8:00 am
The phones were ringing nonstop at city hall since eleven thirty last night. Mayor Juan Sanchez had been called immediately after the situation between a homeless man, a little girl, and law enforcement went totally wrong. There would be no way to conceal it, too many eyes and cell phones recording it all when it happened. The news was a flurry of information about a non human who took down two New Angeles soldiers and one police officer, killing one of the soldiers. The question on everyone’s mind was why? In all the cell phone videos a little short haired girl was seen near one of the soldiers clearly in the middle of it all, was she part of the problem, or just in the wrong place at the wrong time? A black limousine with gold trimming flew across the New Angeles morning sky landing on the private pad of the at Mayors mansion. It was a civilian vehicle. Only law enforcement and military vehicles were allowed to fly in city limits without a special permit, or to land where the limo did. A N09-C got out of the limousine first scanning the area making sure it was safe. A short brown skin male who was well dressed wearing gold plated cowboy boots and a cowboy hat that had been dipped in gold stepped out of the limo upon getting confirmation that it was safe to do so by the N09-C. Around his neck was a sliver chain with a pearl the size of a golf ball dangling from it, it was his prized possession.

 His face showed the plethora of mixes that were in New Angeles. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Arabic, these were the many who visited the city leaving their DNA with the working women of the city over time creating a society of intermixed people who still saw themselves as Hispanic, although they spoke a different laughed called Angelicosian (pronounced an-gel-lee-coe-shan) that was mixed with various African languages such as Congolese, Swahili, and various East African dialects, Arabic and Mandarin as well as American English and Spanish. The citizens also spoke fluent English and Spanish. These languages that mixed to make Angelicosian was also the common mixture of a citizen of New Angeles. Unified Africa was the worlds financial world power followed by China who used to the former. Both counties flaunted their wealth in New Angeles. After the fall of Dubai to the Islamic Wars of various Islamic faiths, wealthy Arabs traveled to New Angeles for recreational fun. All of the various males of these countries impregnated many prostitutes for over three hundred years. Rey Hefe was New Angeles born and raised, he identified as Mexican although his genetic makeup was mixtures of Black, African, Chinese, White, and Arabic, this was the norm for many who lived in New Angeles because many of their first ancestors came from Mexico although the government of Mexico did not recognize them as so. Rey Hefe was the leader of the gang The New Azteca Front, but really all citizens of New Angeles called themselves New Aztecan, this movement started about sixty years ago. The people wanted to be counted as something different since no one else wanted to accept them as members of their race, the world saw them as the offspring of whores. The New Angeles court was able to do away with race altogether due to the extreme diversity of the people, it was only on a personal level did one identify as black, or white, or something other and this was done by skin color. 

Due to Texas influence New Angeles had police officers of American decent. All members of the New Azteca Front gang and the vast majority of the New Angeles militia were mostly New Angeles born with only a small few from Central or South America or American. The people of New Angeles wanted to completely break away from American government altogether, they already had their own army. If they could not have American citizenship or be considered American then why did Texas need to be there at all? Protests were growing and support around the world including America followed with it. But Texas did not want to let go of its financial power house. Rey Hefe was positioning himself to become the first president of New Angeles whether the people wanted him to be or not, all in good time he thought. The people would accept one of their own, especially if he broke New Angeles away from America.

With the N09-C at his side walking up to the Mayors entrance of the mansion he was greeted by soldiers who saluted him with pride. Rey Hefe stormed past police officers who stood in the hall before entering the Mayors office stepping in front of his body guard in haste. Walking in the office Rey Hefe was greeted by Mayor Sanchez who was seated at his desk, and a few other city officials Mark Perez and Tony Rivera. Rey Hefe walked up to the desk looking the three men over, Mayor Sanchez stood up looking slightly nervous. 

“Rey Hefe, welcome!” Mayor Sanchez said extending his hand. Rey Hefe simply looked at it then looked at the other two officials with a serious glare. The Mayor pulled his hand back walking around his desk almost to show who had the true power in the room. 

“So what is this I hear about a non human in my city?” Rey Hefe said with distaste in his mouth.

