Director Charlie Biyase stood with arms crossed in front of him. He looked out of the full glass window of the private elevator that went up the outside of the building of VCI corporate headquarters to the presidents office, the early sunlight showing his dark green suit against his dark brown skin. He had been hand picked by the president of VCI for his mixture of hunting skills from Native South Africa in KwaZulu-Natal the land of his birth, and his high scores in the areas of science studies and strategic war. Magnus Valhalla admired Director Biyase for his almost fearless approach in all avenues of life, but his greatest admiration was that Charlie Biyase was a Zulu humanite. Magnus decided to keep that Biyase was a humanitie from the public upon the insistence of Biyase. And for this Biyase was truly dedicated and devoted to Valhalla. This was why it was troubling to bring the bad news that Director Biyase had to give to Valhalla, the director hated failure, more so if it was his own but even worse because he had to deliver it to Magnus Valhalla. The VCI corporate tower was the tallest building in New Lexington Kentucky. It rose to a staggering one thousand, eight hundred and forty eight feet with one hundred and thirty floors. The last ten floors were for high clearance personnel only, with the remaining five for Valhalla and a small few that he allowed. The elevator slowed upon coming to the one hundred nineteenth floor. 

-Reaching red security clearance level, please wave your hand over the DNA signature scanner to the right of you to continue the accent.- A robotic female voice said coming from the speakers in the elevator. Director Biyase reached out with his right hand waving it over a small circular scanner that was inside in the wall. -Thank you Director Biyase. The elevator is cleared to ascend the next five floors.- 

Director Biyase looked down over the city, no other buildings in the city reached this high. The VCI corporate tower was a symbol of New Lexington’s pride. It was VCI that came to New Lexington and resurrected its troubled dying economy. VCI unlike the other top corporations did not specialize in weapons or other venues that would only help share holders but instead they worked on curing disease and at no cost to third world countries and cheaply for other citizens around the world who could afford VCI’s services. VCI helped bring agricultural back to a world that was steadily loosing it due to global warming. Farmland just one hundred years ago was only in small portions thus food became expensive and for the most part people starved and went hungry if they were poor, or only ate low quality food. VCI made expansive farmland over the ocean making it possible to grow food in great abundance. In just twenty years time VCI was feeding the world, and in return the world rewarded VCI. The expansive wealth of VCI trickled down into the New Lexington economy making it a rival of other large cities putting Kentucky on the world map. Twenty years ago a twenty year old genius had ambitions that were realized, and now Magnus Valhalla was one of the worlds richest men. But not by war mongering as so many wealthy men had done. Magnus had gained the admiration of the world and became wealthy by helping humanity. This was a rare thing, and because of it he had the worlds trust. The elevator slowed before reaching the one hundred and twenty fifth floor. 

-Approaching green level clearance floors Director Biyase. Please wave your hand over the DNA scanner that is to your right on the wall to continue the ascent.- 

Director Biyase extended his right arm waving his hand over the scanner once more. -Thank you Director Biyase, we can now continue the accent.- The computer voice said. The elevator actually went through a cloud as it continued upward. The director composed himself upon feeling the elevator slow once more as it approached the top floor. He turned around facing a silver door. At the top of the door a red laser shot from a tiny orb scanning the directors entire body. -Full body scan have been completed. Welcome Director Charlie Biyase!- The robotic voice said, the elevator door opened. With a deep breath the director walked out of the elevator and into a long hallway that was silver and metallic. The metal was shiny, a single crystal hung down from the ceiling that was six inches long and pointed at the base. Every eight feet apart was another one, together all of the crystals lit up the hall, the light they emitted reflected off the shiny metal walls and ceiling. The floor was black, well polished and just as shiny everything else around it. At the end of the hall were two silver doors. Director Biyase repeated in his mind what he would say to Magnus Valhalla, he would accept whatever the president had to say and if he lost his job he would accept that as well. He knew that Valhalla had a distaste for failure, and although Biyase had never failed him before, this failure was abounding. His footsteps upon each time they landed echoed down the hall becoming shorter as he drew closer to the doors. The doors silently slid open. A very attractive thin yet shapely dark skinned nude black woman with long braids stood at the base of a long flight of stairs that were wide at the base and narrowed as they went up to a floor that leveled off. The walls stayed tight to the stairs before opening at the top. Director Biyase showed discomfort upon seeing the woman. She stepped closer to him her large dark brown eyes stared invitingly.

-Mr. Valhalla has been waiting.- She said, her actions and her voice was human, but she was an android. Standing in front of the director she reached out resting her thin hands on both sides of his shoulders. -Place your hands on my hips, I don’t bite.- She smiled in an attempt to relax him, he hated this part but he knew it was required. Placing his hands on both sides of her hips he quickly leaned forward, the two began deeply French kissing. She pressed her naked body close to his. After a few moments she leaned back, Biyase quickly withdrew his hands from her soft synthetic skin. Looking up into his eyes she spoke. -You have been fully confirmed. Welcome Director Charlie Mtume Biyase.- She extended her arm upward tracing the stairs. Director Biyase walked up the flight not even looking back at the android. When he reached the top there was a small library with shelves full of books that rose to the ceiling. In the center of the shelves was a large six foot wide window that went from the ground to the ceiling, the glass was tinted. In front of the window was a large well polished mahogany office desk with a matching leather seat. Two leather chairs that looked similar to the chair behind the desk sat in front of the desk a few feet apart from one another at an angle facing inward toward each other. There was a thin silver spiral staircase behind the office chair near the window, it came down from the ceiling. A grandfather clock chimed coming from the right of the director. He noticed three data chips placed neatly on the desk side by side. CD’s long ago, were the norm, memory sticks  fifty years ago, and now data chips which were the size of a silver dollar could store much more than a CD or memory stick ever could. Director Biyase was curious as to why those three data chips where on the desk. 

