Maria was so hungry, but equally tired. It had been four hours since her mother had been raped and killed by Rey Hefe’s soldiers at the Mexican/New Angeles border when she and her Mother tried to cross into New Angeles. It was not illegal for anyone to cross into New Angeles but they had to go through the proper channels so that they could be documented. It was hard taking care of a child in a struggling economy, Maria’s mother had planned on taking her daughter on a near impossible journey to Texas where her sister lived. Mexico used to have one of the best economies in the world thanks to export trade, the largest export businesses were with America. After the rampage of the mutate Fusion which ended in millions of lives lost, America pulled all export ties from Mexico to help boost its own economy. Mexico suffered greatly. So much in fact that the President of Mexico agreed to sell a stretch of Mexico that spanned from Nuevo Laredo to Tampico by the Gulf Of Mexico.

 Texas planned on making a getaway paradise much like Las Vegas but on a grander scale. Texas would reap the benefits of the money made, but the area would be considered a neutral zone. Anyone who was born or lived in New Angeles would not be considered an American citizen or Mexican, they would be considered a citizen of New Angeles. Ran by Texan government who appointed a mayor to run New Angeles, Texas was also responsible for upholding the law, but to many who lived in New Angeles felt that was a joke. Everyone knew that the past few years Rey Hefe ran the show. Mayor Sanchez and all of the police force were Rey Hefe’s, that and his own militia that controlled the drug trade and human trafficking. Human trafficking consisted of various areas. Child slave labor, prostitution, adult slave labor you name it, Rey Hefe controlled it. New Angeles was a place where college students went for spring break, where business meetings flourished with companies from around the world holding yearly meetings and functions at the various hotels. Politicians would go to have rampant sexual tirades with young women. Wealthy men would go to live out their sick sexual fantasies with young girls. It was not uncommon for women to have bachelorette parties in New Angeles. The joke between women was if you didn’t go to New Angeles for your bachelorette party? You weren’t getting fucked right before you got fucked wrong for the rest of your life. Since New Angeles was Americas and indeed the rest of the worlds favorite playground the inhumane treatment of women, children, and men went deliberately unseen. 

The first night Maria and her mother got to the New Angeles border both were offered jobs as prostitutes by soldiers. When Maria’s mother became insulted she was beaten, raped then killed right in front of Maria. Maria fled before the same happened to her. It was only a matter of time before she was found. Maria was in shock still in disbelief. She was alone, hungry and utterly and completely numb. Walking down a busy street, casinos were littered on both sides. People filled the sidewalks, vehicles were bumper to bumper, it was eleven o’clock at night yet by the looks of it the crowd was comparible to day time traffic if not even busier. No one paid Maria any mind or cared to notice this child in distress, and she did not notice them or reach out for their help. The desire to run and be safe was pummeled by deep depression, she no longer cared if the men that killed her mother found her and did the same to her, the meaning to live was temporarily gone. A police car cruised past her slowing before stopping. The officer got out of the vehicle looking back at Maria in the crowd walking on the sidewalk  before touching his earpiece. “I think I found the little girl, she fits the description of the immigrant who illegally crossed the New Angeles border. Just want to make sure.” He kept his eyes glued on Maria who aimlessly walked toward him. Walking onto the sidewalk he waited until Maria was right in front of him. He stopped her placing his hand on her shoulder. 

“Do you have identification?” He skipped being the kind public servant, he was told that Maria’s mother tried to shoot her way past the New Angeles border. Although this was uncommon, what was a regular occurrence was Central and South Americans trying to sneak into New Angeles. Women in particular if they could get into the city would find work in abundance. Sure it wasn’t legal work, but the potential to make a lot of money as a prostitute was everywhere. Officers were always on the lookout for unlicensed street whores who in most cases were illegal immigrants, and it was the officers job to document then have the women sent back over the border. It was a tireless revolving door that hardened the officers. Maria looked up at the officer with a blank stare saying nothing. A dark green military MFV flew overhead landing on the street beside the police car. Two soldiers got out walking over to the officer and Maria. Standing beside the little girl one of the soldiers firmly grabbed her by the chin forcing her face up toward him. Studying her face he finally spoke to the other solider. 

“Yea it’s her. She’s got the same damn clothes and that shitty little boy hair cut.” The other soldier looked at him nodding. 

“Ah there you are, I’ve been looking all over for you!” Said a voice behind the officer who turned surprised seeing a man dressed in a pair of beat up blue sweat pants that were held up with a tan thin rope and white long sleeved shirt that was dirty and cut at the bottom of each sleeve for better ventilation. The soldiers also took notice while the man waved to the little girl that she obviously did not know him. The man was of average height. His skin was very dark, his stature was thin. He was clean shaven which was odd since he seemed homeless. He had long hair down past his shoulders that were dreadlocks. 

“You know this girl?” Said the officer addressing the man. Upon looking down the officer saw that the man was barefooted. The man smiled kindly at the officer.

“Yes I do know this child, she is my sister.” The man said. The first soldier laughed quickly looking the man over. 

“This little girl is your sister?” The soldier asked with a smirk. 

“Yep…” the man said with a smile. His answer caused the officer and two soldiers to burst out into laughter. 

“This girl is obviously of Latin decent, your ass is black. Blacker than black!” The first soldier said causing the officer and other soldier to laugh. The man smiled showing rows of clean white straight teeth. 

“That is the problem with humans, always has been. There is only one people that span the earth. How can you not see that we are all brothers and sisters?” The man said. 

“Human?” The other solider said startled pulling out his gun, what the man said triggered his defenses. “Are you humanite or mutate?” The soldier asked. The officer drew his gun pointing it at the man while the other soldier grabbed Maria’s arm pulling her close to him guardedly. The man smiled which made them all feel uneasy. 

“I am neither.” He raised his hands as instructed by the officer. An invisible force struck the officer upon the man opening one of his hands, the soldier that had his gun fixed on the man was thrown back into the MFV when the man opened his other hand. The remaining soldier looked over his shoulder seeing that his partner was unconscious and the same could be said of the officer who was lying on the ground beside him. The crowd around them saw what was taking place and panicked scattering about trying to flee the chaos. The soldier pulled the girl even closer to him. 

“You just brought more attention to yourself! You do know reinforcements will be here within minutes now!” His face was full of sweat. The man looks him over his eyes glowed a white hue, his pupils could no longer be seen giving him a supernatural stare. The smile left his face.

“You helped rape the little girls mother and aided in taking her life.” The man said in a calm firm voice. Reaching out toward the soldier, the man did a twisting motion with his hand, the soldiers head twisted quickly which snapped his neck. He fell to the ground. The man walked up to Maria kneeling in front of her. “Hello Maria.” He said with a kind smile. The two looked at one another before disappearing.