I have been battling depression, and I finally realized that writing is one thing among others that keeps my depression at bay. I will be continuing the H2O story. Just had to and will continue to battle those demons. 


I was asked by a friend who reads my blog what is the time line of the New World Series? How close is it to other events from blogs connecting to this universe?

So let’s break it down.

Jai Simmons who was also known as Bullet (See blog: Bullet for more information on this story) was the first human whose nanites successfully bonded and worked as hosts for his body. He became the first humanite. 

The events of Jai Simmons, The Bullet took place in 2015. 

Current events in H2O take place in 2467. 

You do the math. How many years from the time of the first humanite to the current time of events that take place in New World? 

I hope this makes a better idea of the timeline.

Thanks for reading 

R. Sulli 👍🏽

Director Charlie Biyase stood with arms crossed in front of him. He looked out of the full glass window of the private elevator that went up the outside of the building of VCI corporate headquarters to the presidents office, the early sunlight showing his dark green suit against his dark brown skin. He had been hand picked by the president of VCI for his mixture of hunting skills from Native South Africa in KwaZulu-Natal the land of his birth, and his high scores in the areas of science studies and strategic war. Magnus Valhalla admired Director Biyase for his almost fearless approach in all avenues of life, but his greatest admiration was that Charlie Biyase was a Zulu humanite. Magnus decided to keep that Biyase was a humanitie from the public upon the insistence of Biyase. And for this Biyase was truly dedicated and devoted to Valhalla. This was why it was troubling to bring the bad news that Director Biyase had to give to Valhalla, the director hated failure, more so if it was his own but even worse because he had to deliver it to Magnus Valhalla. The VCI corporate tower was the tallest building in New Lexington Kentucky. It rose to a staggering one thousand, eight hundred and forty eight feet with one hundred and thirty floors. The last ten floors were for high clearance personnel only, with the remaining five for Valhalla and a small few that he allowed. The elevator slowed upon coming to the one hundred nineteenth floor. 

-Reaching red security clearance level, please wave your hand over the DNA signature scanner to the right of you to continue the accent.- A robotic female voice said coming from the speakers in the elevator. Director Biyase reached out with his right hand waving it over a small circular scanner that was inside in the wall. -Thank you Director Biyase. The elevator is cleared to ascend the next five floors.- 

Director Biyase looked down over the city, no other buildings in the city reached this high. The VCI corporate tower was a symbol of New Lexington’s pride. It was VCI that came to New Lexington and resurrected its troubled dying economy. VCI unlike the other top corporations did not specialize in weapons or other venues that would only help share holders but instead they worked on curing disease and at no cost to third world countries and cheaply for other citizens around the world who could afford VCI’s services. VCI helped bring agricultural back to a world that was steadily loosing it due to global warming. Farmland just one hundred years ago was only in small portions thus food became expensive and for the most part people starved and went hungry if they were poor, or only ate low quality food. VCI made expansive farmland over the ocean making it possible to grow food in great abundance. In just twenty years time VCI was feeding the world, and in return the world rewarded VCI. The expansive wealth of VCI trickled down into the New Lexington economy making it a rival of other large cities putting Kentucky on the world map. Twenty years ago a twenty year old genius had ambitions that were realized, and now Magnus Valhalla was one of the worlds richest men. But not by war mongering as so many wealthy men had done. Magnus had gained the admiration of the world and became wealthy by helping humanity. This was a rare thing, and because of it he had the worlds trust. The elevator slowed before reaching the one hundred and twenty fifth floor. 

-Approaching green level clearance floors Director Biyase. Please wave your hand over the DNA scanner that is to your right on the wall to continue the ascent.- 