“Welcome Charlie!” The voice came from the staircase but from a room above it traveling downward. Magnus Valhalla causally strolled down the stairs both hands in his pockets. He wore white baggy dress pants and was bare footed. He also wore a loose white dress shirt that wasn’t tucked in that gave an unkempt style that actually looked appealing. Director Biyase kept his eyes locked on Valhalla the entire time, he stood in front of the desk patiently waiting. Once Valhalla was off the stairs he walked toward Director Biyase with a smile showing perfectly straight white teeth. His face was oval and slightly feminine. His blond hair was neatly cut and close to the scalp save for the front which was curly at the tip. His eyes were blue yet his skin was tan showing proof of the African and Arab mixtures that dominated Germany. The theory that blond hair and blue eyes would die out over time due to heavy mixing was wrong, it was quite the opposite. Sweden, Germany and Norway all were heavily mixed with African and Arab genes but blond hair and blue eyes were quite rampant. When he smiled his face lit up giving the illusion that he was a good man, and a kind hearted just man at that. In a way he was, it just depended on who and what. He cared about Biyase and his conflicts and he sought to help him through them. It was one of the primary reasons he hired Biyase besides the fact that the director was humaite. There was true compassion that Valhalla felt for the director. Valhalla walked around to the desk standing in front of  Director Biyase. 

“From the security cameras I saw your discomfort for the pleasure droid. They are built at my privately owned side company Pandora.” He patted Biyase on the shoulder before turning and walking back around his desk stopping at the window looking out. “Pandora specializes in sex toys and other adult novelties. Their finest work are the pleasure droids. They make male and female models.” Turning he looked at Biyase. “They have been tested around the world you know. And it’s funny, that little sex toy company rivals the revenue of VCI? Crazy isn’t it! Seems like people prefer the pleasure droids to the real thing! Surveys have actually shown that Pandoras pleasure droids are exponentially better at sex than humans!” He looked at Biyase’s face searching for any signs of emotion and found none then laughed heartily. “I made pleasure droids for my top staff all unique and not on the market for each of my officers who carry high level entry to this area. Six in all, two of course are male droids for the two women in my employment. And the droids are there for their pleasure.” He pulled the office chair back but remained standing. “I must say your droids oral skills are out of this world. I enjoyed cumming in her mouth before you came up.” He waited again for any facial expression that the director might give but found none. He laughed loudly at his joke and the thought of it before speaking. “Of course I’m just jesting my friend.” Turning the office chair in his direction he sat down leaning back staring at the director. “I’d swear you were gay by how awkward you are around the opposite sex, but we both know that the reason is your guilt. Such a pity too. That guilt has made you it’s slave.” 

“Project H2O escaped his confines late last night.” Biyase said cutting into the conversation. He knew that Valhalla was already aware of it so he just wanted to cut to the chase. Valhalla’s face turned serious. The time for lighthearted conversation was over.

“And you feel this was all your fault? And I’m sure you have been beating yourself up since you were alerted that H2O escaped. On the elevator ride up I can guarantee you were trying to think of how you were going to tell me of your failure, but rest easy in knowing none of this is your fault.” Valhalla’s voice was calm.

Director Biyase raised a brow, the first sign of any emotional content going on in his head. 

“How is this not my failure?” Biyase asked, he was not confused, he merely wanted answers. Valhalla nodded in agreement.

“The five guards that were on duty were from my I can stand on my own drug rehab program. All five were fresh off of drug addiction. None were really ready for an overnight shift guarding high level shit. Of course I never let you know that.”

“But all five men lost their lives trying to prevent H2O’s escape!” The director protested. Valhalla shook his head giving a sour smile.

“You care so much for human life, yet your guilt prevents you from protecting it my friend.” He stood up leaning forward planting both hands on his desk. “It was a necessary sacrifice.” Both men stared at one another in silence for a brief moment. “These three data chips have purpose.” Valhalla said finally breaking the silence. Director Biyase looked down at the data chips he recognized earlier. “All three chips contain the same information.” He looked down at the data chips. “One is for you, learn and memorize all of the information before giving one data chip first to the local law enforcement.”

“I was planning on sending a repo team after H2O!” The director said firmly. 

“No. I want local law enforcement involved in this instead!” He looked up at Director Biyase making sure they both understood each other before proceeding. “Then after you have informed the local law enforcement, leak the other chip to the media then await further instructions.” Valhalla rose up turning and walking back to the view window. Looking down at the city below his mind was in deep thought. Director Biyase collected the data chips, turned and started walking away. 

“Charlie!” Valhalla yelled out causing the director to stop, but the director did not turn. Valhalla continued to look out of the window. “You have such great power, the most I’ve seen in some time. You’re a good man, and if not for the guilt you are enslaved to we might have been adversaries in another time and place.” He turned looking at Director Biyase’s back waiting to see if he would turn, he never did. “That is all my friend.” Valhalla walked toward the spiral staircase as Director Biyase walked back down the flight of stairs he’d come up earlier.