American Warrior flew over the City Of Defiance casually scanning for any troubles that might need his attention. At the moment anything that he discovered could be handled by the local law enforcement of the humans. After he, Kinetic Balance and Zilch teamed to defeat the mutate known as Fusion, an entire city was destroyed in the process ending millions of human lives. That was over 50 years ago. Humans claimed to have lost their fear of humanites save for the ones that wanted to do then harm, or so humans said. Or maybe they just pretended to not be afraid because they knew they needed humanite assistance. A divide came between humanites that wanted to coexist alongside their human brothers and sisters, and the dark humanites who wanted to rule over the humans making them slaves or worse. A committee of humans and humanites was formed from across the globe. This group was called Overwatch Prime. From Overwatch Prime rules were handed down to both humans and humanites alike. Humanites were given cities or districts to protect from the dark humanites. Humans policed humans in these same cities and districts. It was believed that after a few hundred years humanites would be the dominant species of earth with the human species eventually dying off. This was an uneasy reality that sometimes made for fragile bonds. The first battle with Fusion shook American Warrior, for so long he was the most powerful being on the planet but he fell so easily to the mutate. And now Kinetic Balance easily took the position of the most powerful humanite. There were times he thought about retiring. There were other humanites who had power levels comparable to his own, he felt that maybe he wasn’t needed now that others could protect the humans from the dark humanites. Or maybe it was just his bruised ego talking. He glanced around seeing that the city did not need his level of assistance at least for now. 

“Brent you up for a chat brother?” It was Alpha Magnus contacting him via the nanites that inhabited all humanites bodies. It was even part of the title of what they all were. Humans filled with technology within them, the nanites. Hence the name humanite was born. Thanks to the nanites all humanites could contact one another without even uttering a word. But much like a phone incoming conversation could be blocked or responded to. Brent almost did not answer but he heard something serious in J.J.’S voice. 

“Yea what’s up Magnus?” He asked. 

“Meet me at moon base, I’m already waiting.”

Brent took a final look below at the city then flew higher into the sky toward space ascending into the clouds. “Ok, be there soon.” He said flying off into the direction of his destination. 

Moon Base was where Overwatch Prime was stationed. High tech weaponry protected it, and from there criminal activity as well as those that might need help in other matters was determined. American Warrior soared into space cruising toward the moon, as he approached the moon it became larger and resting on the surface was a large citadel of shiny metal that spanned several miles wide and half a mile tall. It’s shape was of futuristic architecture showing smooth curved edges. High atop the base American Warrior saw Alpha Magnus seated, his legs hanging off the front of the building. Alpha Magnus saw American Warrior approaching and stood up. His black and red shiny skin tight uniform glistened as sun rays bounced off of it. He no longer wore the helmet as he did when he was Kinetic Balance, he hadn’t since the battle with Fusion. There was no need for an alias, the world knew who he was, furthermore The Twelve handed down law that no humanite needed an alias to hide who they were. J.J. Barrett was the son of Jai Barrett the one who called himself Bullet. Bullet was the first of the humanites, the only one of a group of humans who were being tested by Griffin Core to have the nanites successfully bond with its host. All other humanites in the program had their nanites wake by Valhalla who thought that it would cause chaos in the world, and he was right. Some of the humanites chose to coexist alongside their human brethren, others decided that humans were the weak that needed to be wiped out or enslaved. Great wars between humanites took the lives of many humans. Battles between mutates and humanites brought down entire cities. And in the aftermath the war between humanites continued with humans caught in the middle. It was no wonder why humans feared them. Back in the battle with Fusion J.J. was called Kinetic Balance, but once he was made the leader of the humanites it changed to Alpha Magnus.

American Warrior lowered himself landing near Alpha Magnus. They embraced showing their close friendship. “For you to want to meet out here it must be important.” Brent said with a smile. His voice resonated inside of J.J.’a head as the two communicated, his mouth did not move. Alpha Magnus smiled half heartedly.

“I’m headed to deep space, Overwatch Prime is sending me on an important mission.”

“How important?” Brent looked at his friend concerned. 

“Top secret important. Sorry buddy, I can’t tell you any specifics.”

“Then why call me up here?” Brent said a little sarcastically. He placed his hands on his hips glancing out at the stars. 

“While I’m gone I’d like you to take my position as Alpha Magnus.” J.J. studied Brent’s face knowing what he was going to say next. Brent waved one hand at him. 

“Alpha Magnus? C’mon man! There are other humanites as powerful as me now. Maybe a few that are more powerful!” 

