He swung the stone for as long as he could, it served it’s purpose cutting down the Dipur’ah as they lunged forward in endless droves in an attempt to bring Elu down. But now the stones power faded, the brightness at the heart of the stone ebbed with each passing moment. Elu could feel the stones power quickly filter away as he swung it from the leather string that was tied to it. But it was not only Elu who saw the power of the stone fading, General Thorn also sensed it. Thorn was fully aware how much power was housed inside the stone of Eyahvah, he knew that the more the stone was used, the quicker that power would fade and eventually it would have to be recharged. He sent wave after endless wave of demons at Elu, Thorn knew that with each wave the stone would weaken. Elu lowered his arm, the stone stopped spinning, it’s power temporarily sapped. With one arm raised Thorn called back the horde, he wanted the glory of killing the mage himself. 

“You… are the last…” Thorn said to Elu, his voice raspy and deep, very unnatural, he was speaking of Elu being the last student of Ta’Ru and Hu’Ru; the other mages that the brothers taught had been slain over the past one thousand years. He pointed at Elu with a long dark thin finger. Thorn wanted this glory, his master would be greatly pleased that it was he who killed the last mage of the Ru brothers. The Dipur’ah danced about anxiously almost wanting to disobey Thorn and rush at Elu to feast. Elu knew that the demons were a distraction that was not needed. He raised an arm to the sky. 

“Lighting that fills the sky, purify the land!” Elu called out. Clouds formed above. Inches above the earth it crackled and sizzled all around Thorn and his army of demons, Thorn waved his hand quickly just as lightning arced and shot all around him cutting through and decimating the horde into ash until there were none left. The lightning tried several times to reach Thorn but he had anticipated the attack and summoned a protection spell that kept the lighting from harming him. The clouds dissipated, the lightning faded. Thorn brought his arms out in front of him performing a scooping method in Elu’s direction with his hands, the earth beneath Elu shook as two hands formed of the ground rose up and around Elu. Thorn clasped his bony fingers together in a crushing method, the giant hands came together crushing all around Elu, he could not escape. The gigantic hands of rock and mud melted away to the ground with which the hands were formed, Thorn unlocked his fingers as if they burned, he was enraged. Pointing both palms at Elu an immense power that was intensely red shot forth from both hands at Elu. Elu raised one hand halting the magical blast right in front of him. And he did it so easily Thorn was shaken, it was only then he realized that Elu was the greater mage. The struggle to hold off the horde was a farce. Elu was just buying the pack time, and he wanted to see how powerful Thorn was. Elu reached out with his index finger touching the red ball of energy that hovered in front of him.   

Thorn’s wings opened flapping wildly to help him lift off the ground. Elu waited watching the general take flight rising into the night sky. Looking up at Thorn Elu released the ball of energy. It sped toward Thorn who was flying higher, his speed growing; but he wasn’t fast enough. The energy ball sped up catching him, he extended both hands summoning a protection spell, the ball of energy crashed through the spell striking Thorn turning him into tormented flames. With his wings burning he fell spiraling until he hit the ground heavily. Flames consumed him, smoke rose high from his body. Elu walked up to the burning corpse, Thorn never had a chance. 


The horde caught up to the pack they were so close to the river being only a half mile from it. The Dipur’ah knew that sheer numbers would overwhelm their enemy, that was why they were created; to overwhelm and kill they knew nothing else. Ongaro fought the urge to stop and fight, he knew it would be his undoing, the others also fought down this urge. The three warriors continued to run in a single file however they did not run anywhere near as fast as before. The grass was wet and slippery, and certain areas were deceptively shallow that could cause one to fall knee deep into water. The Dipur’ah did not seem to have the same problems traversing the wet lands. The horde seemed to skim over deep areas making constant continuous progression toward the pack. The front of the horde reached Be’loi first who was the last one in the line, he turned as he jogged seeing the demons running up behind him reaching out hungrily, screaming for his blood. Be’loi spun summoning his power staff and swung it around striking the first few Dipur’ah that caught up to him. His staff glowed as he struck them, each that was hit cried out their bodies changing to ash before falling to the ground. He turned back around and kept running, he knew not to stop and fight as much as he wanted to, the demons greatly outnumbered them. Be’loi came to the realization after seeing the great numbers of the Dipur’ah was like looking out over the ocean, Hu’Ru had experienced the horde first hand. He had already warned that the horde would overwhelm them as they did the other Kulu warriors of the past. Be’loi no longer questioned what Elu had told Ongaro. The pack of Kulu were great warriors, but the horde was in greater numbers. It was wiser to defend and run rather than to stand and fight and eventually be overun. 

“We have to make it to the river!” Ongaro yelled out.

“We will!” Be’loi yelled out in reply. He turned facing the demons who were now very close. His power staff began glowing fiercely, he raised it above his head. He brought the staff down striking the ground. The earth erupted into a large wave that moved toward the horde. Be’loi turned not waiting to admire his handy work, he knew that it was only something that he hoped slowed down the enemy. The horde did not flinch as the wave of earth came at them, many were scattered and lost while the vast majority of them continued to press on. The wave did minimal damage if even that as the demons picked up speed being right behind the pack again. Many leapt at Be’loi, he knew he had to stop momentarily to defend, there was no choice. Eyah leapt past him greeting the demons with his spear, it glowed intensely as he swung it about cutting down each demon that leapt forward turning them to ash. Ongaro stopped seeing that now both Be’loi and Eyah were locked in fierce battle with the horde, but he noticed how the waves of Dipur’ah began flooding around them in order to flank. He summoned his double short daggers.