“Your city?” Mark Perez said. Neither he, Mayor Sanchez or Tony Rivera were from New Angeles, all three were from Texas, but only the Mayor seemed to show Rey Hefe respect. There was always a competition from Americans that felt tied to their Hispanic roots and people of New Angeles or even Central and South America. Those of American decent tended to look down on the others. Rey Hefe walked over to Mark Perez standing close, their faces only inches away from one another. 

“I smell your arrogance Mark. I smell it on both you and Tony. You act like you’re better than me just because you’re American! But nah, you ain’t. They say nowadays the average American has Hispanic, Black, Asian, Arabic, and African heritages mixed together. That don’t sound so different from the people of New Angeles! So please take your pompous ass someplace else if you’re going to keep with that attitude!” 

Mark did not back down. “That’s funny that you say you smell something because I do to! I smell a criminal! Rey Hefe is not a name, maybe you are ashamed of your real name! You might be wealthy, but you still came from a ghetto! And I highly doubt you are educated, most of your people tend not to be! You all come from the wombs of prostitutes! So before you try to intimidate me I’d think twice! I was appointed by the Texan government to help the Mayor over see this shit hole city! I’m not so easily scared by your thug tactics!”

Rey Hefe turned feeling burned by Mark’s words. He walked away, Mark smiled in victory. Rey Hefe quickly turned back around pulling out his gun that was hidden inside of his suit jacket. “Fuck you Mark!” Squeezing off a few bullets, they struck Mark dead in the face blood and brain matter squirted onto the wall behind him. He grunted while falling lifeless to the floor. Rey Hefe turned looking to see if Tony was nervous, he wasn’t.

“So you’re going to kill me too? Only a fool would do that! You act as if there will be no retaliation from the American government! You will already have to answer for the murder of one American official!” Tony Rivera said defiantly. Rey Hefe looked at him calmly. 

“You tell me Tony. Are you going to die right now? Or are you going to give me some respect?” 

“Please gentlemen, there is no need for this.” Mayor Sanchez said trying to calm things down. Rey Hefe looked at the Mayor.

“I guess you’re right.” Rey Hefe said. He raised his gun to Tony Rivera’s face shooting him point blank range. Mayor Sanchez looked into Tony Rivera’s surprised eyes before falling to the ground.

“Rey Hefe, how will I explain this to my superiors?” He said troubled. Rey Hefe reached up patting the Mayor on the shoulder.

“They weren’t the first politicians to come to New Angeles and get carried away. Trust me. These two will be found in a whore house for underage girls, Texas won’t touch that shit with a ten foot stick!” Rey Hefe laughed while he walked around the Mayors desk sitting down in the chair. The Mayor started pacing nervously. 

“Your men got carried away last night with the immigrant woman from Veracruz! They raped her then killed her! The little girl that’s been all over the news? She is the slain mothers daughter! If they find that girl and she tells them what happened!” Mayor Sanchez said anxiously. Rey Hefe rubbed his chin resting back in the chair. 

“Yea my men can sometimes go overboard.” He said laughing. He moved forward resting his elbows on the table. “The non human that helped the girl, anyone know why he is in New Angeles?” 

“No. Police are searching for them both now, have been since last night.”

“I will have my army search for them also. Maybe we can make things right for the media once we find them. We can make something up. Things will calm down, I promise you that John. We just need to find those two first.” Rey Hefe sat back in the chair again enjoying how it felt. It only drove his motivation to be President sitting in the Mayors chair.

10:20 am 
Maria woke to find that she had fallen asleep on the man that saved her. Her head was resting on his lap, his hand gently stroking her hair. She could smell a pleasantly scented oil that was on his skin. He looked down seeing that she was up.

“Ah, you are awake now.” The man said. Slowly sitting up Maria noticed that they were inside an empty train car. The sunlight pushed through small cracks in the door lighting the inside just enough to see around. It was starting to get hot inside. The man raised his arm and with a simple gesture of the hand, the door opened letting fresh air in. “I have cleared your mind of your distress. You will still feel loss, and it will take time to truly feel better but my spell will help you cope.” 

Maria slid up against the wall of the train car staring at the man. 

“Who are you?” She asked in Spanish, it was the only language she knew. The man smiled.

“Who am I? I feel you are asking me more than that little sister.” He said. Maria stopped and thought about what he just said. Then she rephrased her question.

