-Bee beep- -Bee beep- -Bee beep-
The earpiece faintly went off accompanied by a soft hum shaking slightly with each vibration while it sat on the end table by Merci’s bed. She wanted to let it keep beeping, she had been disturbed from such a good dream. She hadn’t slept this good in ages so it figured. Opening her eyes she moved her hair from her face staring at the ceiling in contemplation.

“Time?” She said out loud and irritated, she was hoping it was much later than it was. 

-Ten minutes after four in the A.M. Miss Trudeau.-Said the female voice of the home A.I. system from internal speakers placed all about the bedroom. Merci sighed heavily, the earpiece was still beeping then it stopped. Merci stared at it waiting for it to beep again, it remained silent after several minutes. Laying back down she smiled hugging her large pillow fondly. Closing her eyes she tried to go back to sleep. 

-Miss Trudeau, there is an incoming call from headquarters, shall I take a message?- The A.I. said. Merci opened her eyes thinking for a moment. 

“Who is it Nana?” Merci asked annoyed looking up at the ceiling. She knew she would not be able to sleep in this morning. Nana was the name she gave her home A.I. System. 

-Please hold, I’ll find out for you Miss Trudeau.-Merci waited for a only a few seconds before Nana came back. -It is director Clemons of the Special Agent Investigations Unit your employer.- 

Merci sat up, she was fully awake now. “Transfer audio call to bedroom monitor.” 

-You are wanting audio call transferred to video? You are nude Miss Trudeau.-

“Transfer audio call to video as I asked Nana!” Merci said firmly. The wall in front of Merci’s bed lit up in rectangular form before the face of director Jon Clemons head of the S.A.I.U. appeared. The Special Agent Investigations Unit was created by The Twelve. The unit was the highest level law enforcement agency in the United States and in the world. An officer of the unit was called an enforcer. An enforcer was a mix between detective and one man S.W.A.T. team. An enforcer was not confined to a jurisdiction, or to a species and could walk into any police situation whether it was human or humanite and take over the case. The FBI, CIA, or DEA could only work on human cases. The SAIU was a Unit of humans working with humanites on solving cases with the intention of the apprehension of humanite, mutate, or human criminals. Only the best were taken into the fold. Merci was a human on a force dominated by humans, humanites were the minority and the only enlisted were lower power leveled humanites. Director Clemons looked perturbed not even paying attention to the fact that Merci’s breasts were exposed out of her covers.

“Tax payers provide each enforcer with government Issue comm devices. Is there a reason you do not answer you comm? You are wasting tax payer dollars when you do this!” He asked perplexed. Merci and the director did not get along. He felt that she was too uncontrolled, she felt that he was too uptight to be gay and was just trying to prove to straight people how tough he could be. Oddly in a world of varying species, gay and lesbian was still a big issue to humans. Merci always liked pushing his buttons to see if he would eventually break or at least calm down and relax. Pulling back the covers she deliberately got out of bed to fully expose her nude body. She had overheard the director taking to another officer about how the nude female form disgusted him, she thought she’d make his day since he disturbed her sleep. Ever the professional he kept his eyes on Merci’s face and remained completely composed. “You might be the youngest most decorated enforcer in the American unit, and the President might hail you as one of our best, but to me you’re just another enforcer who gets no special treatment! When I call..? You answer!” Merci ignored the calm rant and walked over to her end table by the bed grabbing a pack of cigarettes. Pulling one out by her mouth she tapped the end of the cigarette which made it self ignite, she took a few puffs. Director Clemons looked at her with disgust. “It is not becoming of an enforcer to smoke, we are the leaders of law enforcement yet there you are smoking showing a bad example! You do realize that smoking is hazardous to your health? That it is a primitive addiction?” He waited for her response. Taking a few more puffs she deliberately waited a moment, her back turned to the monitor. She looked over her shoulder, her green eyes looking through thick wavy red hair that had fallen over her face, she didn’t bother to remove it. 

