The rainfall was so intense that it flooded areas creating massive puddles and great flows of water. Thorn truly had proven his worth. 

He had summoned the sentinel Orgah to bring down the pack, and he had created a torrential downpour to slow any who might try to escape the wrath of Orgah. The pack circled Orgah, it waited for their next attack remaining motionless. It was Eyah who lunged at the gigantic monster next. His spear was summoned glowing a blue magical energy around it. In a thrusting motion he tried stabbing the spear into the demonic hulk. But with each thrust Orgah blocked the spear tip by smacking it with its immense hands. Orgah matched Eyah’s thrusting speed, the attack wasn’t working. Zutsi’s sword was already summoned, he tried leaping onto Orgah but was grabbed mid air by the demon. Orgah started squeezing applying pressure to Zutsi’s mid section the sound of cracking bones could be heard as Zutsi cried out in pain. Blood began flowing from his mouth and nose. Lemangra saw his brother in pain like he never had and it sent great emotion through him. He ran forward at Orgah releasing arrow after arrow it the demons face. With its free hand Orgah smacked the arrows away with great ease. With Orgah distracted Be’loi leapt onto the demons back, he placed the center of his power staff at the front of Orgah’s neck then pulled back in an attempt to choke the demon. Orgah tossed Zutsi to the ground then reached above its head and grabbed Be’loi with both hands. Be’loi was grabbed and pulled forward slamming hard into the ground face first with a splash as he fell into a large puddle, he was unconscious. Lemangra circled the demon and continued to shoot arrows at it. Rainfall dropped down upon his face relentlessly but it did deter his accuracy, his arrows fought for their target and when they would strike they had no affect on the body of the creature, Lemangra noticed that Orgah only defended the arrows that were targeted at it’s face. That meant the face was a weakness. Now if only Lemangra could get just one arrow to strike its target. Eyah circled the opposite direction, some of his thrusts got through which meant the demon was more concerned about Lemangra’s arrows, this was good. Eyah looked up at the red glow on Orgah’s face, the demon brought down a hammer strike, Eyah rolled to the side avoiding the mighty fist. Eyah wiped the water from his face to no avail, the rain fall was in abundance. Orgah ran at Lemangra with frustration, it did not want to give the archer any more opportunities. Orgah reached out almost grabbing Lemangra who barely avoided the large hands by side stepping. Lemangra’s arrows persisted, the great demon raised his arm protecting his face. 

“Brother!” Eyah yelled. Lemangra saw Eyah motioning toward him. Lemangra circled toward Eyah, his arrows still flowing from his bow one after the other. Eyah side stepped the demon stabbing underneath its arm that was raised to protect its face from the onslaught of Lemangra’s arrows. Finally the demon grunted as if in pain and instinctively lowered its arm from Eyah’s spear thrust, Lemangra saw his opportunity. Releasing another arrow it shot with great speed hitting dead center of Orgah’s face. Orgah screamed so loud that the earth shook. Eyah leapt onto the demons knee using it to spring up as he thruster his spear into Orgah’s face were the arrow had struck. Orgah struck Eyah sending him onto his back, the spear disappeared from the demons face reappearing in Eyah’s hand who was already standing back up. Eyah was shaken but he was not injured. Sparks shot from Orgah’s face, it screamed being tormented before it fell face first to the ground. 

Ongaro ran up to Be’loi pulling him from the puddle to keep him from drowning then held his face upright to keep the rain from falling directly on it, he tapped Be’loi on the face.

“Brother wake up!” After a few taps Be’loi slowly opened his eyes. Be’loi shook his head coming to his senses. 

“The demon?” Be’loi asked. 

“Lemangra and Eyah brought it down.” 

Be’loi slowly sat up on his own accord, Ongaro looked up at the sky seeing that the rain slowed before stopping altogether. 

“The rain has stopped and the clouds are departing.” Ongaro commented. Be’loi noticed Lemnagra who had run over to Zutsi, Lemangra kneeled down pulling Zutsi close to him, blood was trickling from Zutsi’s mouth and nostrils, he looked weakly. 