“What is your name?” 

“My name?” The man said with a gentle giggle. “My birth name I shed long ago. I guess that happens when you have lived as long as I have. Over the centuries I have been called many names. And most cases it’s humans who I end up getting my name from. Now I am called Dreadlock, because of my hair.” He grabbed one of his locks showing it to Maria, the two smiled at one another. 

“You speak Spanish pretty good, I don’t even hear an accent.” Maria said.

“I speak and understand the worlds languages because I am born of magic.”

“Magic? Is that what you used against those men last night?” Maria asked. 

“Yes. I hope you don’t mind but I used my magic to find out more about you as you slept. I’m sorry about your mother Rosa. She was brave for you.”

Maria’s face was saddened. 

“Yes, she wanted to take me to Texas where my Aunt Jennifer lives. She is a nurse in America and got her citizenship there before I was born.” 

“Your mother was attempting to take you  from Veracruz all the way across New Angeles in an attempt to get both of you into America. That in itself is a perilous journey. A wall is built from California to the Gulf Of Mexico, and it is patrolled by the Minute Men. If you both made it past New Angeles, you would have eventually been caught by the Minute Man patrols that scan the outer areas of the city in the desserts and wild lands between Texas and New Angeles. Through your mothers thoughts I can see that this journey had a small chance of success of ever happening , but she had to try for you.” 

Maria’s face lit up. “You can talk to the dead? Can you bring back mother?” She asked hopeful. Dreadlock reached out gently caressing the side of her cheek, he smiled sourly.

“I’m sorry little sister, the dead can not come back. There would be a heavy toll to pay for such a feat. I merely went through you to see what your mother was doing, I did not talk to her.” Maria lowered her head sadly. “Although I am here on other business, I have decided that this takes precedence over what I initially came here for. I will take you to your Aunt in Texas. Although your mother tried the impossible she had good cause. I will continue what she started.”

Dreadlock didn’t say at the time what he knew, and he told a lie about not speaking to the dead. He did speak to Maria’s deceased mother while Maria slept. She told Dreadlock that Maria’s father was an American soldier who came to Veracruz to help stomp out a drug cartel. The mission took over a year to accomplish and in that time the soldier had gotten Rosa pregnant. At birth all Americans have a DNA sample taken from them so it can be stored in a database. It makes it much easier for cases involving DNA for proving the father or for murder cases or accidents where only DNA might be found. But in the case of Maria it would prove that her father was an American citizen which would make Maria a citizen. Rosa knew that she might not make it, but it was worth the try. Veracruz was a bad place to live for a woman even worse for a little girl. After the cartel was taken out it changed nothing. A new cartel rose to take the old ones place. Dreadlock looked at Maria.

“Say are you hungry?” He asked. Maria nodded yes. “You will never go hungry around me little sister!” Dreadlock stood up. “Follow me.” He said jumping out of the train car. “We should clean up before we eat.” Walking over to another train car he tapped on it and water gently flowed out of it from a thin lip. Maria was amazed looking inside the empty train car then looking back out at the flowing water wondering where it was coming from. A bar of soap appeared in Dreadlock’s hand, he tossed it to Maria. Right in front of her from the outside of the train car more water started to gently flow out of another thin slit. Dreadlock undressed and stood under the first flow of water. Maria was still stunned by his use of magic. “Hurry little sister, train yard security will be along in fifteen minutes!” 

The two companions took a quick shower while their clothes were magically scrubbed under the same water they washed in. After the clothes were washed Dreadlock snapped his finger and the clothes instantly became dry. They walked back over to the empty train car that they had come from. 

“So you are going to take me to Texas?” Maria asked. She was still feeling very out of place but Dreadlock made things feel much better, there was truly something special about him. Dreadlock reached out placing his hand on Maria’s head, he smiled kindly.

“Of course little sister, and we’ll be taking this train all the way.” He pulled the door closing it  placing his palm on it. Looking down at Maria he smiled causing her to giggle. “You ready to go?” He asked. 

“Yes.” Maria giggled. Excited to see what was going to happen. The spell he had put on her was making her feel much better.

