The pack fought relentlessly inching their way slowly to the river, it took three hours to make it just mere feet to the river itself. Burning scrapes and bite marks from the demons littered their skin. The pack was tiring, the demons knew it. At times the horde would engulf the pack only to be cut to ash then quickly regroup around the pack once more. The horde swarmed from the river side flowing in great numbers to push the Kulu warriors back from the waters edge. Eyah yelled out his battlecry fiercely swinging his spear in a three hundred sixty degree angle all around him and the pack cutting into the horde that fell to ash. For a brief moment the river could be seen, all of the pack eyed it. 

“Go!” Eyah yelled out. None needed to be told twice. Ongaro pushed his tired legs springing into the air countless Dipur’ah already leapt after him reaching out to desperately hold him from the salvation of the river. One demon latched onto his back biting into his shoulder before both were submerged. It was then the strong current of the Trinity River took hold. The Dipur’ah lost its hold of him being greatly weakened. Two things were a weakness to a demon, sunlight and being submerged in water. Ongaro spun as he fought to stay above water, he saw Be’loi grab Eyah’s arm as he jumped into the river; Ongaro gave a sigh of relief. The horde did not stop, even with knowing the water would weaken them they jumped into the river in pursuit of the pack. Ongaro was no longer concerned with the demons he saw them struggle in the rapids as their strength was sapped, they were carried down stream to their doom. The battle now was to keep in the center of the river as the water rushed the pack down stream, the Dipur’ah reached out trying to pluck them from the water when they drifted too close to the waters edge. 


Two portals opened near the still burning body of General Thorn, two new Generals walked through them standing by the fallen General’s corpse.

 Kra’gah walked up alongside Thorns burning frame. Raising her hand she flicked her wrist the flames ceased leaving charred remains. The wind gently blew showing scarlet red hair. Her eyes were blue, her skin very pale. Unlike the other Generals Kra’gah was half human. Her father was one of the original people of Urn, the king of his people but still considered a cave man as the civilized world called it. She was the first halfbreed to be born of Urn and human blood mix. Her mother was of the albinos who had been evicted from their motherland of Eyahvah Shi merely because her skin was pale, her hair blond, her eyes of pinkish color. After Kra’gah’s birth many of the Urn took human wives mating with them. Human males did not find Urn women attractive, they were much larger and far more hair than needed all over the body and face. But the Urn male was also much larger like the female and hairier, that made a human woman feel more protected. Human women were appealing to an Urn male. They were more feminine, and a lot less hair over the body which was different to them. Kra’gah took her body frame from her mother, she was much thinner than an Urn woman but took her height from her father being much taller than a human woman standing six feet eight inches. Her red hair came from her father. The Urn had coal black hair, brown, blond, and red hair, her pale skin came from both parents as the Urn also were considered albino to the people of the four kingdoms.  Her blue eyes and red hair was a mutation came from her father and his people. She grew up hearing the stories about the land of her mother and how the albinos were sent away from warmer climates, banished forever. She could hear in her mothers voice how much she missed Eyahvah Shi but could never return. Kra’gah resented the four kingdoms and swore revenge for her mother, but how? She gained an idea once her father told her a story about a great and powerful demon that lived further north high in the Gorn Mountains. As the story went, this nameless demon was banished from heaven and imprisoned there. She was warned to stay clear of the shadow realm for only demons lurked there protecting the trail leading to the Gorn Mountains. Over time her father wanted her to marry his brothers son, Kra’gah would have none of it. She wanted to remain single, to be her own leader, a woman was already a second class citizen to human and Urn males alike; but once a woman married she became a slave. Her status as daughter of a king made no difference. Her father demanded that she marry so she decided to leave in search of something greater, something that would keep her free. That something would be power. The power to keep any man from making her his slave. That same power would bring down any fool of the four kingdoms that crossed her path. She detested the dark skin bastards, they would all pay for sending her mother away. It was their fault her mother was nothing more than a sex slave to the Urn king. 

Her thin pale fingers traced the burnt wing of Thorn showing black finger nails. “You fool, you poor fool, how did you not see?” She looked down at the burnt remains, there was no pity in her voice only dark humor. 

