“What?” He gasped. Luana did not blink, her face was bland.

“I said fuck me.” She said without emotion. Hiro turned his back to her feeling flustered. 

“No!” He said sounding like a little boy, there was shame in his voice for the desires he was now feeling. 

“You know you want to, I can tell.” She said calmly. “Your heartbeat is elevated, you also have an erection.” 

“You don’t know what I’m feeling!” He said defensively, he kept his back to her. 

“I know exactly what you’re feeling, I was created for the pleasure of men. And right now I know you want to fuck me.” Luana stood there waiting patiently. It was then Hiro realized what she just said to him, he quickly turned around staring into her eyes starting to understand.

“You said created. Everything that you have done so far, it makes sense. Hacking electric equipment, listening in on radio communications, enhanced strength and speed. You’re an android aren’t you?” Hiro could see in Luana’s eyes the pain of the reality of what he just said. She fought down her emotions and kept her eyes locked on his.

“This will be the last time I ask you. Do you want to fuck me or not? I can assure you that I can bring you great pleasure, it was why I was created.” Upon saying that Luana’s eyes began to well up with tears, but her face showed no sadness. Hiro had now calmed and took pity on her. 

“No, it would be wrong to do so.” He said softly.

“I can assure you that your moral code would not be scarred if you fucked me. Or do you mean your moral code would not be left in tact if you fucked a pleasure droid?” Tears streams fully down the sides of her face. 

“I merely meant that it would be wrong to take advantage of a woman in such ways.” Hiro looked to the ground. Luana reached down and pulled her jumpsuit up dressing herself. She zipped it up then spoke.

“Since you said that you did not want to fuck me I am no longer obligated to pay you for your services. This is where we part ways Mr. Oda.” She said. Turning around she walked off going down the winding hills, Hiro watched her walk away unsure what to do, he was in utter disbelief. The biggest disbelief was that his heart had not changed in regards to the feelings he felt for Luana. But now this new series of events most certainly made things a triffle more difficult, and that was an understatement. 


Black Squad received a silent message that H2O was headed toward a water source for replenishing. While they jogged Alpha glanced around to his squad. The helmet was completely smooth as were all Black Squad helmets. To enhance the nanites in the humanities bodies a special helmet was made to better utilize what the nanites could do making them more sensitive to their surroundings. Taking away complete eye sight was the way to do this. Without vision the nanites would work for their host even harder. The helmet had sensors all over the helmet that the nanites communicated with giving the squad member the ability to see in any direction at will. This meant a Black Squad member really did have eyes in the back of their head, but also on the top of their head and the sides. Alpha reached out to his squad via the nanites, speech was not needed. This though was nothing special, all humanities could communicate this way, but most chose to vocally speak to one another most of the time. The squad had deliberately trailed behind Hiro and Luana for most of the half mile waiting to see if they would make the first move or the first mistake, neither had happened. But once the squad was alerted that Hiro was trying to make his way toward the pond and that they were close to it, Black Squad decided to finish this now before Hiro had a chance to replenish, they were told by VCI that they were not aware what would happen to Hiro or what threat level he would be if he were to replenish; Black Squad did not want to give Hiro the opportunity. Alpha alerted his squad to fan out. Beta, and Gama along with Alpha would continue to advance, Delta, and Epsilon would flank cutting Hiro off from the water source. Upon receiving their orders and plan of attack the squad moved with precision spreading out. Delta and Epsilon picked up speed each cutting off into the forest from the left and right moving into flank positions. 
Hiro could smell the water now, they were very close. He trailed behind Luana but started to pick up speed in the excitement of knowing that soon he would be immersed in water. He was not fully aware of what he could do, but he did know that water made it incredibly hard for Hiro to be hurt, he knew this from a series of tests that was done on him while in captivity. Luana sensed something and looked to her left then to her right detecting hidden motion. She knew that Delta and Epsilon had just passed them. She slowed looking out in front of her. Quickly extending her arm she halted Hiro who was confused. Pushing her arm out of his way he was about to force his way past her when Delta and Epsilon broke from their camouflage revealing shiny coal black armor. From their palms non lethal concussive laser fire was unleashed upon Hiro and Luana. There was no need to carry weapons, a Black Squad warriors armor was a weapon. Luana dodged the laser fire with cat like agility, Hiro was not so fortunate being struck in the chest several times sending him off of his feet smashing into a tree. Dropping to one knee Luana opened fire shooting at the Black Squad members, the laser fire that she unleashed struck Epsilon but was absorbed by his kinetic force field. She tossed the weapon aside knowing it was useless, then quickly went back to where Hiro was slow to standing. The concussive laser had knocked the wind out of him. He was hunched over gasping for air, Luana saw Alpha, Beta, and Gamma uncloak behind Hiro a few feet away. 