“Good!” Opening the door Maria stepped back with eyes full of bewilderment. The empty train car now had two twin beds, a tv, a small kitchen table that was full of food. Dreadlock gave her a wink. “It’s hot out here, its air conditioned in there. Let’s go, they will never find us in here!” 
True to his word no one ever found Maria or Dreadlock in the enchanted train car. Train yard security never even bothered to even look in it. No one ever bothered to load anything on it. Dreadlock and Maria ate until they were full then rested in the beds and watched children shows. She didn’t even know the shows that she was watching but somehow the tv knew what she liked. Dreadlock went to sleep leaving Maria to her tv. 
10:07 pm
The train ride out of the city was without incident, as was the case of the ride to the first checkpoint in Old West. The long ride was made up of eating and relaxing or opening the train car door to watch the scenery. Outside the city there was mostly just dessert. Plans to grow the city had always been in play and in fact the civilization was starting to slowly move outward, but for the most part New Angeles was still surrounded by dessert or wildlife. The ride gave Dreadlock and Maria time to bond, Maria asked many questions that Dreadlock kindly answered. Dreadlock told the history of the earliest days of man starting with when Eyahvah hurled down the Nameless One the cursed angel to the earth, his fall struck the continent with such force it caused one continent to weaken and eventually separate into the seven continents. All of the stories that Dreadlock told enthralled Maria. And each story that was told she did never did doubt that they were not true. As the day pressed on Maria tired and fell asleep, she had been sleeping for close to an hour when the train approached Old West. 

Old West was a tourist town, it was a theme park where families could go and enjoy pretending to be cowboys or Indians, or just enjoy the camping or cabins in Old West themes. The train would not be going into Old West, it would just be stopping on the outskirts of town to pick up and drop off before heading to the final destination at the border transfer station at the Texas/New Angeles border security wall which was about another four hours away from Old Town before it circled back to New Angeles. The train stopped, dropped off supplies and picked up cargo that needed to be taken to the security wall. The enchanted train car was again left alone and there was no incident. A few hours into the last stretch of the train ride Dreadlock woke up, something bothered him. Getting out of his bed he walked over opening up the train car door feeling the cool air of night while staring back at the tracks. It was pitch black out save for where the moonlight touched giving up a sliver blue hue. The night sky was full of stars and was cloudless. Dreadlock kept his eyes fixed behind the train, there was magic at work, magic that was being used to hunt Dreadlock and Maria, Dreadlock could sense it, he felt it all around him. The silence was saying something to him that he did not like. Turning around he walked to Maria. Placing his hand on her arm gently he shook her. 

“Little Sister, wake up now!” He said. A shadowy figure leapt into the train car from the opened door. Running at Dreadlock it howled, Dreadlock turned raising his hand which began to glow white. A burst of white energy shot from his palm striking the shadow before it reached them. It was instantly turned to ash. Maria quickly sat up in her bed hearing the commotion. She saw more of the shadow demons flying outside the train car door. She screamed out upon seeing the demons trying to make their way in. Dreadlock stepped forward white magical energy surging from both of his hands disintegrating them to dust until there were none left. He looked out of the door peering down to where the front of the train was, he had tracked a more sinister energy. “A Reaper!” He said under his breath like a curse upon seeing the demon standing mere feet in front of the train. The Reaper was clothed in a black hooded cloak that moved about as if the cloth was alive. In both hands it held a very large scythe that was black save for the silver curved blade. The engineer gasped seeing the Reaper on the tracks, there was no time to break, he pulled down on the horn yelling for the Reaper to move. Swinging it’s scythe the blade came sideways at the front of the train cutting through the front half causing the entire train to derail as the engine was torn asunder by the Reapers blade. Dreadlock barely had time to grab Maria as the two leapt from the train car rolling on the ground as the train cars were violently thrown about. The engine exploded causing a chain reaction to a few others partly lighting up the night sky. “There is powerful magic at work here…” Dreadlock told himself, he quickly studied his surroundings. Standing up he expeditiously checked Maria making sure that she was ok, he glanced down to where he’d seen the Reaper, it was gone.