“This job is more hazardous than my cigs. Secondly I am more addicted to the danger my job provides, and lastly I enjoy being considered retro, and thank you for noticing. That compliment humbles me and means a lot.” She turned walking to her kitchen. A small monitor above the refrigerator turned on showing the directors unamused face. Merci opened the refrigerator and pulled out a container of orange juice. “So what do I owe the honor of this call? Or is this just a sex call?” She said causally. Director Clemons eyes squinted just slightly in annoyance and disgust, he held back his emotions and continued on. 

“We have a rapist on our hands, he has picked up from his usual m.o. He’s went from one rape every so many months apart to eight in one week. Three of which took place in last night. He has been at it for the last two years.” Merci taking the cigarette out with one hand she took a few gulps of orange juice before placing it back in the refrigerator, then closed the door. Looking up at the monitor she seemed perturbed. “Sounds like a job for the FBI to me.” She said. An enforcer had the rank to turn down three assignments per year. She had never turned one down since being an enforcer over the past few years. She started walking away when director Clemons spoke. 

“It is a mutate who is raping human only victims. This case is on our top priority list. This sicko has to be brought in!” He yelled. Merci stopped and turned around looking at the monitor. 

“Where?” She asked. 

“South Florida, in Meridian, Oxley, and Vermont counties. So far he hasn’t spread out from those areas in the two years he’s been active. I think he is daring us to find a needle in a haystack.” Merci stared at the monitor  putting her cigarette back in her mouth gently blowing smoke through her mouth before speaking. 

“Send all data on this creep to my BRC I’ll go over it on the way there. Right now I gotta take a shower unless there’s something else you have to say?” The director knew that Merci’s ego would not turn down this case. And even though he could not stand her, he knew that she was the best one for this case. If anyone could find this mutate it would be her. The monitor shut off giving Merci her answer. 

After her shower and a quick bite of a buttered bagel and a mug of green tea, Merci put on her battle suit and pulled her hair back into a neat bun, then she got dressed. The battle suit was created by Velocity the worlds leading manufacturer in weapons and other tech designed to hunt down and or kill non humans, it was skin tight and needed to be charged for an hour and could be worn for twenty four hours after that before needing to be charged again. The battle suit since it was so thin could be worn under clothes. The suit could be plugged into a conventional electrical socket and came with a simple charging chord that blended in with the suit and was released by a simply slide of the finger at the upper hip area. The battle suit, or BS which some officers fondly called it, gave the human that wore it above average speed and strength. This enabled an enforcer to go toe to toe with a lower power level humanite or mutate or easily overtake a human. The battle suit also was resistant to bullets, fire, and some heavy collisions such as falling from a few floors or getting hit by a car that was going no faster than thirty five miles per hour. The key word was resistant, the suit was not bullet proof or laser proof. It merely absorbed so many blows allowing an enforcer time to find cover as they were getting shot at. Merci opened her cabinet in the bedroom grabbing a small container. It held a pair of eye contacts. Carefully she took one contact out at a time placing each in on eye. They were special issue visual enhancers. An enforcer could detect body heat, heart beat, or have night vision when they wore them. They too needed charged for four hours but could be worn for three days without a charge. Unlike the battle suit the VE’s could only be charged in a special liquid that was inside the case the contacts were placed. She had a second charging case in her BRC, or Battle Ready Conveyance. The BRC was the issued vehicle of any enforcer. It was pretty much a small tank that looked like a car, but also could fly like a plane. It was equipped with a small arsenal easily capable of taking down a drug army or two. This was why an enforcer was feared in the underworld. There was also the bullet resistant helmet but she never wore it, she felt that it slowed her down and cut her vision and reaction time down. Walking out of her apartment and into her garage the door of the BRC opened automatically, it was painted pitch black, the interior was red, the outer shape was a sleek bullet shape. 

-Welcome enforcer 188762. Officer Merci Gabrielle Trudeau! DNA signature confirmed!- Said a deep male voice, another A.I. but this time it was for the BRC instead of the house. Merci sat in the drivers seat, the car door closed. 

