The sun had not yet begun to rise yet Ongaro was already up. He sat perched on a large rock that overlooked a part of the Jingo forest. It was peaceful, no one speaking down on him, no one calling him baby face, it was just him with his thoughts. He knew that this might be the final peaceful moment for some time until after the treacherous journey that lie ahead. He was able to reflect on his life, something that he never did anymore. He was so devoted to the oath he forced down the feeling of looking back. But now that he had he could hear the sound of his mothers voice calling out to him from the house when he would be out in the fields tending to the sheep. He could hear his father reading from the holy scrolls and giving him fatherly advice. They had been long dead and only now did it tear at his heart when he realized it. He remembered when the grand mage Ta’Ru came to their hut and said that Ongaro had been chosen to be one of the Kulu. Ongaro’s parents were so proud he did not want to disappoint them. There was little time to think about the outcome. It all happened so quickly. One minute Ta’Ru was at their doorstep, the next Ongaro was on a ship headed to Vorh’Du, then in the next he was being baptized by magical energy followed by magic and warrior training that took up all of his time during the day. There was only enough free time to sleep, nothing more. His life was devoted to being a Kulu he had never known love, he would never have a family of his own. The others in the pack were all widowed with no children and Ongaro wondered if that was why they were chosen. When they were selected they at least got to know what it was like to be in love. Ongaro never realized how much he resented the fact that he was never allowed to have a life.”P’kallah Mtusella…” said Elu who was standing right beside where Ongaro was sitting, Ongaro hadn’t even heard Elu approach. He startled Ongaro who stood up quickly dusting off his legs as he composed himself.

“What did you say?” Ongaro said puzzled. He had never heard a different language before, all four kingdoms might have had their own slangs and dialect, but they all spoke the same language. Elu pointed to the east, the sun was slowly rising in the distance.

“P’kallah Mtusella?” Elu said again motioning to the scenery in front of him. Ongaro shook his head. He did not understand anything Elu was saying, and the small clicking sound that Elu made as he spoke was a distraction.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.” Ongaro said motioning with his hands to show his confusion. Elu smiled and with a wave of his hand Ongaro’s vision blurred briefly. The sound of words flooded his mind, he staggered feeling slightly dizzy, Ongaro closed his eyes to keep from filling faint. At first the words made no sense that came to him, it was an entire language that was flooding his mind. And within an instant the voice hushed. Ongaro opened his eyes taking a deep breath, Elu stood smiling at him. Elu then pointed out to the horizon once more. 

“It is beautiful is it not?” Elu said. Ongaro was shocked.

“What?” Ongaro said dazed. Elu looked out on the horizon.

“The sun is slowly rising, you can barely see the tip and yet it is beautiful to watch.” Elu said. He stood for a few minutes looking over the horizon, Ongaro remained silent not sure what to say. Elu finally turned around and started walking away. “The others are up now, let us go. We have a long journey ahead us.”  

Ongaro watched Elu walk off down the trail toward the encampment unsure of what just happened, but he was sure something just did. When he saw Elu blend into the bush he realized that he needed to catch up. He ran after Elu trying to catch up but could not see Elu anywhere. He picked up speed pushing through the bushes until he broke through to the camp where the pack was now up and preparing to leave. Lamangra was the first to see Ongaro.

“You are back now cub? Good. It is time to prepare for our journey.” Lamangra said scoldingly. Elu walked from the brush behind Ongaro who was startled, how did he beat him to the camp when he was ahead of him? 

“There is no need to pack anything, all you will need to bring is yourselves.” Elu said walking through the middle of the camp. 

“What is he saying? I do not understand him.” Be’loi said confused. Ongaro looked as surprised as Be’loi. 

“I have heard that the bushmen speak the first language, it is ancient.” Zutsi said. 

“Just great, how will we understand what he says?” Be’loi said irritated.  

“Elu said not to pack anything, to just bring yourselves, nothing else is needed.” Ongaro replied. Everyone looked at him wondering if he was making it up. 

“Let’s go!” Elu said but continued to walk away. The pack looked at Elu as he walked, Ongaro then walked through them.

“He said let’s go. You might want to start moving he is easy to lose.” Ongaro picked up his pace, the others had a quizzical stare save for Eyah who quickly walked to catch up to Ongaro.  