Just as there was a President, or Prime Minister that lead nations, the Alpha Magnus was the leader of the humanites appointed by Overwatch Prime. The Alpha Magnus was the ambassador of the people, and the humanites trusted and followed his or her direction.

“Might be so, but none of them have your experience. You are a true leader. The only reason Overwatch Prime appointed me was because of Fusions defeat! That being said it should be Zilch who should be Alpha Magnus not me! He was the one he defeated the mutate!” The two men stared at one another.

“The reason you were appointed was because of your power! No humanite is as powerful as you! Not even Zilch! He just got lucky and got ahold of Fusion while his back was turned!” Brent said frustrated. 

There had never been an Alpha Magnus before Kinetic Balance. Overwatch Prime had decided that there needed to be an ambassador for the people. With the doubts that American Warrior was having lately, and the strong desire to just retire, J.J.’s request was distasteful. 

“I have already talked to Overwatch Prime, and they have agreed on my decision to appoint you temporary status of Alpha Magnus until my return. To turn it down now would show that you turned your back on your people!” J.J. Was firm and did not back down. He kept his eyes on Brent who paced a moment before looking up at him. J.J. Was slowly lifting into space. 

“You bastard! You’re leaving now? You knew I’d have no choice!” He watched J.J. Fly higher, he was smiling down at Brent.

“You’re welcome Alpha Magnus. The earth is in good hands.” J.J. said with laughter then took off with an amazing burst of speed leaving Brent to his thoughts. J.J.’s words echoed in his mind with realization.

“Alpha Magnus…” he sighed, it was his name now until Kinetic Balance returned and retook the mantle from him. He shook his head, this new burden he had to embrace. “Shit…” he said. 

“Alpha Magnus, please come and meet with Overwatch Prime, they will expect you shortly.” A voice said communicating with him from Moon Base it was the secretary. He shrugged with annoyance. “Shit…” was all he could say. He was not in the mood for this, he cursed J.J. for putting him in this position knowing full well he would have no choice but to step up and take the position until his friends return. There wasn’t much time for regret and fuss, already Overwatch Prime wanted to see him. Overwatch Prime was made of twelve members. They were called by humans and humanites alike simply as The Twelve. The Twelve had more power and jurisdiction than any leader of any country, their power reached around the globe. The group consisted of six humans, and six humanites from various countries, and it was deemed that the position on the council would be held for ten years before new members would take over for the ones who retired from The Twelve. Only top military personnel or top brilliant minds in the fields of science and medicine were allowed to vote for who they thought should hold a place on the council of twelve, no civilians were allowed to. There were protests about this at first, but after the dark humanites started attacking cities and killing people, civilians were just happy to feel protected. The controversy over the voting process died down. Trent took off from the building flying away from Moon Base, a communication came in, he knew that there would be one.

“Alpha Magnus, you are needed in the chamber of the twelve.” The secretary said firmly. He knew that he would be called, they could see him flying away.

“I didn’t ask to take this temporary position, so don’t think I plan on asking The Twelve what I need to do. I’m going home and taking a nap! I’ll talk to TheTwelve when I am ready!” 

He picked up speed racing back to earth, there was no other communication from Moon Base, they knew it was useless for now but he would have to answer later for his small rebellion. Entering earths atmosphere Brent flew high above until he eyed a small suburb in the Colorado Mountains. He flew his way down landing in his front yard, his wife walked out of the front door upon seeing him landing. She was human, something that some humans and humanites alike frowned upon. For humans it was just about not liking the two species mixing, it meant betrayal to humanity. For some humanites it just didn’t make sense to be with a human, humanites were immortal, a human eventually died. Why put yourself through watching your mate grow old and die? Or watch them contract a serious disease and suffer before death? Humanites could not get such things, the nanites in their bodies kept them free of sickness. In fact the only way a humanite could die was of unnatural causes. Because of this Brent decided to move out in this small suburb where other human and humanite couples lived where Kera and he would be free of staring eyes or ridicule. Even the great legend American Warrior savior of earth was not free of such things. Sure it was less of a problem due to his status, but it was still there. Kera smiled softly at him in such a way it melted all of the stress from his mind. They had been together now for over twenty five years, she was twenty five years old when they met, she was now starting to show signs of aging. He wondered if it bothered her that he looked the same as he did when they first met. As she got older he sometimes would wonder if he would be able to go on without her, it scared him how much he needed her. But there was the eventuality that she would die, Brent had no regrets. They walked to one another embracing. Placing her head on his chest Brent closed his eyes taking a moment to inhale the scent of her hair, something he greatly enjoyed.