Director Biyase extended his right arm waving his hand over the scanner once more. -Thank you Director Biyase, we can now continue the accent.- The computer voice said. The elevator actually went through a cloud as it continued upward. The director composed himself upon feeling the elevator slow once more as it approached the top floor. He turned around facing a silver door. At the top of the door a red laser shot from a tiny orb scanning the directors entire body. -Full body scan have been completed. Welcome Director Charlie Biyase!- The robotic voice said, the elevator door opened. With a deep breath the director walked out of the elevator and into a long hallway that was silver and metallic. The metal was shiny, a single crystal hung down from the ceiling that was six inches long and pointed at the base. Every eight feet apart was another one, together all of the crystals lit up the hall, the light they emitted reflected off the shiny metal walls and ceiling. The floor was black, well polished and just as shiny everything else around it. At the end of the hall were two silver doors. Director Biyase repeated in his mind what he would say to Magnus Valhalla, he would accept whatever the president had to say and if he lost his job he would accept that as well. He knew that Valhalla had a distaste for failure, and although Biyase had never failed him before, this failure was abounding. His footsteps upon each time they landed echoed down the hall becoming shorter as he drew closer to the doors. The doors silently slid open. A very attractive thin yet shapely dark skinned nude black woman with long braids stood at the base of a long flight of stairs that were wide at the base and narrowed as they went up to a floor that leveled off. The walls stayed tight to the stairs before opening at the top. Director Biyase showed discomfort upon seeing the woman. She stepped closer to him her large dark brown eyes stared invitingly.

-Mr. Valhalla has been waiting.- She said, her actions and her voice was human, but she was an android. Standing in front of the director she reached out resting her thin hands on both sides of his shoulders. -Place your hands on my hips, I don’t bite.- She smiled in an attempt to relax him, he hated this part but he knew it was required. Placing his hands on both sides of her hips he quickly leaned forward, the two began deeply French kissing. She pressed her naked body close to his. After a few moments she leaned back, Biyase quickly withdrew his hands from her soft synthetic skin. Looking up into his eyes she spoke. -You have been fully confirmed. Welcome Director Charlie Mtume Biyase.- She extended her arm upward tracing the stairs. Director Biyase walked up the flight not even looking back at the android. When he reached the top there was a small library with shelves full of books that rose to the ceiling. In the center of the shelves was a large six foot wide window that went from the ground to the ceiling, the glass was tinted. In front of the window was a large well polished mahogany office desk with a matching leather seat. Two leather chairs that looked similar to the chair behind the desk sat in front of the desk a few feet apart from one another at an angle facing inward toward each other. There was a thin silver spiral staircase behind the office chair near the window, it came down from the ceiling. A grandfather clock chimed coming from the right of the director. He noticed three data chips placed neatly on the desk side by side. CD’s long ago, were the norm, memory sticks  fifty years ago, and now data chips which were the size of a silver dollar could store much more than a CD or memory stick ever could. Director Biyase was curious as to why those three data chips where on the desk. 

“Welcome Charlie!” The voice came from the staircase but from a room above it traveling downward. Magnus Valhalla causally strolled down the stairs both hands in his pockets. He wore white baggy dress pants and was bare footed. He also wore a loose white dress shirt that wasn’t tucked in that gave an unkempt style that actually looked appealing. Director Biyase kept his eyes locked on Valhalla the entire time, he stood in front of the desk patiently waiting. Once Valhalla was off the stairs he walked toward Director Biyase with a smile showing perfectly straight white teeth. His face was oval and slightly feminine. His blond hair was neatly cut and close to the scalp save for the front which was curly at the tip. His eyes were blue yet his skin was tan showing proof of the African and Arab mixtures that dominated Germany. The theory that blond hair and blue eyes would die out over time due to heavy mixing was wrong, it was quite the opposite. Sweden, Germany and Norway all were heavily mixed with African and Arab genes but blond hair and blue eyes were quite rampant. When he smiled his face lit up giving the illusion that he was a good man, and a kind hearted just man at that. In a way he was, it just depended on who and what. He cared about Biyase and his conflicts and he sought to help him through them. It was one of the primary reasons he hired Biyase besides the fact that the director was humaite. There was true compassion that Valhalla felt for the director. Valhalla walked around to the desk standing in front of  Director Biyase. 

