New Angeles is a limbo territory that Texas purchased from Mexico. It is a thousand mile stretch becoming even greater than Las Vegas ever was. Anything that is illegal in America was legal in New Angeles. And it was all run by the powerful drug lord Rey Hefe. A ten year old girl named Maria attempts to cross New Angeles in a crime ridden dangerous city after her mother is killed by soldiers of Rey Hefe.  Maria befriends a Feya only known as Dreadlock who by chance becomes her protector. The two traverse the wicked city of New Angeles and in the process pick up the interest of Rey Hefe who sends his men to find Dreadlock and Maria. Dreadlock intends on getting Maria to an Aunt in Texas, but he has to make it out of New Angeles then get past the wall that was built near Texas spanning the entire Texas and Mexico border which was meant to keep out illegal immigrants. High tech soldiers patrol its borders. It is said no one has ever made past the Minute Men. 
Blogging in April it’s Deadlock! 

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R. Sulli