“Come brothers the river is right there! Do not let them slow us! Fight to the river!” Ongaro called out. The horde rushed, their attack speed was no match for the pack who killed several Dipur’ah at a time as they rushed in as the packs agility was far superior. But the demons numbers were in their favor. Be’loi kept striking down demon after demon as the Dipur’ah advanced but he kept moving toward the river but slowly. Eyah kept slashing and thrusting his spear bringing down just as many demons, he too kept moving toward the river covering Be’loi’s back, but now they were starting to move at a snails pace. Ongaro fought to keep the demons from flanking but he knew soon that they would at the current speed they were moving, there was just too many of them and the horde kept advancing even faster. The pack would have to fight for every inch of the way to the Trinity River, they must not be overwhelmed. 


Pu’sotep stirred uncomfortably looking Hu’Ru over cautiously, he composed himself after the initial surprise of Hu’Ru’s appearance. 

“You come to me speaking the name of Eyahvah and professing to work in His name, the Holy Text warns true servants that demons and false followers also profess to serve the One True God in order to mislead.” Pu’sotep took a quick glance at the frozen frame of Ahnkuth before looking back at the mage. Hu’Ru locked eyes with the high priest.

“King Raies has imprisoned you here in hopes that you will become afraid and offer your support to the idol worshipers of Re and Luma. The king wishes to bring the true faith blending it with the worshipers of false gods. I am here to direct your next move to prevent that and more from happening.” Hu’Ru said.

“Any one who was there for my arrest would know this! And word travels fast among the guards, they gossip like wives with nothing better to do.” Pu’sotep said with caution, he did not know who Hu’Ru was and the use of his magic only made him that much more suspicious. Hu’Ru raised his hand white energy began emitting from it softly. 

“Can a demon of darkness produce the power of light?” Hu’Ru asked. Pu’sotep grabbed his garments close to him staring at Hu’Ru’s summoned magic, studying it closely before speaking. 

“The book of wisdom, chapter eight verse six.” Pu’sotep turned his back to Hu’Ru staring at the still figure of Ahnkuth to show he was not afraid. “Beware the demon that comes in a ray of light. For it comes to deceive and alter your path from the One True God.” 

Hu’Ru’s face began to frown, frustration set into his heart. With his hand he performed a gripping motion, Pu’sotep’s body responded to the action by becoming stiff as an invisible hand had now got hold of him. He gasped as Hu’Ru tightened his fingers then performed a twisting motion at his wrist which caused Pu’sotep to spin around on his feet. The high priests eyes were wide with fear as he gasped for air. “Eyahvah protect me!” He cried out. Hu’Ru opened his hand and directed his palm at Pu’sotep which caused the high priest to slam against the wall, he lost his breath. Hu’Ru walked up as he spoke, Pu’sotep was pinned against the wall.

“I do not know the holy text, common sense is all I need to serve the Eyahvah, but then again Eyahvah has a task for us both!” Hu’Ru stood close to Pu’sotep staring into his eyes the high priest gasped for air from the invisible pressure that kept him pinned, he fought down his fear the best he could. “It is your job to know scripture and to teach the Devine word to others helping those with true hearts guiding thier foot steps directing them from pit falls. But it is my job to directly confront the evil that you warn people to avoid!” Hu’Ru lowered his hand causing Pu’sotep to fall to the ground with a heavy thud, he turned walking away from him slowly. “When King Raies visits you in the morning tell him that the son of The Nameless One waits out on the Dav’n Sea to bring destruction on this land by way of flood. On the day your ultimatum that was given you by the king, that very night the statue of Luma will be under the sea! The palace of kings will crumble under the waves that reach as high as mountains! Tell the king to seek Eyahvah for forgiveness or this land will fall!” 

Hu’Ru disappeared, Pu’sotep stared a moment focusing making sure his eyes had not just played tricks with him before he looked down at the ground where the mage was last seen standing; he noticed a large bowl of fruit sitting there. Briefly he looked over at Ahnkuth who remained frozen. Pu’soteps stomach growled, he was reminded of his hunger. He crawled over smelling the fruit, was it real? The aroma filled his nostrils, he quickly began eating from the bowl. Once the last bit of fruit was gone the bowl disappeared just as Hu’Ru had, and once that happened the cell was filled with Ahkuth’s yelling. 

“Brought to ruins!” Ahnkuth finished the sentence. His eyes were trained on where Pu’sotep had been originally before Hu’Ru threw his body into suspended animation, but the high priest was not there. Ahnkuth looked down seeing the high priest crawl to the side of the wall and ball up against it turning his back to the politician. Ahnkuth was shocked once again. “You dare turn your back to me? Then lay on the cold floor and starve until morning!” 

“My God has already fed me, now it is time to rest.” Pu’sotep said while yawning, he kept his back turned to the politician. Seconds passed, the cell was filled with the sound of snoring. Ahnkuth stormed away from the cell totally disappointed and unsatisfied with his visit, nothing went as he planned.