“There’s something different about you…” she said keeping her head against his chest while she spoke. 

“Oh…?” He said light heartedly. He could hear in her voice a joke was about to ensue. It was one of the things he loved about her, her large sense of humor. She gently pushed back from him, his arms interlocked around her waist keeping her close. Looking up she smiled looking him over. Touching the center of his chest she drew a slow small circle with her finger.

“Yea..” Looking up at his hair she pretended to see a discovery. “You look more Alpha to me.” She started to giggle. The nanites in Brents system could detect in her voice that she knew about his temporary promotion. It was easy to do with humans, but much harder in humanites to detect intent or even when one was lying. He took a deep breath not letting his moment of peace slip away with her words.

“It spread to the news that quick?” He asked her.

“Yup, that fast. Just saw it a few minutes ago on the National Network.”  

“Damn, I was hoping to at least come to grips with this before news got out.” 

They both turned walking toward the house, connected by one arm each. “Well you at least have tonight before the press comes out in the morning for your statement.” Kera said laughing, but what she said was true. The two walked inside the house. 
The night was quiet and peaceful. The house was settled in. The night sky was filled with stars, the moon full. A streak shot across the horizon arcing downward striking Brents house with destructive force causing the house to explode. After the impact a shadow arises from the violent flames. His name is Force, he is a powerful dark humanite. One of their most formidable emissaries. He wore a black uniform that was loose fitting, he was not a muscular man, in fact he was thin but he was tall standing 6’4. He casually scanned the remains of the house, he saw Brent nude kneeling in the flames holding his wife’s burning corpse. Force stared at Trent without compassion or pity for his tragic loss. 

“I have been sent by The Dire to bring down the Alpha Magnus only to see that he is already down. And for what? A human?” The Force spoke with no empathy. His mission was clear. He was sent by the six leaders of the dark humanites who proudly called themselves The Dire. It was believed that all who were a part of The Dire were some of the worlds most powerful of humanites, otherwise they would not be able to lead such an aggressive group. Dark humanites respected power and nothing more, they would not serve anyone weaker than themselves. Force laughed mockingly at Brent seeing him hold the burning corpse of his wife, it was mere comedy to him. “You should thank me, really you should. She would have eventually died as all humans do. You were a fool to ever fall in love with her.” 

Brent brought his wife close embracing her, his tears streamed only briefly down his face before evaporating from the extreme heat around him. 

“No…” Brent uttered. The grief was too much, too unreal. His nanites fought to shut down the pain and the memory of Kera, it was their job to protect their host. Force stood there almost in disbelief that his task would be too easy as Brent fought with the nanites within him. He heard the sound streaking toward them as he made love to his wife, his hesitation caused her death. He had the power to protect her and failed. Maybe he had gotten too soft. The old Brent from fifty years ago, the one that fought Fusion alongside Kinetic Balance, that man would have responded much faster. Because of his failure she was gone, Kera would not come back. The realization of this was too much to bear. All of these thoughts attacked Brent causing great guilt. Force walked up behind shaking his head in disgust.

“You fool…” he uttered while raising a fist. It was then a gold beam of energy shot Force in the face causing him to stagger back. It was the other humanites who lived in the area, they rallied to bring him down. Force bolted off into the group of humanites going hand to hand with the first few. Brent did not seem to notice, he remained on both knees holding his wife close to him, afraid to leave her side. 

About forty or so humanites that lived in the private suburb came to protect their loved ones. Many of them had children with their human partners, they came to stop Force before he did anymore damage. The battle ensued , the weaker ones fell easily, they sacrificed their lives in the hope that it would buy time for their families to escape the area. The stronger ones among them held their ground but they were no match for Force, he was an elite. The only other humanite elite that was close enough to assist was Brent, and at the moment he was distracted with fighting down the pain that rose up within over the loss of his wife. He also combated his own body, the nanites did not give ground, they wanted to shut down all memories of Kera and already succeeded at shutting down a few memories. Brent did not want that. Kera was a part of his life he never wanted to forget.