“I am Alpha, commander of this Black Squad unit. I order you both to surrender immediately! If you do, both of you will avoid bodily harm or possible termination! This is your only warning!” 

Hiro fully stood catching his breath, looking behind him he saw Alpha, Beta, and Gamma with their arms raised, palms pointed in his and Luana’s direction. Turning he saw Delta and Epsilon with their palms pointed in his direction. Luana stepped close to Hiro. 

“The pond is below, right past the two Black Squad soldiers in front of us through that brush is a cliff. If you can make it past them all you have to do is dive into the pond!” Luana said softly. She knew that Black Squad could hear her even though she whispered. She looked Hiro dead in the eyes, he und that she had a plan.

“We can’t make it!” He said following her que.

“Then let me just take a moment to soak this all in. I was not looking to be enslaved again, but I suppose there is no other alternative but to give up.” Luana walked over to a thin tree trunk placing her hand against it before resting her head upon it. She took a moment to just calm and relax her mind, Hiro just stared at her along with Black Squad. 

“Enough! Comply or be overtaken!” Alpha ordered. 

“Yea…” Luana said under her breath. Quickly dropping she gripped the tree trunk with both hands. Standing she lifted the trunk from its roots totally surprising Hiro. “Run dumb ass!” She yelled at him as she rushed Delta and Epsilon with the small tree. The two Black Squad soldiers opened with a new hail of concussive non lethal fire from their palms. Luana swung the trunk smacking the lasers away but as she did so parts of the tree was cut and ripped to shreds causing tree bark to fly and scatter into the air. Hiro took off behind Luana he could feel the rest of Black Squad taking up pursuit. When she was near Delta and Epsilon Luana swung the tree at them, both of them scattered which caused a clearing. Hiro saw the opening and ran as fast as he could. Laser fire hit him in the shoulder, then he was shot in the legs causing a deep stinging sensation. He was close now and could not stop even with the pain that throbbed in his leg. When Alpha saw that Hiro would succeed he ordered all in the unit to proceed with lethal fire. Alpha placed his palm downward his fingers pointed at Hiro’s back. Palms were non lethal concussive fire known as the hammer hand, finger tips were lethal laser fire called the sword hand. Hiro ran not looking back, he broke through the brush finally seeing the pond below. He smiled with gratification just as a laser shot through the back of his head causing it to explode in a spray of red. The force of the strike sent Hiro’s body forward hurling it off of the cliff splashing heavily into the pond below. 

Luana’a eyes went wide with disbelief, her one chance of being free was gone. Hiro was eliminated. She was struck in the back by non lethal concussive force. She fell to the ground stunned, the electric shock made her body convulse. Black Squad had orders to bring Luana back unharmed and alive, it was only Hiro who they had the option to keep alive or dead. Black Squad gathered around Luana who was lying on the ground shivering as her body convulsed. Alpha ordered Epsilon to recover Hiro’s body while reported in to Overwatch Prime. Epsilon walked through the brush where Hiro broke through at his attempt. He stopped at the edge of the thirty foot drop looking down at the pond for Hiro’s body. A basic visual detected no body floating on the surface, Epsilon finally detected Hiro’s body at the bottom of the pond but something wasn’t right. He did a deep scan of Hiro’s body, it still showed signs of life, faint at first was the heartbeat, but with each passing second it was growing stronger. One beat of the heart passed and the next would be twenty seconds, then the next was fifteen seconds, and then the next ten. Luana was now shackled and ready for transport, now what Epsilon was detecting caught the attention of the rest of Black Squad. The others congregated around Epsilon scanning and watching what he had been for the past minute. The Black Squad transport flew overhead prepared to have Luana brought aboard, Alpha alerted the ship to hold position and await further orders. 

