This is the book of sorrows, the first book of the Holy Text, from the book of ages. The book of sorrows is about the creation of Adehm and Ev and their eventual fall from the face of Eyahvah, and their struggles that came after. We will skip to the ninth chapter verse one through six:

1 And Adehm grew resentful of his wife blaming her for her deeds, failing to see his own faults and actions that helped cause their eviction from Edn. All things became a struggle as Eyahvah predicted if they partook from the tree of knowledge, Adehm toiled in the fields his fingers bleeding. And whenever he saw Eve he would say “For all of these things that is brought against us; all of these hardships are because of your sin!” Yet Adehm failed to see his own sin. And once his favored son Ah’bel was killed by Kain Adehm’s heart became hardened even more toward his wife. Adehm went with great rage to Ev and said “Leave this house and take your curse with you!” At that Adehm cast Ev out of his household. 2 And Ev feel deep into depression no longer feeling loved or wanted. “Eyahvah has surely left me, just as my husband. Let me no longer eat nor drink. I will walk until death has come. She had wandered for many days uncaring for the will to live until a handsome traveler crossed her path. The traveler looked at Ev with pity seeing her struggle. “Why do you cry out to death when life is worth living?” The traveler asked, for he felt great compassion for her torment. 3 Ev dropped to her knees crying out “I have brought sin into the world, strike me down and kill me for the sin that is within you I am it’s creator as surely as Eyahvah created me!” Upon realizing what Ev was saying he knew that the woman who was before him was the mother of all men. He reached out to her dropping to his knees embracing her saying “Did Adehm not partake in your sin? For if you sinned did he not contribute? It is said that Eyahvah cursed two, not one.” And he held her until she could no longer cry out. “What man could be such a fool to ever cast you out? Of all women are you not the most beautiful?” At that the traveler revealed himself as the second son of Eyahvah, the Nameless One who had come to Ev and her husband in the garden tempting them. 4 “Come let me take you up into the place of my dwelling for like you I have been cast out. Let us find comfort in one another” And at that the Nameless One took Ev to his place of dwelling high in the mountains and they had relations. Ev became pregnant and in nine months time gave birth to a son. The Nameless One looked down upon his son saying “You will have a fire in your heart like me resenting mankind and Eyahvah, you are my spawn! You shall be my hand of death that strikes! This is why I shall name you Boka!” 5 And when Ev looked into the eyes of her newborn she saw the true evil that he was. Ev began to remorse in the pleasure she came to enjoy with the Nameless One knowing only now the true evil that he was. She fled the mountains leaving her child behind. 6 And in time Adehm found her for he had been searching for her. His heart full of guilt for what he had done. And he took his wife home.