“From the security cameras I saw your discomfort for the pleasure droid. They are built at my privately owned side company Pandora.” He patted Biyase on the shoulder before turning and walking back around his desk stopping at the window looking out. “Pandora specializes in sex toys and other adult novelties. Their finest work are the pleasure droids. They make male and female models.” Turning he looked at Biyase. “They have been tested around the world you know. And it’s funny, that little sex toy company rivals the revenue of VCI? Crazy isn’t it! Seems like people prefer the pleasure droids to the real thing! Surveys have actually shown that Pandoras pleasure droids are exponentially better at sex than humans!” He looked at Biyase’s face searching for any signs of emotion and found none then laughed heartily. “I made pleasure droids for my top staff all unique and not on the market for each of my officers who carry high level entry to this area. Six in all, two of course are male droids for the two women in my employment. And the droids are there for their pleasure.” He pulled the office chair back but remained standing. “I must say your droids oral skills are out of this world. I enjoyed cumming in her mouth before you came up.” He waited again for any facial expression that the director might give but found none. He laughed loudly at his joke and the thought of it before speaking. “Of course I’m just jesting my friend.” Turning the office chair in his direction he sat down leaning back staring at the director. “I’d swear you were gay by how awkward you are around the opposite sex, but we both know that the reason is your guilt. Such a pity too. That guilt has made you it’s slave.” 

“Project H2O escaped his confines late last night.” Biyase said cutting into the conversation. He knew that Valhalla was already aware of it so he just wanted to cut to the chase. Valhalla’s face turned serious. The time for lighthearted conversation was over.

“And you feel this was all your fault? And I’m sure you have been beating yourself up since you were alerted that H2O escaped. On the elevator ride up I can guarantee you were trying to think of how you were going to tell me of your failure, but rest easy in knowing none of this is your fault.” Valhalla’s voice was calm.

Director Biyase raised a brow, the first sign of any emotional content going on in his head. 

“How is this not my failure?” Biyase asked, he was not confused, he merely wanted answers. Valhalla nodded in agreement.

“The five guards that were on duty were from my I can stand on my own drug rehab program. All five were fresh off of drug addiction. None were really ready for an overnight shift guarding high level shit. Of course I never let you know that.”

“But all five men lost their lives trying to prevent H2O’s escape!” The director protested. Valhalla shook his head giving a sour smile.

“You care so much for human life, yet your guilt prevents you from protecting it my friend.” He stood up leaning forward planting both hands on his desk. “It was a necessary sacrifice.” Both men stared at one another in silence for a brief moment. “These three data chips have purpose.” Valhalla said finally breaking the silence. Director Biyase looked down at the data chips he recognized earlier. “All three chips contain the same information.” He looked down at the data chips. “One is for you, learn and memorize all of the information before giving one data chip first to the local law enforcement.”

“I was planning on sending a repo team after H2O!” The director said firmly. 

“No. I want local law enforcement involved in this instead!” He looked up at Director Biyase making sure they both understood each other before proceeding. “Then after you have informed the local law enforcement, leak the other chip to the media then await further instructions.” Valhalla rose up turning and walking back to the view window. Looking down at the city below his mind was in deep thought. Director Biyase collected the data chips, turned and started walking away. 

“Charlie!” Valhalla yelled out causing the director to stop, but the director did not turn. Valhalla continued to look out of the window. “You have such great power, the most I’ve seen in some time. You’re a good man, and if not for the guilt you are enslaved to we might have been adversaries in another time and place.” He turned looking at Director Biyase’s back waiting to see if he would turn, he never did. “That is all my friend.” Valhalla walked toward the spiral staircase as Director Biyase walked back down the flight of stairs he’d come up earlier.

The closest Uncle to me passed after his battle with Pancreatic Cancer. I have been numb, but not depressed. I was depressed when I went up to see him for the last time last weekend. He will always be close to my heart. I will be back hopefully to posting the next months issue if I am able, but at least for now La Niña Reaper is on hold for this month. I will repost at a later date. Just a lot of vibes connected to that and my uncle I suppose. 

I will never understand all of the technology mankind has yet treatment for cancer is so fucking ancient and barbaric. I’m tired of seeing cancer awareness marathons and other functions. We are already fucking aware what cancer does. It kills loved ones and makes people rich as those loved ones scramble and pay whatever they need to stay alive. I saw a sticker before that said fuck cancer. I say fuck the doctors who get rich off of the people who die from it. I didn’t see any medical strides for my uncle, only bills. 

School let out early at Alamo Elementary due to Principal Dudu mysteriously fainting in his office. The police were called in to make sure drugs or other foul play were not involved. The school was already empty and had been for over an hour, but Maria had to wait for her Uncle. She was outside on the steps that led to the faculty parking area. The door opened behind her, Uncle Joe walked out carrying his brief case. He was a teacher for the second grade at Alamo. You’d think that having an Uncle be a teacher at the same school would make things easier but it didn’t. It made students think Maria could be a possible spy that would tell on other students if they did something wrong. Some would even call her a narc.