A shadowy hand reached out grabbing Maria by the arm, she cried out in pain, smoke sizzled from her arm just by the touch of the shadow demon, the smell of her burning flesh rose into her nostrils. Dreadlock reached down grabbing the demons wrist, his hand began to glow incinerating the demon to dust. The Reaper was now upon him swinging its scythe, Dreadlock pushed Maria to the ground rolling out of the blades cut. Bringing up both hands he sent a blast of white energy at the demon who brought its weapon in front of it. The scythe deflected Dreadlock’s attack then quickly brought the weapon high above it before hammering it down at Dreadlock who rolled off to the side avoiding the strike. The Reaper did not skip a beat pulling the scythe from the ground it swung the weapon at Dreadlock yet again. Dreadlock’s eyes began to glow, he summoned a staff that materialized in his hands, the staff blocked the scythe blade just in time before it struck him.

“Let us see if your dark weapon can handle the Ugana staff demon! Even without my Fate Orb, the staff is still a powerful weapon!” The staff was taller than Dreadlock stretching over six feet. It was a dark blood red color and of a spiral shape. The staff had been taken from the magical Ugana tree from the old world of Eyahvah Shi. The staff helped amplify a master Feya’s power while they walked foreign lands. The Fate Orb that Dreadlock spoke of housed great magical power that made it possible for him to not have to recharge his magic via the Ugana staff. The Reaper did not seem to care that Dreadlock summoned his weapon, it only wanted to kill him and Maria as it was commanded to do. The Reaper stepped forward his robe moving like liquid flowing with his motion as he swung his scythe at Dreadlock who smoothly side stepped blocking the strike. For each swipe of the scythe blade Dreadlock matched the Reaper move for move blocking. The Reaper stepped forward bringing its weapon above it for a powerful downward strike. Dreadlock reached out snapping his finger. The Reaper stood frozen. More shadow demons appeared circling Dreadlock, he reached out pulling the terrified Maria close to him. 

“Do not fear little sister, stay close!” Dreadlock said, his face started to sweat showing signs of fatigue. The staff began to glow the same white energy that Dreadlock’s hands had before. The shadow demons advanced, Dreadlock spun his staff striking each one as they attacked turning them to ash, the Reapers blade cut at his side while he was distracted drawing blood. Dreadlock grimaced but did not cry out. A cut from a Reapers blade would kill an ordinary human, Dreadlock’s Feyan blood protected him. Turning to face the Reaper Dreadlock stabbed his staff into the ground with both hands still gripping it. Dreadlock’sb eyes glowed fiercely white, he stared at the Reaper who brought its scythe up for protection, but there would be none from this magical bombardment. It was at the moment Dreadlock was about to commit the final strike a border patrol ship flashed its lights down upon him, the Reaper disappeared. The BPC (Border Patrol Cruiser) was a fifteen man flying craft with no propellers, it was built for speed and to cover long distances quickly. A seven man squad which consisted of the squad leader, pilot, and five soldiers would be aboard each BPC. It was made specifically to skim the desserts and wild lands of New Angeles in search of illegal aliens that were known to travel this region to get to the Gulf Of Mexico to pay for passage to America. People rarely attempted to go by way of the security wall, and no one ever made it over or past the wall due to its high security. The BPC circled Dreadlock keeping its light focused on him. Dreadlock payed the BPC no mind, he was waiting for the Reaper to appear. Dreadlock pulled the Ugana staff from the ground holding it defensively while he looked around him as the BPC light stayed on him.

“Place the walking stick on the ground, and raise your hands by order of The United States Border patrol!” A voice said from the speaker of the BPC. Dreadlock did not comply, he knew the Reaper lurked in the shadows waiting to strike again. Officer Burns stood behind the pilot looking down at Dreadlock.

“He looks homeless, and possibly drunk.” Officer Burns said watching Dreadlock peer into the darkness. Officer Charlie Burns had been a Minute Man for the past six years. When he failed to make it into the Enforcer unit due to failing the rigorous physical training tests he tried local law enforcement but failed that in the required gun response firing test. The Minute Men were well respected and were still a form of law enforcement so Officer Burns tried out and made it and was placed in a squad. In just two years he became squad leader. He worked hard to make it to his current position. A Minute Mans job was to scan the many miles of open land and water from California to Florida in search of drug runners, or immigrants that attempted to come to America without documentation. Another big thing was human trafficking. Minute Man squads would be assigned to various areas to patrol including The Gulf Of Mexico for boats or planes carrying drugs or people. 