 The battle between Force and the remaining humanites started to sway greatly in his favor, only two remained standing before him. One male humanite, and one female. Both were bloodied and bruised, this fight was a mockery. It only lasted minutes and Force crushed them all so easily. Both humanites knew they would not make it out alive, yet neither hesitated to advance against Force who stood waiting. The male humanite transformed his body into shining metal his size was much bigger than Force, surely that would matter. The metal being swung at Force who effortlessly moved out of harms way with a smile dodging each powerful swing. Finally Force smacked away the metal beings fists as a man would a child’s. Force had elite speed, the metal humanite could not keep up. Force stepped forward punching his opponent in the chest, the humanite staggered stepping away from Force unsure what just happened. Force pointed at the humanites chest revealing that the metal had caved in. The metal humanite touched his chest, eyes wide and amazed, gasping for breath. No one had ever damaged his armor before until now. He fell forward his face hitting the ground hard. The nanites in his body were working overtime to repair the damage before their host died. It was possible that he might live. Force decided to leave it to fate whether or not the man died, he did not get to watch the outcome however as he planned. A powerful golden blast of energy struck him in the face, it was the female humanite. She continued to unleash a barrage of beams that came from her eyes, she moved about with amazing speed avoiding Force as he reached out every time to grab her. Each time he tried he failed. She spun around Force ready to attack again, to her surprise Force spun around with greater speed than she had. He was only toying with her before, now he showed he fast he truly was. She brought up her arms or protection knowing she had no time to move out of harms way, his fist came too fast throwing off her reaction time. The fist impacted between both of her arms breaking both of her forearms and sending her backwards. She rolled until she came to a stop. Force watched with great delight as she tried to stand using her broken arms, her determination was fierce. Fighting back the pain she stood up her broken arms dangling at her side, her nanites furiously tried to repair them as quickly as possibly. 

“You know this will end badly for you woman, make peace with yourself before darkness comes!” Force said coldly. Walking slowly toward her she stood defiant, her eyes glowing, she channeled all of her power for one final blast. The nanites questioned her act, they were trying to repair her damaged arms. To release all reserves for an attack that powerful would make it difficult to repair her arms until she recharged. She knew this was the final attack, for her it didn’t matter. She would either live or die from her next action. Once she released all of her power she would be as helpless as a baby. She would have no defense against Force, at that point she would kill her. 

Brent sat in the flames refusing to let go of the burning body of his wife. He fought with the nanites to keep the memories of her, they yelled commands at him.

-Too much mental anguish!-

        -All memories of Kera Locke must be purged!- 

-Possible mental functions corrupted!- 

The nanites were working overtime to bring peace of mind to their host, they pleaded for their host to come to reason. Brent knew what the nanites were trying to do, but he did not want to lose Kera again, and if they took away his memories of her that’s exactly what would happen. He focused until he gained control of his nanites. It was at that instant that countless memories that he had with Kera flooded his mind, all of them including the memories he thought had been purged. So many memories. So many good memories. The first time he kissed Kera, the first time they made love, the time he asked for Kera to marry him. All of the memories were there. Brent smiled with grand satisfaction at his victory. His mind quickly snapped back to where he was. He gently lowered Keira’s remains into the fire then stood up. Turning he saw the female humanite on her knees her energy all spent. Her final attack did nothing. She leaned forward bending over accepting her fate, her forehead touching the ground as she closed her eyes, her nanites had warned her but she had to try. Force stood over her. 

Brent remembered it all now, what had happened and who caused the death of his wife. Rage rose within him, his nanites pushed his body to peak capacity. Force sensed Brent was watching him, he turned to face him. 

“Ah.. the sleeping giant finally awakes! Good!” Force said. He continued to speak, he seemed to enjoy hearing himself speak. Brent’s feet dug into the ground, his power growing, his body preparing to attack. He pushed off sprinting at Force striking him across the face with his fist. Force did not expect such speed and power, he underestimated his foe. He had studied American Warrior, he knew his power levels were above Brent’s. But the man who now attacked was an enraged Alpha Magnus whose nanites pushed his power to higher levels fueled by loss and rage. The strike broke Force’s jaw casing him to reel to the ground. Brent was already upon him before he could recoup, bringing down strike after strike upon his foe. Force’s nanites told him of the impending doom, they could not repair as quickly as Brent destroyed his body. Brent’s firsts pounded with such quickness human eyes would not be able to track their motion. Brent’s rage flowed from his hands and onto Forces body, Force could not move; he was too damaged. He could not believe it, he had lost. And he lost quickly. He stared at Brent’s bloodied fists pound into his body. Then it all went black. Brent continued to pound his fists into Force’s body relentlessly.

“Alpha Magnus…?” Brent instantly stopped upon hearing the female’s voice, the one who fought bravely and lost against Force. He realized that he was standing over the fallen body of Force. Brent was nude, his body covered in the blood of his enemy.