She walks to the parking garage after a long night of partying at the dance club. Alcohol clouds her judgement, she is walking back to her car to drive home. Staggering up a flight of stairs she opens the door to the second level. She staggers some more out of the door stopping a moment searching for her car, straining she glanced around and after a few minutes she spots her car. She hears the door she opened close behind her which startles her. Quickly she turns back looking at the closed door, her senses briefly come back out of being scared for a moment. Staring at the door she slowly starts to calm, a smile comes to her face before she giggles. 
“Boo!” Says a voice beside her causing her to scream. She turns to see that it is just her boyfriend Aaron. 

“What the hell!” She says swatting at his arm. “What’re you doing here? Thought you were hanging with the guys tonight?” She asks. There was a tone of disappointment in her voice.

“I decided I wanted to hang with you.” He said upbeat, she rolled her eyes. 

“How convenient seeing as how you’ve already been out with your boys.” She paused realizing something. “How did you know I was going to be a Solarr tonight?” She asked suspiciously. “You been stalking me?” Her face went from serious to comical, then she started laughing. Then she gave a glare of endearment. “You really do love me don’t you? That’s why you’re here isn’t it?” Aaron looked at her without emotion, then a smile came to his face. 

“Hey, let’s do it.” He said staring at her. 

“Do what?” She asked. 

“Sex! Let’s do it right here and now!” He said. 

“Are you crazy? Someone might catch us?” She backed away from him, Aaron reached out to her, she slapped his hand away. “I said no! Go home and sleep it off!” She was angry now. He only came to have sex with her was what this moment felt like. 

“Hey come on!” He cried out as she walked away. 

“I said no! Go home and sleep it off! What part of that don’t you understand?” She said walking to her car. She felt the impact of Aaron’s fist hit her in the back of the head. She fell to the ground dazed. Aaron turned her over, his pants were already removed. He pulled up her dress sliding between her legs forcing himself inside her. Holding her down to took rough thrusts. She cried as she was raped. She didn’t even scream, she was too shocked that this was happening to her. Finally Aaron finished, he stood with a wicked smile. She forced herself to look at him as he put his pants back on. “Why Aaron?” She said, tears streaming down her face. Aaron’s face shifted, the skin swirling as if liquid changing. Her eyes widened while she watched Aaron’s face change to an entirely different one, a face that she did not recognize. 

“Who said I was Aaron? The stranger said. The voice was different now as well. She blinked wondering if she had drank too much this evening, was her mind playing tricks? The stranger walked closer before leaning down close to her face. “You are pregnant with the child of a mutate. If you abort this pregnancy I will find you, and I will kill you!” His eyes were sinister. The strangers face shifted again causing the woman to gasp in horror. It was the face of her father this time. The stranger stood laughing. “I can be anyone and everyone around you, and I will always be watching you.” He turned walking the way she had originally come up to the parking garage. Folding her arms she sat up hunched over weeping.