The surface of the pond began to ripple softly until waves violently pushed from its center. The earth shook then stopped abruptly. Alpha ordered his squad to go into defensive formations, this battle was far from over. Hiro broke from the surface of the water, it violently erupted around him. Hiro’s eyes were lucid, water flickering from them but not falling as tears do, the water stayed in place where his eye sockets were. Hiro moved with pure fluidity and incredible speed, the water pushed him upward with Hiro landing on the edge. He dashed forward grabbing Alpha at the neck with one hand. Alpha grabbed Hiro’s arm with both hands but found that even with the power of his suit and his humanite strength he could not break free from Hiro’s hold. Alpha pointed his finger tips at Hiro unleashing the full lethal laser force of his suit which struck Hiro and point blank range, Hiro smiled.

“The likes of you can’t harm me now! I am replenished!” Hiro said, and with that he snapped Alpha’s neck then dropped the leader of Black Squad’s body to the ground. The rest of Black Squad were no fools, they scattered into the forest. Hiro cared less to take up pursuit. The ship above raised high into the sky in hopes of being avoided, Hiro and Luana were now alone. 

“Are you going to just stand there, or are you going to get me out of these damn shackles?” Luana said looking up at Hiro as she lay on the ground. The two stared at one another briefly, Hiro looking at Luana’s blue eyes, and Luana looking at the watery blue fluidity that was Hiro’s eyes at the moment. Kneeling down Hiro reached out grabbing the unbreakable shackles that were around Luana’s wrists, his fingers dug into them causing them to crack and shatter freeing her. Hiro looked Luana’s face over admiringly, she took notice. “Don’t look at me like that!” She said coldly before standing up. He felt a little stupid after Luana put him in his place so he decided to recover.

“So what’s your story?” He asked. Luana turned her back to him rubbing her wrists where they had been shackled, she looked down at the ground. 

“What?” She said.

“You have agility that is off the scales, and last time I checked human women can’t pull a tree from its roots and swing it around with ease. So what are you? Humanite or Mutate?” 

Luana searched her surroundings scanning the trees.

“We need to get out of here.” She said avoiding Hiro’s question.

“Black Squad fled.” Hiro said proudly.

“No, they regrouped, there’s a difference. And right now they are chatting it up with Overwatch Prime discussing which elite they need to send to end you.” Luana continued to search her surroundings while she spoke. Hiro wondered how she knew that Black Squad was communicating with Overwatch Prime, it was obviously yet another power of hers, he decided now was not the time to press the issue, but there would be a time. 

“I am not worried about Overwatch Prime! As long as I am in or near water they can not harm me!” Hiro said defiantly. It was then Luana turned looking at him with an irked glaze in her eyes. 

“That’s nice for you, but you didn’t do so well against making sure I stayed out of those damn shackles!” 

“I was weakened, but now I am at full strength. Did you not see that they blew my head clean off? And yet here I stand!” Hiro was even amazed by this but didn’t want to divulge it. Luana looked him up and down.

“Yea I did see that, near trick. But what if they send down a shit load of elites to take you down? What if they drain this pond? You’d be fucked that’s what!” She turned pointing off into the distance. “The exit out of the reserve is ten miles that way. Until we get out of here they will be able to see our every move, the forest is filled with hidden cameras.” She looked back to Hiro. “How long before you get like you were when I first saw you? Being as helpless as a baby?” 

“I don’t know, but that is a rare situation. I had to use all my power to break out of VCI’s holding tank, then fight my way out of the facility.”

“What makes you think you won’t have to fight like that until we are someplace safe, if there is ever a place?” Luana threw her hands up. “So what do you know about your powers?” 

“I honestly don’t know much, in fact it seems to be a learning process.” Hiro said looking a little confused. 

“Just great…” Luana said before taking off running. Hiro took off after her. From a monitor in his penthouse high above VCI corporate Valhalla sat in his office chair. Luana was correct, there were cameras hidden all over the reserve, Valhalla had been watching everything take place. He zoomed in on Hiro and Luana as they ran, his eyes focused on both of them. He rubbed his chin playing the mathematical ratios of chance over in his mind. 