“You ready?” Uncle Joe said to Maria. She looked up at him with a forced fake smile that had dead eyes behind it. She really didn’t know how to be or feel around him, she felt that the best way was to just not to over do it, yet she felt like right now she was over doing it. 

“Yep.” She said. Uncle Joe was a good man, and he went out of his way to make Maria feel better at home but she just wasn’t in the mood to really try. At least not right now. Adjusting to this new life would take time. Igee appeared at her shoulder hovering looking up at Uncle Joe.

“So your auntie likes dark meat and a fro huh?” Igee said. Maria let Uncle Joe go down the stairs first then she followed behind him. She didn’t respond to Igee. “That wasn’t an insult ya know. After all I come from Africa, a place where dark skin is everywhere? Just trying to lighten the mood with you bein all gothic n shit.” 

Maria walked behind Uncle Joe who slowed looking back behind him with a gentle smile. 

“So the buzz in school is Principal Dudu called you to the office before he fainted. Did you see anything?” He asked. She looked down at her feet shifting her lips to the side before biting down. Her hair slid forward covering her face.

“Nope. He fainted before I got there. I never went to the office.” She pulled her long black hair away from her face placing it behind her ear. Uncle Joe slowed allowing her pace beside him. He wore a large Afro. His green eyes stood out with his very dark shiny skin. He was muscular and was considered a hunk around school with the female staff and even the female students who had crushes on him. But he never let his eyes wander, his true love was Jennifer his wife and no other. 

“So what you’re saying is that the Principal called you to the office and you skipped out on him?” Uncle Joe’s face hid the disappointment of the possibility. 

“Aw come the fuck on Dark Gable, is this guy for real?” Igee said flying up near Uncle Joe’s face, Maria looked nervous seeing Igee do that. He noticed it and laughed. “Relax Little Shit, he can’t see me. No one can save for other supernatural ones! I already done told you this! I tell ya what, I fuckin hope I don’t have to repeat a lot of shit. Dreadlock said you were smart, his ass so far lied! Get with the program Little Shit!” 

Maria squinted her eyes looking angrily at Igee. She felt that he was making fun of the fact that Dreadlock used to fondly called her Little Sister. 

“Stop calling me that!” She said furiously, Igee laughed seeing that she was mad. He floated alongside Uncle Joe crossing his legs in mock meditation with his arms put at his side palms facing upward, and first finger and thumb touching from both hands.

“The first thing you must learn Little Shit is to rear that ugly temper of yours! If you try fighting with anger or let something bother you during a battle you won’t ever see your first blow job on prom night in high school.” He giggled.

Maria rolled her eyes at Igee.

“You’re a gross pervert talking to a twelve year old girl like that!” She said. His wings began to flutter quickly moving him in front of Maria, he was laughing heartily now holding his stomach.

“An Igee don’t have a dick or a pussy, and we don’t have sexual desires, and I’m glad about that too. To me it’s part of what makes you humans so weak, your sexual devices, you can become slaves to them! It’s my job to say whatever the fuck I want to you so you learn to not let it bother your stupid ass! Get with it Little Shit and stop crying like a bitch!” He flew around her head quickly,  it annoyed Maria greatly, he was doing it on purpose. She tried ignoring him she could not. 

“You little blue bastard!” She yelled, what he said to her and what he was doing she could no longer contain herself, summoning her death scythe she started swinging it at Igee who mocked her dodging her strikes.

“I allowed you to strike me with the blade the first time to prove that I was an ally not a demon or enemy. Damn you’re a stupid bitch!” He buzzed about like a fly as Maria tried to cut him down with the death scythe. She followed Igee about desperate to cut him just once. Finally Igee stopped bringing his arms out in protest. “Stop!” He yelled catching Maria off guard. She backed up and pulled her next attack. “Look behind you and tell me what you see!” He said. Maria turned seeing Uncle Joe frozen his arm was extended toward the drivers side door about to open it, she was further away from him and did not realize it until now. The birds in the sky hung suspended in the sky. The trees no longer blew in the wind, there was only silence. 

