The closest Uncle to me passed after his battle with Pancreatic Cancer. I have been numb, but not depressed. I was depressed when I went up to see him for the last time last weekend. He will always be close to my heart. I will be back hopefully to posting the next months issue if I am able, but at least for now La Niña Reaper is on hold for this month. I will repost at a later date. Just a lot of vibes connected to that and my uncle I suppose. 

I will never understand all of the technology mankind has yet treatment for cancer is so fucking ancient and barbaric. I’m tired of seeing cancer awareness marathons and other functions. We are already fucking aware what cancer does. It kills loved ones and makes people rich as those loved ones scramble and pay whatever they need to stay alive. I saw a sticker before that said fuck cancer. I say fuck the doctors who get rich off of the people who die from it. I didn’t see any medical strides for my uncle, only bills.