Maria was feeling a tad drowsy, math class was quite boring to her. She nodded off slumping forward placing her arms down on her desk before laying her head to rest on them. Now this was much better than learning stupid math. Within a matter of minutes her eyes got heavy then closed. She’d begun snoring catching the attention of Mrs. Fletcher who searched through the class before standing to pinpoint where the snoring came from. 

“It’s coming from Mary!” Maggie said with a smile of satisfaction, the class erupted in laughter. Maggie knew Maria hated being called Mary, that wasn’t her name, it wasn’t what her mother called her. Mrs. Fletcher frowned.

“Calm down, back to the work class, please!” She stared at Maria who was in complete slumbered bliss, the snoring vibrating from her desk sounding hollow as it came from the space between her arms where her head faced downward toward the desk. “Maria?” Mrs. Fletcher said but got no response, the class erupted in laughter again. “Class?” She said quieting them. Mrs. Fletcher knew about Maria’s ordeal in the desserts of New Angeles, and the murder of her mother. She took pity on her, after all, Maria had been through so much. The teacher walked over to the aisle where Maria’s desk was stopping bedside her looking down with a saddened stare. Touching Maria’s arm nothing occurred. “Maria…?” She said gently rubbing her back. Maria jerked up slobber coming down the side of her mouth, eyes half asleep.

“Dreadlock?” She said still half asleep mumbling, eyes droopy, looking around half coherent. The class began to laugh loudly which caused Maria to fully wake up. Maria felt stupid as usual, she saw Maggie laughing and that made it that much worse. Maria hated Maggie. She hated her red hair, her blue eyes, her freckled face. Maria stared at Maggie with a frown.

“I just wish you would die!” Maria said to herself while staring at Maggie’s deliberate antagonistic face. Mrs. Fletcher tried to give a comforting face to Maria but it did no good. The class intercom beeped then came on.

“Mrs Fletcher could you please send Maria Vasquez to my office?” It was Principal Dudu speaking. The entire classroom did the ooh thing in unison giving the indication that surely Maria was in big trouble. Mrs. Fletcher hushed the class before speaking.

“Yes, she’s on her way now.” Mrs. Fletcher tried to give a look that might console Maria but Maria wasn’t even paying attention. She stood up and grabbed her things then started to walk out. Maggie watched Maria and once she was close enough she spoke to her.

“Off with you chinga!” Maggie whispered, she looked over to one of the other girls who in turn both laughed at Maria who stopped and looked at Maggie.

“El fucko offay bitchita!” Maria said before flipping Maggie off. She turned as the class erupted in laughter at what Maria just said and did to Maggie. Mrs. Fletcher heard it and called out to Maria who picked up speed walking out of the class room. Mrs. Fletcher tried catching up to her but decided it was best to just let Maria go to the Principle. Maria stormed down the hall.

It had been over six months since Maria was brought to San Antonio to live with Aunt Jennifer and her husband Joe. She turned twelve two months ago, something that was more painful than joyous. Her mother always made a big deal out of each of Maria’s birthdays, but she was dead now. Aunt Jen tried to make it a big deal but it just only proved to remind Maria that her mother was no longer here. Walking down the hall Maria reflected on how difficult the transition was living in Texas. American culture was so much different from her life back in Veracruz Mexico. People were more open and friendly back home, here at least the kids to Maria seemed mean and two faced. They would smile at her when they were alone with her only to make fun of her later in front of others. Besides her mother the only other time she felt safe and secure was with the Feyan Dreadlock. Her mother was dead, Dreadlock had still not come back from New Angeles as he had promised, life was just blah. Walking into the administrations office the secretary saw Maria and pointed to Principal Dudu’s office. The secretary at least wasn’t like the children, she showed her distaste upfront for Maria. Maria walked up to the Principals door looking in, Principal Dudu was standing by the window looking outside, his arms were crossed. 

