I am trying to find something that I will stay on. So to make it more interesting for me I decided to go this direction. Each post will be an issue (I love comic books) and highlight a human, Humanite, Feya, or Mutate. Each issue will be a short story and will end in one post.

New World! 

The not so distant future that takes place 50 years after the battle of Fusion (Read Kinetic Balance) 

A fragile aliance between humans and humanite exists. Humans are afraid and mistrusting of humanites but need them for protection against dark humanites. 

Meanwhile there are Feya who want to cleanse the world of all humanites seeing them as an unataural state. 

Mutates just want what everyone else wants, just depends if they’re good or evil. 

First issue will be about American Warrior!

First Issue coming soon!!!