“You have been trying to cut at me now for the past minute. You failed miserably. Look at your anger! You know that you can not harm me yet you strive with foolish enthusiasm in the attempt! The longer you hold an area suspended in time the worse those humans memories become and it is harder for them to catch up the time outside of the battle area! Although a minute is harmless just know that if you are ever suitable enough to battle you must make them quick, or the humans that are stuck in your battle area will suffer mentally if the battle takes too long! You cannot exceed fifteen minutes, remember that.” Igee said calmly before fluttering back to the car. He wasn’t even mad, he was just testing Maria. She was aware now that he was not impressed. Igee disappeared, she put her sword away, the birds flew across the sky and the wind blew again. The sound of the car door opening followed by Uncle Joe realizing that Maria was where she thought she was supposed to be. He heard her footsteps behind him, he turned startled. 

“What?”  Uncle Joe said slightly laughing wondering how he could have mistaken where he thought Maria should be. “Man you are like a cat! I thought for sure you were on the other side of the car!” He scratched his head. Maria looked at Uncle Joe confused not knowing what to say. 

“Eh… sorry.” Was what she decided to say.

“Hmm?” Uncle Joe replied not expecting a response back from Maria, it was just an awkward response to an awkward response.


Maria ran through the forest a white blindfold was tied around her face. Igee was holding onto her back, she ran at inhuman speeds easily dodging trees and branches without slowing.

“Good, attached to living and dead you are. Sense you can all things around you.” Igee was mocking a famous science fiction characters voice and mannerisms. Looking over Maria’s shoulder he pointed at a thick tall tree that stood about fifty feet high. “Scale that you must.” He said enjoying his impression. Maria picked up speed scaling the tree knowing where to grab and place her feet in seconds, before she reached the top Igee looked around. “Leap from the top you must. Then show what I have taught that is new, you must do.” 

Maria made it to the top of the tree leaping high into the sky, summoning her death scythe she started to go toward the ground. Her body slowed down her momentum until she just stayed fixed in the air. Igee leapt off of her back excited. “You did it Little Shit, you did it!”

He was excited about a technique he had been teaching her for the past few weeks. Igee told Maria that she could adjust the time stream around her making her body speed up or slow down. Slowing down time for her body would help her stay suspended in the air, it wasn’t flight but it would help her in uncertain situations. 

“Release it! Do it in increments as you work your weapon!” 

Maria went from being suspended in the air to falling as heavy as a rock. She sped up time. She landed her body slowed for only a second then sped up as she swung her scythe from side to side while stepping forward. Spinning around she slowed halfway before picking up speed again bringing her scythe around in a slashing motion. She did a quick crisscrossing motion her blade cutting furiously through the air before she brought it downward striking the ground.

“Stop!” Igee said delighted. “You have learned how to manipulate time space around your body, well I taught you. But this will help make your fighting rhythm harder to predict tonyour enemies. Damn I’m a good teacher!”

Maria placed the base of her weapon on the ground. She saw a squirrel a few feet in front of her frozen in time. Closing her eyes she started to focus. Igee called to her but she wasn’t listening. Taking deep slow breaths she relaxed hearing the squirrels heartbeat then opened her eyes. She saw that the squirrel was gone, she smiled privately. 

“What the fuck were you just doing?” Igee flew up getting in Maria’s face. She learned not to be that flustered girl that she was six months ago. She was used to this now.

“Nothing.” She said. 

“Nothing? I swore I felt something! And whatever it was you’d be smart to not fuck with things you don’t understand kiddo!” He moved to the left, then to the right keeping motion with Maria’s head as she attempted to look away. 

“I didn’t do shit!” She said rolling her eyes. Igee shook his head in protest then started to giggle to prove he was not amused.

“Just remember kid, if you fuck up? It’s on you!


Maria was quiet on the drive to school, she knew something was up. Instead of  Uncle Joe driving her like usual, which made sense, Aunt Jenn decided to. Aunt Jenn had honey brown wavy haired, she always pulled back into a bun. Her face was very ethnic looking, dark eyebrows, dark eyes, thin nose but full lips. She was built thicker unlike her mother. Both women however were very short. Aunt Jenn sat on pillow when she drove for a better view. Her voice even when she spoke softly was aggressive and strong, she tended to be more of the aggressive type unlike her husband Joe who was more soft spoken and gentle, Aunt Jenn most certainly was more abrasive but still had a generous kind side to her. She was just a no nonsense type of person. She waited to speak trying to think of what she wanted to say to Maria, and Maria knew something was up.