The wind was gentle, the waves only slightly difficult to traverse the sea water. The moon was full shining down on the Dav’n Sea it’s reflection bouncing off the surface. Hu’Ru rented a small fishing vessel from a T’oku fisherman who was quite surprised that Hu’Ru needed no crew. Hu’Ru cast a forgetting spell so that the fisherman would forget that he was ever there. He wanted to stay unnoticed. He stood looking further out to sea as the oars rowed by themselves urged on by an enchantment spell from Hu’Ru. The ship had been rowing for hours, and Hu’Ru’s gaze had been fixed in the same direction for just as long. Finally he could visibly see what he had been sensing. At first it was just a dot but as the ship rowed closer a man in a black large hooded robe sat on a rock that rose up from the ocean, he was cross legged with both hands resting on his legs. Great power of a sinister nature radiated from the figure that rested on the rock, so much in fact Hu’Ru knew he could not defeat him. But he knew had had to investigate, he had the spell of concealment over him and the ship he was not worried he’d be found out. The spell worked quite well against the Nameless One, it would work just fine against his lackey. Hu’Ru waved his hand once causing the oars to stop allowing the ship to coast closer to the robed figure. Once he was close enough Hu’Ru extended both arms while closing his eyes, he would need to deeply focus in order to read the robed figures mind. 

“I sense you are here mage, hiding behind your spell…” The robed figure said his voice was deep and foreboding, Hu’Ru opened his eyes quickly surprised that the robed figure could feel that he was there, the concealment spell was powerful, nothing could penetrate it to any extent or so Hu’Ru thought, how could he? “Reveal yourself, I am not here for you, I am here to bring an end to T’oku at the appointed time.” The robed figure said, he remained seated. Hu’Ru felt it best to remain concealed even if the robed demon could sense him he would still be a far harder target to attack if he were hard to find. 

“Who are you? Who has sent you to do away with T’oku?” Hu’Ru asked. 

“Who am I?” The robed figure said with hearty laughter. “Do you know the Sacred Scrolls well mage? Can you recall the book of sorrows?” The figure asked, only the bottom of his mouth was visible from his hood. Hu’Ru did not answer. “Let me quote from the Holy Text maybe you know the verse.” He paused before he spoke again. “And she began to remorse in the pleasure she came to enjoy with the Nameless One knowing only now the true evil that he was. She fled the mountains leaving her child behind. Do you know that verse mage? I was that child.”

It was then Hu’Ru knew who the robed figure was, his eyes widened with that realization.

“Boka…?” Hu’Ru uttered not even realizing that he spoke, Boka nodded his head in agreement upon hearing his name his mouth curled into a smile.

“Yes… Boka.” He slowly stood. “My father brought me up and trained me well after my mother abandoned me. I have been blessed with dark power. No one, not even you Hu’Ru, can come against my power!” 

Hu’Ru was surprised to hear Boka say his name but he kept his composure. “If it is Eyahvah’s will then I shall come against you if you attempt to set foot on land!” Hu’Ru said at which point Boka laughed again.

“I will not set foot in T’oku, my father has other plans for them! In six days I will unleash a great tidal wave on the kingdom that will cleanse the land! Tell the people, tell King Muab Raies that the kingdom will come to an end! Nothing will stop this! Not even you!” Boka raised his head the moonlight showed half of his face, his eyes burned white hot. Boka raised his left hand, instantly Hu’Ru felt the dark power all around him. “Ah… there you are!” Boke said turning in the direction Hu’Ru’s ship was. 

“By Eyahvah!” Hu’Ru cried out. It was at this time Boka’s hand glowed red before demonic energy flew from it, Hu’Ru raised his hand creating a shield in front of him. Hu’Ru was pushed back from the blunt force of Boka’s attack, the ship was rocked back and forth; the waves splashed into the ship. 

“You truly did not come here prepared did you?” Boka said extending one hand releasing a fury of fire from his hand as he started to walk across the water toward the ship. The flames raced toward the ship as Hu’Ru summoned a deflection spell. When the flames reached him they pushed through unaffected by his spell burning his hands and reaching up his arms consuming the sleeves on his robe. He cried out in pain as he called forth a regenerative spell that would ease the pain on his arms and hands. Boka was approaching, Hu’Ru knew it was not the time for an all out battle with Boka, he knew he would not win; he was not ready. 

Hu’Ru unleashed an all out assault with white energy flowing from his hands shooting at Boka who raised his hand easily defending against the attack. Boka continued to press forward with ease. Before Boka got any closer Hu’Ru raised both arms and in a single explosion black birds by the thousands flew into the sky and at Boka who dispatched them with more flame that came from his hand. Boka watched the birds fly high into the night sky then brought his attention back to the ship seeing that Hu’Ru was gone at which point he looked back up at the countless birds that filled the sky. He began laughing. 

“Go coward! Tell them death comes!” Boka yelled out. He knew one of the black birds was actually Hu’Ru, but he wanted Hu’Ru to escape and tell what he had witnessed so that they all knew there was no hope. Boka smiled walking to the rock then sat back down crossing his legs patiently waiting for his fathers orders.