“Hey there’s a little girl down there!” The pilot said pointing to Maria who wasn’t seen before until she walked into the ships light standing close to Dreadlock. 

“She seems to be looking for something too. What the hell are they looking for?” Officer Burns said. “You see anything on the thermal scans?” He asked the pilot. 

“Nope.” The pilot replied. Officer Burns looked back to his squad who were seated in their chairs. 

“Guns at the ready! We’re going down to apprehend two illegals!” Officer Burns turned back to the pilot instructing him to lower the BPC. Once the BPC landed the squad exited from the back of the ship, their guns at the ready. Dreadlock did not pay attention to them as they approached, Maria however watched them approach. The entire squad started to yell at Dreadlock to drop his staff and raise his hands their guns trained on him, he paid them no mind. The pilot sat back watching the squad approach Dreadlock and Maria. The Reaper appeared in front of the BPC slashing its scythe across the front of the ship ripping through its metal cutting the pilot in half. Hearing the commotion front the pilot and ship three squad members turned seeing the Reaper. 

“What the fuck?” One of the Minute Men said. None of them could believe what they were seeing. 

“Eagle Eye are you there?” Officer Burns tried communicating with the pilot, there was no answer.

“Your pilot is dead, and you will all follow if you do not step aside and let me handle the Reaper!” Dreadlock said. Officer Burns turned looking at Dreadlock.

“Minute Men! Take down whatever the fuck that is!” Officer Burns said while keeping his eyes and gun on Dreadlock who shook his head in disappointment. All five Minute Men opened fire on the Reaper, the laser fire from their weapons were absorbed into the blackness of the Reaper, it remained unharmed. The closest Minute Man was cut down the the Reapers scythe first, his body splitting in half while he screamed out in pain. Two more Minute Men focused their fire stepping closer to the Reaper in hopes to killin it. The Reaper stepped to the side and with one sweep of the scythe it cut through bother Men. Another Minute Man became outraged.

“He ain’t going down with the guns!” The Minute Man said angrily. He had just seen four of his comrades slain, he wanted revenge. Pulling out a knife from the side of his boot he ran at the Reaper yelling at the top of his lungs. When he was in striking range he stabbed into the robe of the Reaper who looked down at the Minute Man almost amused. Once the Minute Mans knife disappeared into the Reapers robe he instantly cried out in pain quickly pulling his hand back. Raising his hand he continued to scream while staring at his horribly frost bitten hand, grayish and blistered and bleeding. The Reaper reached down grabbing the still screaming man by the head then with a quick jerking motion pulled the Minute Mans head from his body tossing the head at the feet of the two remaining Minute Men who opened fire once more to no avail. The Reaper was done being amused. Moving forward quickly he swung his scythe back and forth bringing down both men. Officer Burns pointed his gun at the center of the Reapers hood and began shooting into it. The laser fire was swallowed by the darkness as the Reaper moved forward swinging its scythe at him. He cried out knowing that he would follow what happened to the rest of his squad. Instead of the large blade cutting through him, he heard a clunk. Beside him Dreadlock stood using his Ugana staff to block the Reapers cut.

“Help me!” Officer Burns said to Dreadlock. Dreadlock stabbed his staff into the earth once more. It was time to complete what he was interrupted from doing before the BPC had arrived. He needed to rest and regenerate some of his magic but there wasn’t any time. Dreadlock’s eyes began to glow with white energy again. The winds picked up blowing furiously. The Reaper took another step closer but this time it moved much slower. The Ugana staff glowed lighting up the entire area they all stood, the Reaper raised its arm to block the light from its eyes. With a desperate attempt it gripped its scythe with both hands making a mad dash toward Dreadlock to try and cut him down. A powerful blast of energy shot from the staff directly at the Reaper who swung its scythe to strike the magic that attacked it. The energy struck the scythe, the Reaper attempted to hold its ground being pushed back to no avail before the white light consumed it totally. The demon cried out before it evaporated into thin air, the Reapers scythe fell to the ground the blade made a clunking sound as it hit. Maria ran up to Dreadlock hugging around his waist tightly, tears flowing down her eyes.