“I just wanted to see how you were feeling. I mean your psychiatrist says I should let you make the first moves when you’re ready, but it’s been six months and you still don’t talk to me.” She looked over at Maria then pulled up to a stop sign. Looking around she frustratingly fought for the right thing to say as she turned the corner. Meanwhile Maria said nothing. But Maria knew exactly what was going on inside of Aunt Jenn’s head, that was another new gift she discovered that she had. She could read the minds of others. Igee said this gift may or may not work against humanities, and for certain it wouldn’t against supernatural types. Once she learned this gift she found herself quieter than she usually was because she would get in the habit of just listening to people’s thoughts. She knew that Aunt Jenn was really trying to find some way to bond and it was commendable. “Shit. I’m failing you Rosa.” Aunt Jenn said to herself, Maria was touched by this, she glanced out of the passenger side window.

“I appreciate everything you and Uncle Joe have been doing to make me feel more comfortable here. But I just need time to myself to heal over all of the things I’ve been through.” Aunt Jenn was surprised by Maria’s sudden choice to speak. “Mom would be proud of what you and Uncle Joe are doing.” Maria finished. She kept her stare out of the window, she didn’t want things to get all mushy.

Aunt Jenn nodded her head, her eyes watering she fought not to cry. 

“Thank you.” She managed to say to Maria then decided to just stay quiet the remainder of the drive to school. Aunt Jenn pulled into the student drop off lane, Maria opened the door when the vehicle stopped and got out. 

“Maria!” Aunt Jenn yelled out, Maria turned and leaned looking into the car. “You look so much like your mother.” Her face had a bit of melancholy to it as she smiled. Maria forced a smile then walked off from the car going into her school. The hallway was crowded with students hustling to get to the cafeteria for breakfast. This was always an awkward time for Maria. Most of the kids had groups or at least one other person to talk to, Maria walked alone. Walking into the cafeteria she got into the line to wait to get her food, Maggie walked up with two of her friends all of which stared at Maria with a challenge. Maria stared back causing Maggie to stop. 

“What are you looking at Goth wanna be? Black shirt, black pants, black lipstick? Only lame O’s do that!” Maggie said taunting Maria, Maggie’s girlfriends laughed to add insult to injury. Maria started reading Maggie’s thoughts, she knew all of the cruel things she was thinking about in regards to Maria, things she wasn’t even saying but could have. Balling her hand into a fist Maria started to take a step toward Maggie. 

“It’s not polite to read other people’s thoughts without good reason ya know?” Igee said popping in out of thin air floating beside Maria’s head. “That’s trespassing…” 

“That bitch trespasses all the time with me, I honestly didn’t see a problem with it.” Maria’s voice was barbarous. “I could just fuck that bitch up!” 

“Ah but then you’d be disappointing Dreadlock now wouldn’t you? If you hadn’t read her thoughts would you be as mad as you are now?”


“Take a cold shower kid.” Igee said coldly. Warning lights began flashing all over the cafeteria. Everyone knew what it was, it was part of life know.

-We have an incoming battle between two humanities! Please head to the below shelters now!- A robotic voice said over the speakers in the cafeteria. There had been so many false alarms. Everyone went back to what they were doing until the alarms went off again. 

-Warning! Incoming humanite battle!- The robotic voice said over the school intercom. There was a sound like a bomb dropping from the sky coming close above the school. A loud impact right outside the cafeteria window that destroyed half of the playground sent everyone into a panic. Protective metal shutters quickly came over the windows before Maria got a chance to see what was going on outside. Children had already scattered, screaming as they ran for the underground shelters that were designed for such situations. Maria watched Maggie running and for some reason it disgusted her. 

“I wish she would just fucking die!” Maria said under her breath. She unsheathed her death scythe freezing everything around her. All of the commotion stopped. The look of fear on everyone’s face frozen in time. Maria walked up to Maggie. “Just look how ugly she is when she cries! I mean damn!” Maria said gloating. She heard fighting still going on outside. “I thought everyone was supposed to be stopped?” She said looking at Igee.

“Well see, magic and science might be polar opposites but they are still connected at the hip. You can’t have one without the other, so this little trick ain’t gonna work on humanities.” Igee smiled wickedly. “So you really want to have your first test with an elite humanite?” He was egging her on.

