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I am writing is raw and in draft form, so there will be typos. After I’ve completed the entire story I will go back and correct and add. Just so you know.


R. Sulli


Not that I was missed lol. Much has been going on and I have had to struggle with life. While I struggled I wrote. The current story Children Of Shimana takes place ten thousand years after The New World Series. I will only post one chapter per month if that depending on my schedule. If you like it you like it. If not it changes nothing. For those that read thank you and enjoy.

R. Sulli

I have been battling depression, and I finally realized that writing is one thing among others that keeps my depression at bay. I will be continuing the H2O story. Just had to and will continue to battle those demons. 

As with all issues I post a sneak peak. This story is connected to the Dreadlock story. This story might have more curse words (understatement) than some of the others. Just a heads up.

Hope you enjoy it! 
R. Sulli

I let my wife read Issue four and she claimed to like it, but then she says “So what happens to Maria? She got that weapon and those powers.” 

So for her curiosity the next April short story is:

La Niña Reaper! 

Blogging in a few weeks! 

Hope you like the latest issue! 

R. Sulli

Hope you enjoy the prologue of Dreadlock! Read the rest of the story in April! 

See you then! 👍🏽

R. Sulli

Enforcer Merci Trudeau now discovers that she has an ace up her sleeve to catch the mutate rapist. But who is playing who? Find out in the “Wages Of Sin” finale!

Blogging Soon!