Ve’ta walked up behind her his hooded shroud glowing showing the trace of a head and glowing eyes beneath. He detested Kra’gah she was not created by dark energy she was flesh and blood, she was not of the demonic fold. She came to the shadow realm in search of the Gorn Mountains seeking out the lord of the demons. Boka had seen her, to Kra’gah’s fortune. For had it not been for him the shadow demons that guarded the shadow realm would have torn her apart. Unlike the shadow demons who saw her flesh as vial, his half human side saw her flesh and it appealed to him. She stood almost as tall as him and she looked like him save for her pale skin and red straight hair, he inherited his mothers brown skin and curly black hair. Unlike other brown skinned people Boka did not care for what her skin looked like, there was a passion to know her intimately inside of him that could not be controlled. It was not love, only lust; Boka was not born to know love and he cared little to ever try. She pleaded to him to give her the power that she saw in him, to learn the dark arts. Instead he took her to the Gorn Mountains and made her his sex slave, ironically that was what she was trying to escape. For many years she begged to learn from him how to become a dark mage but all she learned was how to please Boka sexually. It was the dark Prince himself who reached out to her eventually. He asked for her complete devotion and if she gave it he would baptize her in dark magic, he told her that she would be more powerful than any of his demons save for his son, this offer was what she wanted all along. She reached out claiming her devotion, then she was given the power she craved. 

Ve’ta despised that she was more powerful than him more than anything else. He remained silent about it.

“Thorn was arrogant, even had he known that the mage was more powerful he would have still persisted!” His voice was dark and deep. He hated that he had to follow orders from a human, his only joy was that maybe the mage Elu or Hu’Ru would kill her. He was tempted to even help them when the time came, this is how much he despised her. Kra’gah kept her gaze on the corpse studying it ignoring Ve’ta’s jealous energy for the moment.

“Thorn was not sent to perish by the hands of the human mage because of his arrogance. Thorn lacked ambition, this was why he was sacrificed. No demon can truly serve our lord yet have no ambition to aspire to be more.” 

“He aspired to the level of General did he not?” Ve’ta said coldly. Kra’gah caught the vindictive tone in his voice, she turned facing him no longer ignoring.

“He aspired no further. I am half human yet I took the reigns of head General, do you not see the foolishness in your comment?” Her voice sounded challenging, Ve’ta knew that she wanted to kill him on the spot for his hatred, she was no fool, he could sense it. She decided to give him a chance to live merely for the sport of it. She need not risk her title and position, there were other ways that Ve’ta could meet his demise. 

“There was no foolishness, only truth in what I spoke lord Kra’gah.” Ve’ta knew that Kra’gah would be a fool to strike him down without just cause. Detesting her humanity was not enough of an excuse, she would be greatly punished for such a crime. 

“I have blocked the mage from reaching the Kulu quickly by putting a blinding spell around them before they fled. He will have to search harder if he wishes to reunite with them.” 

“If you were able to place such a spell then it can only mean you were here when the battle took place. You could have ended this.” 

“Do you question me Ve’ta? Do you want my rank and power?” She stood defiant. “Then come and take it…” It was an outright challenge, it would be the only way that she could kill Ve’ta if he chose to accept. He was wise not to., he remained silent. “Good.” She said. 

“The sun is rising, my purity will not allow the rays of the sun to touch me without perishing.” He said evenly.

“That would be a sight, wouldn’t it?” She said with dark joy, there was no need for them to hide from one another their dislike for each other. “Go then and cower in the darkness Ve’ta. Upon the next sunset seek out the Kulu and end them!” 

Ve’ta disappeared without a word. The sun slowly started to rise behind Kra’gah, she pulled her cloak over her face to keep it’s rays off of her face. She had no weakness to the suns rays like the demons, but she hated it just the same, she had lived in the dark world of demons for so long it was just instinct. She vanished in the blink of an eye returning to the Gorn Mountains to find comfort in the dark halls of Vela, the grand castle of The Nameless One, the place of his imprisonment.