Maria frowned thinking Igee felt that she wasn’t ready. Maybe she wasn’t, but she was ready to find out.

(Issue #5 Finale blogging soon!) 

As with all issues I post a sneak peak. This story is connected to the Dreadlock story. This story might have more curse words (understatement) than some of the others. Just a heads up.

Hope you enjoy it! 
R. Sulli

Maria was feeling a tad drowsy, math class was quite boring to her. She nodded off slumping forward placing her arms down on her desk before laying her head to rest on them. Now this was much better than learning stupid math. Within a matter of minutes her eyes got heavy then closed. She’d begun snoring catching the attention of Mrs. Fletcher who searched through the class before standing to pinpoint where the snoring came from. 

“It’s coming from Mary!” Maggie said with a smile of satisfaction, the class erupted in laughter. Maggie knew Maria hated being called Mary, that wasn’t her name, it wasn’t what her mother called her. Mrs. Fletcher frowned.

“Calm down, back to the work class, please!” She stared at Maria who was in complete slumbered bliss, the snoring vibrating from her desk sounding hollow as it came from the space between her arms where her head faced downward toward the desk. “Maria?” Mrs. Fletcher said but got no response, the class erupted in laughter again. “Class?” She said quieting them. Mrs. Fletcher knew about Maria’s ordeal in the desserts of New Angeles, and the murder of her mother. She took pity on her, after all, Maria had been through so much. The teacher walked over to the aisle where Maria’s desk was stopping bedside her looking down with a saddened stare. Touching Maria’s arm nothing occurred. “Maria…?” She said gently rubbing her back. Maria jerked up slobber coming down the side of her mouth, eyes half asleep.

“Dreadlock?” She said still half asleep mumbling, eyes droopy, looking around half coherent. The class began to laugh loudly which caused Maria to fully wake up. Maria felt stupid as usual, she saw Maggie laughing and that made it that much worse. Maria hated Maggie. She hated her red hair, her blue eyes, her freckled face. Maria stared at Maggie with a frown.

“I just wish you would die!” Maria said to herself while staring at Maggie’s deliberate antagonistic face. Mrs. Fletcher tried to give a comforting face to Maria but it did no good. The class intercom beeped then came on.

“Mrs Fletcher could you please send Maria Vasquez to my office?” It was Principal Dudu speaking. The entire classroom did the ooh thing in unison giving the indication that surely Maria was in big trouble. Mrs. Fletcher hushed the class before speaking.

“Yes, she’s on her way now.” Mrs. Fletcher tried to give a look that might console Maria but Maria wasn’t even paying attention. She stood up and grabbed her things then started to walk out. Maggie watched Maria and once she was close enough she spoke to her.

“Off with you chinga!” Maggie whispered, she looked over to one of the other girls who in turn both laughed at Maria who stopped and looked at Maggie.

“El fucko offay bitchita!” Maria said before flipping Maggie off. She turned as the class erupted in laughter at what Maria just said and did to Maggie. Mrs. Fletcher heard it and called out to Maria who picked up speed walking out of the class room. Mrs. Fletcher tried catching up to her but decided it was best to just let Maria go to the Principle. Maria stormed down the hall.

It had been over six months since Maria was brought to San Antonio to live with Aunt Jennifer and her husband Joe. She turned twelve two months ago, something that was more painful than joyous. Her mother always made a big deal out of each of Maria’s birthdays, but she was dead now. Aunt Jen tried to make it a big deal but it just only proved to remind Maria that her mother was no longer here. Walking down the hall Maria reflected on how difficult the transition was living in Texas. American culture was so much different from her life back in Veracruz Mexico. People were more open and friendly back home, here at least the kids to Maria seemed mean and two faced. They would smile at her when they were alone with her only to make fun of her later in front of others. Besides her mother the only other time she felt safe and secure was with the Feyan Dreadlock. Her mother was dead, Dreadlock had still not come back from New Angeles as he had promised, life was just blah. Walking into the administrations office the secretary saw Maria and pointed to Principal Dudu’s office. The secretary at least wasn’t like the children, she showed her distaste upfront for Maria. Maria walked up to the Principals door looking in, Principal Dudu was standing by the window looking outside, his arms were crossed. 