“Are you ok my brother?” Lemangra asked concerned. Zutsi gave a weak smile before coughing, the look in his eyes said everything before he even spoke.

“I’ve been much better.” Zutsi’s smile left him, he looked Lemangra deeply in the face. “I’m not leaving Lions Ground with you, you do know this?” Lemangra lowered his head, tears began flowing from his eyes. Although the pack called one another brother, Zutsi and Lemangra were from the same kingdom, they had been very close and they truly felt like brothers for they grew up in families that were connected to one another. ”

Don’t say such things big brother, you will be fine.” Lemangra said before looking back up at Zutzi, he forced a sour smile. 

“It has been an honor serving with you, and the others. It is just a shame that I will not get to prove myself to Eyahvah as I planned.” Zutsi said with more coughs following. The others walked over to the two men standing around them, Eyah lowered his head. Lemangra looked over at Ongaro his eyes fumed.

“Why did you not help? You stood there just watching! This might not have happened to Zutsi if you had helped!” Lemangra said to Ongaro who lowered his head. Howls of demons interrupted the moment filling the air, the pack looked back where the howls had come from. Off in the distance coming down a hill was a flood of Dipur’ah running toward them. 

“How did they catch up so fast?” Lamamgra asked. 

“They must’ve gotten past Elu finally. We won’t be able to outrun them like we were before, the grasslands are flooded, it will impede our progress greatly.” Be’loi said. Lemangra looked down at Zutsi then over to Be’loi.

“We have to stand and fight, Zutsi is in no condition to run anyway even if we could!” Lemangra said almost desperately. Be’loi nodded in agreement.

“Yes we will stand our ground.” 

“Did we all forget what Elu said? To stand our ground means death for us all! If we all die then this mission fails, and if we fail, we fail the four kingdoms!” 

Zutsi struggled but finally stood. 

“Brother Ongaro is right. All of you should go. I will hold the horde back.” 

“But we won’t get very far! The Lions Ground is flooded! We’ll have to eventually stand our ground, we might as well do it now!” Lemangra said. Ongaro pointed south off into the distance. 

“Do you not hear the rush of the rapids from the rains?” 

“Your point?” Lemangra said defensively. 

“He wants us to make a run for the Southern Trinity River.” Be’loi said in realization. 

“Yes! And if we make it, we can let the current take us down, being immersed in water may not kill them but it at least will slow them as well!” Ongaro said. The horde drew nearer, Zutsi seemed to get a second wind as he looked at the Dipur’ah horde approach.

“Go brothers! Eyahvah smiles down upon me, this will be my redemption.” Zutsi said calmly. He then looked over at Ongaro. “Forgive me for making fun of you so much. There was never any cruel intent behind it. It was merely something I enjoyed doing.” Zutsi extended his hand to Ongaro who embraced it with his own, the two laughed a moment. A smile was shared between them. “Go…” Zutsi said with a smile. Ongaro nodded then took off running. Eyah walked up and smiled with a nod patting Zutsi on the shoulder he then ran off after Ongaro. Be’loi extended his hand and shook Zutsi’s.

“We will make it, your sacrifice will not be in vain brother!” Be’loi commented. 

“I will make sure that it won’t be.” Zutsi said with a smile. At that Be’loi ran to catch up with the others. Lemangra walked up his face determined.

“I will stay..” He said firmly.

“And for what reason? You can help the others more than helping an already dying man.” 

“Then let the brothers of Gham’ballah die together if that is what is meant!” Lamangra said tapping his chest with his fist.

“Do not be a fool! If you wish to honor me, do so by surviving! Make the journey and succeed!” Zutsi looked over Lemangra’s shoulder, the horde was much closer now. “Please go brother, let me collect my honor in peace!” 

Lemangra turned and faced the horde as they drew near, he summoned his bow drawing back an arrow. “Let us both find our peace together. Would you deny me this?” Lemangra said focusing on his first target. Zutsi frowned.