“Hello Barry, you got those files on the mutate rapists that Mister Clemons promised me?” She sat back sipping on the rest of her tea taking a quick glance at the clock on the dash, it was ten minutes after five am, so much for sleeping in. 

-All files from director Clemons have been downloaded to my system thirty minutes ago for your viewing. Shall I open video files?- 

“No just playback everything in audio, going to be a few hours before we get from California to Florida.” She sat back in the drivers seat, the garage door opened. Slowly driving forward she carefully looked around as she pulled out of the garage then manually plotted a course on a digital map of The United States from the middle dash on the HUD display. 

-Course is set, would you like to fly it, or shall I Miss Trudeau?- Barry asked. 

“Eh you go ahead, I want to focus on the files for a bit if you don’t mind.” The BRC hovered a few inches off of the ground while the tires lowered until they were horizontal. Then the tires slid into a thin entrance slit on all four areas of the steer wells being concealed. The vehicle raised into the sky taking off heading east. Merci played the audio file for the mutate, it only contained twenty minutes of information and it wasn’t very helpful. The mutate could assume the form of any human being and only his DNA to the babies already born connected him to the crime, the DNA did not match anyone currently in their database. But that wasn’t uncommon, mutates tended to live below radar. Many of them were not bad, but thanks to Fusion, the mutate that caused the death of over a million humans, all mutates were hated by humans or mistrusted on some level. Out of both babies that were born from the rape only one was a mutate that were conceived, one baby was mutate born the other was human but that could possibly change later in its life. The first woman that was raped two years ago did indeed abort the pregnancy, and she was killed days later so the authorities knew that the mutate was good on his word. All victims were under protective custody. There could be no chances taken after the rapist followed through on what he said. Other than the fact that the mutate could shape shift, a testimony only given by eyewitness accounts, it was not known if he possessed any abnormal strength or other attributes that could aid in his crimes. A mutate unlike a humanite could possess a certain power yet have average human strength or other average human abilities. From the audio accounts of the victims that fought back the mutate did not seem to be able to overwhelm his victims with super strength. This was good to know, or at least be aware if it were in fact true. Merci would only know once she confronted the criminal. The next hour or so was used listening to the audio files of all twelve victims, and then listening to them again for any clues as to why they were picked, or if they did something that made them easier targets. She found that all of the cases varied, there was nothing that they did to make them easier targets. After two hours into audio files her eyes began to get heavy. She drifted off to sleep unknowingly. The BRC hummed through the early morning sky toward its southern destination. 

-Miss Trudeau, we land at the SAIU sub station in fifteen minutes. The four hour flight has been kept on schedule.- Barry said causing Merci to wake up. She had gotten some much needed rest during the flight. As she requested, Barry woke her up before landing at the sub station. The headquarters of the Special Agent Investigations Unit was in Washington D.C. But there were sub stations all over the world, each sub station was under the command of a viceroy, the second highest rank an enforcer could take, the highest of course being director, but that rank could only be held by one person, and it was held for only an eight year period before a new director was appointed. 

-There is an incoming call from Viceroy Minnelli. Shall I open the call for you?- Barry asked. 

Merci rubbed her eyes sitting up in her seat. “Yea put him through.” She said. 

-He is a she Miss Trudeau. Miss Frankie Italia Minelli age forty two. Appointed to Viceroy three years ago. Before being appointed to Viceroy she had been an enforcer for ten years with a commendable record of two hundred arrests, over six hundred kills, and…- 

“I don’t need a history lesson Barry, just put her through.” Merci said. 

-I’m afraid she only left a quick message and has now disconnected from the call Miss Trudeau.-

Merci rolled her eyes. “No need for playback, just tell me what the message entailed.” 

-Welcome to the Oxley sub station, I’ll be waiting at the BRC dock, end of message.- 

As the BRC approached the dock Merci realized how much she hated the formalities that went with being an enforcer.