The pack had floated through the night down the river with the ever present threat of the horde who followed them down in hopes that one of the pack if not all of them could be plucked out of the river until the rapids took the pack faster than the demons could move. Ongaro pulled himself from the water upon the rise of the morning sun. Now that the sun was rising the demons would stop their pursuit and be called back. The sun was protection that would destroy the horde. The sun meant there was time to recharge before the pack pressed on. Ongaro slowly made his way to the bank of the river, as he exited he felt the weight and fatigue of his muscles from the battle that was mere hours ago. Feeling the warmth of the morning sun he dropped to his knees falling into the muddy shore. Be’loi and Eyah came up behind him emerging from the waters. It was now more than ever that the pack felt the seriousness of what they had to do and how dangerous it would be to do it. Be’loi looked up to the sky staring briefly at the rising sun, his eyes were deeply soddened river water and tear blended together.    

“We lost two brothers last night.” Be’loi said in a heavy voice. “Brothers that we had known longer than any family that we were born into. May Eyahvah welcome brothers Zutsi and Lemangra with open arms!” As Be’loi spoke Eyah was silent as usual but his eyes spoke volumes with the tears that flowed freely. Eyah raised his fist to the sky shaking it in remembrance of his brothers that had fallen the night before. 

“And now you know the magnitude of what is taking place.” Hu’Ru said, none of them were surprised by his appearance, they were all too tired. Hu’Ru sat cross legged levitating above the ground. Be’loi looked at Hu’Ru with exhausted eyes.   

“We failed at understanding this at first, but we only now understand after great loss!” Be’loi said sadly, his voice weighted with trouble. Hu’Ru had no emotion but spoke with understanding. 

“You all have a long journey ahead filled with peril, but it is for the greater good.” He waved his arm and various types of food appeared below where he hovered. “Eat and rest. By midday wake and you should be rested enough to carry on.” 

“But where are we to go?” Be’loi asked, he was tired and humbled from the nights events to be sure, Hu’Ru took notice of this.

“Follow the river south until you reach the Chanu Canyons as Elu instructed.” Hu’Ru replied. Be’loi lowered his head.

“Elu has fallen along with Lemangra and Zutsi.” Be’loi said in a deeply saddened voice. 

“Elu has not fallen, he has merely been displaced. He will rejoin the pack as you near the canyons I am certain.” Hu’Ru commented. Be’loi looked surprised. 

“Elu is alive? What do you mean by displaced?” He asked. Hu’Ru kept a calm face.

“A dark spell keeps him from coming to where you all are, I can not break the spell at the moment so I countered it to at least keep the pack from being tracked.” 

“We were being tracked?” Be’loi did not like this.

“Yes.” Hu’Ru said.

“And you can not break this evil spell?” 

“No, my magic needs to recharge. I had to escape the wrath of Boka last night, he is a powerful dark lord and it took all of my power to do so. All of the dark magic at work has drained my own magic. I barely recovered from the initial attack on Ki Citadel when my brother was slain. Each confrontation has weakened me since I have had no time to rest.”  

Ongaro was listening the entire time but he remained on all fours sunk in the mud on the embankment. As Be’loi talked with Hu’Ru Ongaro began to wonder if he was meant to do any of this. The guilt of what Lemangra said to him blaming him for what happened to Zutsi by the hands of Orgah. Ongaro did freeze up against the Sentinel, it was his first true encounter with such demonic power, that hesitation cost Zutsi his life and Ongaro had to live with that. He also struggled with the fact that Lemangra stayed behind choosing to die by Zutsi’s side. Like a sharp knife the guilty thoughts dug into his head, his fingers gripped the mud, he closed his eyes trying to fight the feelings off. 

“Ongaro will be departing with me, we will be heading north.” Hu’Ru said, Ongaro did not respond to his words. Be’loi however was surprised. 

“You seek to split the pack? This will only weaken us more!” Be’loi protested. Hu’Ru’s eyes darkened, his brow lowered, his face seemed to silently fume.  

“I have need of Ongaro and he shall go with me! Again you lose faith in the outcome of things! Do not question me further!” Hu’Ru’s raised voice shut down an already fatigued Be’loi who lowered his head in acknowledgement. Hu’Ru looked down at Ongaro who remained on all fours he was visibly broken. “Get up Ongaro of T’oku!” His voice was firm, he had no time to show pity. Ongaro slid back sitting on his feet, his body hunched over, his eyes fixed on the ground. 

“I am tired…” he said weakly. Hu’Ru laughed briefly.

“You are tired? We are all tired but we must keep going for the good of mankind! Quit sulking like a child and stand up! You are needed elsewhere!”  