Officer Burns stared on numb, what just happened? He was unsure. His entire squad gone. He had seen the power of humanities and mutates, but what was this supernatural battle that just transpired in front of him. He fought to slow his breathing while looking over at Dreadlock. 

“Feya?” He asked, it was the only logical solution. Dreadlock put his arms around Maria before looking up at Officer Burns. 

“Yes.” Dreadlock said, he did not smile, he kept his eyes locked on Officer Burns. Officer Burns paused in thought. He had only seen Feya as terrorists who ambushed and fought against humanities and mutates. All the while the Feya protested and claimed that they were protectors of humanity, this night was the first time he had truly seen one as a protector. 

“Now you understand.” Dreadlock said with a solemn stare. “Granted my people are not as open as I. But I have traveled the four corners and have seen many things. Maybe the tales of my journeys will help my people understand that we need to open up to the world instead of staying silent and apart from those we protect.” He smiled kindly at Officer Burns before hugging Maria, then pulled away looking at her endearingly. “I know now that which was stolen from me is back in New Angeles. The Fate Orb should not be in the hands of a corrupt human. The demons that were summoned originated from New Angeles. Such power should not be in the hands of a human.” He looked down at the burn on Maria’s arm left by the shadow demon. “You have been touched by a shadow demon and lived. Because of this your eyes will see the spirit world now.” Dreadlock stood, walking over to the Reapers scythe he picked it up bringing back over to Maria. “This will be your weapon. You will need it when the Reapers come to avenge their fallen.” He touched Maria’s forehead and closed his eyes. He started a low hum, the scythe disappeared from his hand. Opening his eyes he looked down at Maria. “You will be able to summon the scythe at will, it is yours now. You are still a human yet something more.”

“Can I stay with you?” Maria asked she didn’t seem to comprehend what Dreadlock had just said and done. Her eyes were desperate, she knew that Dreadlock was going to leave. He was the closest thing to family she had since her mothers death, she did not want to lose him too.

“I must go and retrieve my Fate Orb, after that I promise to visit you.” Dreadlock gave Maria a loving smile, she gave a saddened smile to him, he looked to Officer Burns. “She is the daughter of an American solider. You will find that her DNA matches Thomas K. Sterling. He is deceased but Maria is his daughter. Her aunt resides in San Antonio. This is where she will be living.”

“I don’t understand…” was all the stunned Officer could say. Dreadlock extended his arm waving it at one of the empty flatbed train cars. The train car broke from the entangled wreckage landing onto the tracks. Dreadlock picked up Maria and walked over to the train car. He set Maria down on the edge of the train car. 

“You promise to come?” Maria asked Dreadlock. 

“Yes, I promise. Just give me some time to rectify the situation in New Angeles ok?” He said with a raised eyebrow. She nodded ok to him them lunged forward giving him a big hug, he hugged her back. “We are connected by history now little sister.” Gently breaking away from Maria Dreadlock looked at Officer Burns who was staring still in disbelief. “Hop on the train car, it will take you to your destination.” 

Officer Burns walked up to Dreadlock but right before he passed, Dreadlock reached out touching his face. Officer Burns went rigid briefly, his eyes rolled back into his head. Dreadlock stared at Officer Burns face. “You will remember what I told you about Maria. You will remember that your men were slain by the Reaper and that a Feya helped you, but the Feya had no ties to the girl! You will forget that I ever existed and what you heard me tell the little girl.” Dreadlock said before pulling his hand away. 

Officer Burns closed his eyes. Shaking his head he opened his eyes climbing onto the train car, then he laid down closing them again falling into a deep sleep. Maria looked at the officer. 

“Is he ok?” She asked.

“Yes, the sleep is required for the spell to work. He would have been no good in helping you if I hadn’t done this. He was too shocked from all of this, his memory would have failed him, or he would not have cared to help you. This ensures that he does.” 

The train car started to slowly pull away, Maria started to stand preparing to jump off. Dreadlock waved his hand she gently and slowly fell backward. She was starting to fall asleep, she knew it was Dreadlock causing this. The train car picked up speed, Maria kept her eyes on Dreadlock until they finally closed.

“Sleep little sister…” was the last thing she heard.

(Dedicated to my oldest daughter EB daddy loves you)