“I can not deny a fool his dying wish. Let us face what is to happen together then!” Zutsi said shaking his head. He brought his sword up in front of him defensively as the Depur’ah came at the two warriors. 
Ongaro knew that Lemangra would stay with Zutsi, they all knew. The horde of Dipur’ah rushed the two Kulu Warriors with numbers so great the flood of demonic bodies was all that could be seen after only seconds after initial contact.
Pu’sotep sat in a dark cell that was away from the other cells for prisoners of solitude confinement. King Raies wanted it this way so that no one could talk to the priest. He didn’t want any sympathizers for Pu’sotep, not with it being so close to the ceremony of Luma. Being in solitude also gave time for Pu’sotep time to think long and hard about what would happen if he failed to support the king, or so the king thought. The cell was very small only raising five feet, Pu’sotep was six feet four inches tall. From wall to wall it was no wider that it was tall. There was a small circular opening above him. Moonlight shone through the small eight inch wide area touching the floor of the cell. It had only been a few hours that Pu’sotep sat in his cell. He fought down the urge to feel desperate. He prayed contstantly to keep hos sanity.  Staring at the moonlight beam seemed peaceful and relaxing, a tired smile came to his face. 

“Eyahvah look over my family, and the other priests and their families. Protect them if it is your will…” He said softly staring upward. 

“Your prayer falls on deaf ears.” Ahnkuth said startling Pu’sotep who turned seeing the head of the politicians class standing in front of the bars opposite side of the priest, he was half covered in darkness of the lower levels of the dungeon, the flame from the torch that sat on the wall nearby flickered revealing portions of his body and face with reddish orange hue. His arms were crossed, joy filled his eyes to see Pu’sotep a prisoner. 

“Even as I sit in this cell my God nourishes my soul.” Pu’sotep said calmly. 

“Nourishes you with what? I see no food at your feet. And King Raies ordered no food be brought to you until the morning. Do you eat pure air? Is that what your God feeds to you?” He laughed mockingly. Pu’sotep raised his head proudly staring into Ahnkuth’s eyes with his own.

“The soul does not need to eat. You speak of the flesh. The flesh is always weak, but with the guidance of Eyahvah my soul shall endure.” Pu’sotep’s voice was strong as he spoke with conviction, so much in fact that it surprised Ahnkuth. He had hoped to see a broken priest when he visited the cell but he did not. Instead he saw a man more strengthened by imprisonment, this angered him.

“Did your God protect the two priests that King Raies had killed at your temple? Did Eyahvah open the heavens and strike down the soldiers that took you from the temple by force and threw you into this cell?” Ahnkuth snickered. “Yet you ask a God that could not save your priests or you to protect your family?” 

“If it is His will…” Pu’sotep said with conviction. Ahnkuth came close to the cell grabbing the bars firmly, he pressed his face against them staring at the high priest. 

“You are no better than the worshipers of Re and Luma. You both worship emptiness! And you will see in several days time when you, your family, your priests and their families, and you so called holy temple is…” Ahnkuth’s words stopped instantly catching Pu’soteps attention. The high priest stared into Ahnkuth’s eyes, something wasn’t right. The expression on the politicians face was frozen, down to the mouth that was pulled back showing his teeth. Pu’sotep made his way cautiously over to the bars of the cell staring intently at Ahnkuth’s face. Upon closer inspection he saw that the politicians tongue was also frozen stuck in the exact motion of speech. The high priest touched Ahnkuth’s face with his finger gently stabbing at his cheek. There was no reaction. 

“He is in suspended animation high priest, do not be startled.” Hu’Ru said standing behind Pu’sotep. The high priest spun around quickly slight fear taking him by the sudden surprise catching him off guard. 

“Who are you?” He asked. Hu’Ru smiled. 

“I am Hu’Ru. Mage of the Ki Citadel of the island of Vorh’Du. I also worship the One True God, for it was He who has sent me.”