“Needed elsewhere? I told you I am tired.” He said. Ongaro remained hunched over, he brought his hands between his legs intertwining his fingers. Hu’Ru broke from his cross legged position his feet touched the ground. His face showed disgust and anger as he stared at Ongaro. Be’loi made sure to back away from Ongaro as Hu’Ru approached him sensing his anger. Hu’Ru stood in front of Ongaro looking down at the broken man. 

“I would leave you here to die if I did not have need of you! We will take up this conversation elsewhere!” Hu’Ru reached down just as Ongaro looked up, he was about to protest but Hu’Ru’s hand touched his forehead then the two men vanished. Be’loi sighed heavily then looked at Eyah who had already started eating. Eyah stopped a moment looking up at Be’loi Eyah’s mouth chewing slowly. He grabbed a loaf of bread raising up in Be’loi’s direction. 


The wind blew touching the side of Onrago’s face causing him to wake. He was lying on a white marble floor out on a balcony. When his eyes opened he saw blue sky above him. The scent of water was on the air, he knew it all too well growing up in the sea side village of Bontu that was located in the north of T’oku. His village harvested most of their food and livelihood from the Dav’n Sea. Ongaro’s keen senses of living by the ocean told him the water that was below could not be the ocean, it smelled like fresh water. He could hear the gentle crashing of water of waves striking rock but not sand. He lay there taking in the peaceful moment. A flock of birds flew overhead calling out to one another. Upon noticing the birds were Lelo he realized that he must be in T’oku. The Lelo bird was mainly found in the kingdom of T’oku near the ocean or around vast bodies of water like the Lake of Eyahvah in the south, the Lelo bird was a national treasure of the kingdom. Admired for it’s beauty and fierce spirit. Sitting up slowly he rested his weight on his arms that were behind him, his shoulders shrugged his head cocked slightly back, his legs stretched out in front of him while taking in his surroundings. He faced an open room that was round with vaulted ceilings, he sat near the door entrance that was wide, four men standing side by side could easily walk through it together. An incredibly large circular bed sat at the center of the room white marble walls surrounded it, a round blue stain glassed window was directly above the bed on the ceiling, Ongaro just took notice of the white thin see through curtains that blew carelessly by the wind at the doorway. 

“You seem well rested now. This place has put your mind at ease as I thought it would.” Hu’Ru said, his voice came behind Ongaro who turned his head seeing the mage standing at the balcony’s edge both hands resting on solid gold railing that seemed to be in the chaotic design of the wind that gently blew his bright blue robe about. Hu’Ru kept his gaze out on the horizon. 

“I was at ease until I heard you speak.” Ongaro remarked. Hu’Ru decided not to be confrontational, at least not yet. 

“Do you know where we are?” Hu’Ru asked staring outward. Ongaro looked up at the sky seeing another flock of Lelo fly past before diving below. The environment did put him at ease, he might have spoken vindictively but his spirit had calmed some, the rest did him some good.

“I would not know for sure, but my educated guess would be the Lake Of Eyahvah. Lelo birds do not flock in such numbers near the ocean where they tend to pair off with their mate. But by the Lake Of Eyahvah as I child I have been there several times with my father and saw the Lelo flock in greater numbers.” He crunched forward resting his arms on his knees remaining seated on the floor. Hu’Ru smiled.

“You would be wrong of course on our location, we are further south of the Lake in the western part of Zhannu.” 

Hu’Ru’s comment caught Ongaro’s attention, he stood up walking over to where Hu’Ru stood looking outward. He quickly took notice that they were on a small island that was surrounded by a large body of water that stretched out as far as his eyes could see in all directions. 

“I had heard of a vast lake that the Lake Of Eyahvah’s waters flowed to via a tributary that was said to go into Zhannu. A smaller lake that paled in comparison to the Lake Of Eyavah but was none the less magnificent. My father said that no man had ever laid eyes on it though. I heard from others that the lake was cursed and this was why human eyes had never seen it.” 

“Half truths shrouded in folklore.” Hu’Ru said amused. “The lake was never named to add to the mystery of it all. Sure some came and discovered it, but those few who came to discover it had their memory wiped of it’s existence once human eyes detected it, then they were sent on their way oblivious. You see, my brother cast a spell on this island to protect it from mankind long ago. We had use for it. As for the land, the Keep we now stand in, well this is the island of Kappu.” 