“Please come in and shut the door Maria, we need to have a talk!” He said. Maria walked in shutting the door behind her she looked at the back of the Principal, something in the air struck her as not right. “Have a seat.” Mr. Dudu said firmly. Maria squinted a moment as she stared at Mr. Dudu, there was an aura around him that was different. Because she felt guarded she remained standing. “Kind of crazy right? I mean the last name Dudu, I mean sure it’s Portuguese but…” he paused a moment giggling. “So they call this guy Mr. Shit too?” He turned around looking at Maria, she gasped stepping back. There was something in his eyes that told her this wasn’t Mr. Dudu. 

“Who are you?” She asked. Maria didn’t hesitate she summoned her death scythe. Mr. Dudu looked her up and down with a smile. 

“You don’t even how to use that fucking thing yet, just put it away and let’s talk!” 

The two stared each other down for mere seconds before Maria lunged forward slicing her scythe through Mr. Dudu. He wasn’t cut in half, instead he spun before falling to the ground going into convulsions before he rolled onto his stomach gripping both butt cheeks letting out a loud fart. Then he went unconscious, a three foot blue skinned creature phased out of his body. Maria instantly saw that he had a wide nose and tiny white horns on his head. His eyes were yellow looking like a cats. His body was pudgy with a pair of small wings on his back. A long thin tail with a point on the end was behind him. He was naked but showed no male or female genitalia. Startled Maria swung her weapon once more cutting through the creature. 

“Bitch Stop with the swinging of that thing why don’t you? It won’t hurt me, I ain’t evil! Dreadlock sent me!” He disappeared and reappeared sitting on the edge of the desk flustered. 

“Dreadlock?” She said lowering her weapon. “How can I be sure this isn’t a demon trick?” Maria asked. 

“First off, I’m an Igee (pronounce ig-ee) and my kind come from the old world. A part of modern day Africa which is now called Angola. We ain’t like humans, we don’t care bout having a name to us cuz well, it’s stupid. But since you humans need to identify as such you can call me Igee.” Igee’s wings started to flutter like a humming birds, he lifted from the desk over to the door, Maria stared at him unsure what to think. Opening the door he looked out pointing at the secretary. “Lucky for you kid when you summon that death scythe it freezes time around you. Otherwise the commotion in here woulda caused Miss Tits to call the police. In fact the only things that don’t freeze is other supernatural beings like myself.” Maria walked over beside the hovering Igee looking out into the administration area seeing that the secretary was standing still, and so were a few of the students that had come into the office. The clock on the wall had stopped.

“I don’t get it.” She said softly. Igee floated closer to her face.

“That’s why the fuck I’m here! Dreadlock ain’t gonna make it back just yet like he promised. The battle between him and that Rey Hefe fuck in New Angeles took a lot outta him. He had to go back to the homeland to replenish. So he sent me to teach you how to use your weapon that you get so damn gung-ho with until he was strong enough to come himself!” 

Maria stepped back from Igee repulsed. 

“Why do you have such a dirty mouth?” She said.

“Wait. Am I hearing you right? The same little shit that said to the little red haired bitch, el fucko offay bitchita? Get tha fuck outta here! Anyone that knows about an Igee knows we love swear words! So get used to that shit!” Igee hovered around in a circle angrily. Igees may have been known for enjoying swear words but they were also short tempered and a lot of other things that might not be considered becoming. But because of their excellent memory recall and their great level of knowledge they made phenomenal teachers. Maria was used to the kind slow tempered Dreadlock, Igee was a complete flip side. 

“You are going to teach me?” Maria said with a quizzical stare watching Igee flutter in circles. He stopped circling and faced Maria with a raised brow.

“I’m gonna teach you everything there is to know about what you are now and what you can do. We can start with your death scythe, put that fucking thing away! As long as you keep it out time stays frozen in the vicinity you are in, but it catches back up instantaneously with everyone else once the death scythe is gone! But if you keep Time frozen for too long you will leave those frozen disoriented when they come out of it for a brief period. Once you put it away time starts again within a few moments.” 

Maria put the weapon away. 

“So you are going to teach me?” She said again.

“Yea, your first lesson is quit repeating shit. Your second one is let’s hurry up and get the fuck outta here before we have to explain why Mr. Dookie is sleeping on the floor!” Igee quickly fluttered out of the office, Maria ran after him.