“Please come in and shut the door Maria, we need to have a talk!” He said. Maria walked in shutting the door behind her she looked at the back of the Principal, something in the air struck her as not right. “Have a seat.” Mr. Dudu said firmly. Maria squinted a moment as she stared at Mr. Dudu, there was an aura around him that was different. Because she felt guarded she remained standing. “Kind of crazy right? I mean the last name Dudu, I mean sure it’s Portuguese but…” he paused a moment giggling. “So they call this guy Mr. Shit too?” He turned around looking at Maria, she gasped stepping back. There was something in his eyes that told her this wasn’t Mr. Dudu. 

“Who are you?” She asked. Maria didn’t hesitate she summoned her death scythe. Mr. Dudu looked her up and down with a smile. 

“You don’t even how to use that fucking thing yet, just put it away and let’s talk!” 

The two stared each other down for mere seconds before Maria lunged forward slicing her scythe through Mr. Dudu. He wasn’t cut in half, instead he spun before falling to the ground going into convulsions before he rolled onto his stomach gripping both butt cheeks letting out a loud fart. Then he went unconscious, a three foot blue skinned creature phased out of his body. Maria instantly saw that he had a wide nose and tiny white horns on his head. His eyes were yellow looking like a cats. His body was pudgy with a pair of small wings on his back. A long thin tail with a point on the end was behind him. He was naked but showed no male or female genitalia. Startled Maria swung her weapon once more cutting through the creature. 

“Bitch Stop with the swinging of that thing why don’t you? It won’t hurt me, I ain’t evil! Dreadlock sent me!” He disappeared and reappeared sitting on the edge of the desk flustered. 

“Dreadlock?” She said lowering her weapon. “How can I be sure this isn’t a demon trick?” Maria asked. 

“First off, I’m an Igee (pronounce ig-ee) and my kind come from the old world. A part of modern day Africa which is now called Angola. We ain’t like humans, we don’t care bout having a name to us cuz well, it’s stupid. But since you humans need to identify as such you can call me Igee.” Igee’s wings started to flutter like a humming birds, he lifted from the desk over to the door, Maria stared at him unsure what to think. Opening the door he looked out pointing at the secretary. “Lucky for you kid when you summon that death scythe it freezes time around you. Otherwise the commotion in here woulda caused Miss Tits to call the police. In fact the only things that don’t freeze is other supernatural beings like myself.” Maria walked over beside the hovering Igee looking out into the administration area seeing that the secretary was standing still, and so were a few of the students that had come into the office. The clock on the wall had stopped.

“I don’t get it.” She said softly. Igee floated closer to her face.

“That’s why the fuck I’m here! Dreadlock ain’t gonna make it back just yet like he promised. The battle between him and that Rey Hefe fuck in New Angeles took a lot outta him. He had to go back to the homeland to replenish. So he sent me to teach you how to use your weapon that you get so damn gung-ho with until he was strong enough to come himself!” 

Maria stepped back from Igee repulsed. 

“Why do you have such a dirty mouth?” She said.

“Wait. Am I hearing you right? The same little shit that said to the little red haired bitch, el fucko offay bitchita? Get tha fuck outta here! Anyone that knows about an Igee knows we love swear words! So get used to that shit!” Igee hovered around in a circle angrily. Igees may have been known for enjoying swear words but they were also short tempered and a lot of other things that might not be considered becoming. But because of their excellent memory recall and their great level of knowledge they made phenomenal teachers. Maria was used to the kind slow tempered Dreadlock, Igee was a complete flip side. 

“You are going to teach me?” Maria said with a quizzical stare watching Igee flutter in circles. He stopped circling and faced Maria with a raised brow.

“I’m gonna teach you everything there is to know about what you are now and what you can do. We can start with your death scythe, put that fucking thing away! As long as you keep it out time stays frozen in the vicinity you are in, but it catches back up instantaneously with everyone else once the death scythe is gone! But if you keep Time frozen for too long you will leave those frozen disoriented when they come out of it for a brief period. Once you put it away time starts again within a few moments.” 

Maria put the weapon away. 

“So you are going to teach me?” She said again.

“Yea, your first lesson is quit repeating shit. Your second one is let’s hurry up and get the fuck outta here before we have to explain why Mr. Dookie is sleeping on the floor!” Igee quickly fluttered out of the office, Maria ran after him.