Ongaro looked down at the water that crashed against the rocks below. “And you or your brother did not give this Keep or the lake a name?”

“No, to be honest other endeavors caught our attention at the time that were more important. Maybe you could name the lake, and this Keep?” Hu’Ru looked over at Ongaro laughing. Ongaro did not laugh and studied Hu’Ru’s face to see if he was really serious before looking back out on the horizon. Hu’Ru continued to speak. “This Keep is protected by magic and has strong defenses against dark magic, but in the next few hours that magic will fail.” 

“Why is that?” Ongaro asked. 

“Because I must go into a deep sleep that will help recharge my magic. The magic that protects this Keep will be needed to help that process along. In one full days time you and I will set foot in T’oku. I will confront Boka and attempt to give you time to get Pu’sotep the high priest of the temple of Eyahvah out of the kingdom before it is flooded.” 

Ongaro’s eyes squinted, he fought down the sadness of hearing that the kingdom of his birth would be destroyed. “There is nothing you can do in all of your power to protect the kingdom from destruction?” 

“The people had the power to stop what will happen to them for some time. But they have lost faith in the Father Of Creation. Those that have remained vigilant in their faith have already been alerted to leave the kingdom and they have.” 

“And why has this priest Pu’sotep not been escorted out of the city? I am sure that you could have easily whisked him away.”  

“Because we all must be tested now. I am no exception. And we have jobs that we have been given. This is not so hard to understand Ongaro of Bontu.” Hu’Ru paused realizing something. “Your village is far from the Palace Of Kings, and the statue of Luma, or the statue of Re that was built out in the valley. Bontu will be spared along with many other villages in T’oku, but the palace must fall! From the palace all the way to the Lake Of Eyahvah will be under a watery grave, and it will take five hundred years for the water to recede. Then the land will be cleansed and be claimed by sand.” 

“Cleansed? So there is great evil there?” 

“More than you realize, but you will sense it once we enter the city.”

Ongaro lowered his head. “I don’t know if I am ready. I failed my brother Zutsi and Lemangra when they needed me most.” 

Hu’Ru shook his head in disappointment. “You have no choice but to be ready! You call yourself Kulu, yet you let insecurities creep into your mind! Have you forgotten what is at stake? Clear your mind and prepare! For after our conversation I will go and rest, at which point the Keep as well and myself will be defenseless, the spell that keeps me hidden from evil will be lifted. Boka will sense this and he will have an assassin come in an attempt to slay me, I have foreseen it in a vision.” 

Ongaro turned his body to Hu’Ru who kept his gaze outward. 

“An assassin? A General like the one Elu encountered will come to Kappu island?” 

“I did not say a General, I said an assassin! A dark warrior as equally skilled as you or any Kulu! Boka saw how useful the true Kulu were to the cause of Eyahvah in the early days of their inception. So he created his own demented version of warriors and recruited them from mankind. Just as a true Kulu had been touched by light magic, a Jintu has been touched by dark magic. And unlike the Kulu who have been wiped out by the horde leaving only a few, the Jintu’s numbers are slowly rising.” 

Ongaro took a moment to digest what was being said before speaking. “Boka, I have only heard this name spoken from my father as he read the Holy Text to me when I was a boy. The Book Of Sorrows if I recall. Would this Boka be the same from the Holy Text?” 

“Yes… One in the same. The half blood bastard son of Ev, the mother of us all.” 

“Which means Boka’s father is the Nameless One!” Ongaro said in realization. 

“And now you see the source of Boka’s great power. His power is even greater than my own, it would take the power of my brother Ta’Ru and I both to be even stand a chance, yet I do not question rising against him alone! We are here to serve the greater good, do not forget your oath!” 

Ongaro lowered his head in reflection, Hu’Ru turned walking away from him. “I go to rest now.” A table appeared out of thin air beside Ongaro, various delicious foods sat upon it. “Eat and thereafter meditate and prepare. Tonight your skill will be greatly tested when the Jintu comes to Kappu Island. For both our sakes I hope that you do not fail!” Hu’Ru disappeared. Ongaro turned seeing that Hu’Ru had gone. He reached down plucking grapes from a batch on the table then tossed them him into his mouth. He looked out onto the surface of the lake watching the Lelo diving for fish. So much to think about. He would eat then practice his combat forms before meditating. He looked up at the sun seeing that he had six hours before the sun would fall.