The kingdom of T’oku flourished once again, but it was only a minority who gave praise to Eyahvah for the great fortune of the kingdom. Instead a cult that had thrived over the past one hundred years spreading across the land even affecting the current king. The cult was of the lion god and goddess Re and Luma. Re was the god protector or warriors. Luma was believed to be a human woman from the earlier days of man who mated with the lion god Re. Re gave Luma the ability to shift between human form and lioness. She was known by those who worshipped her as the the goddess of abundance. Small statues were created of them both and worshipers placed the small statues in their homes in order toreceive thier blessings. Re was formed with the body of a man and the head of a lion. Luma always had the shape of a female lion but head of a woman. With King Muab’s Raies blessing and financial aid the great statue of Luma was built in the north of T’oku near the Palace of Kings, it had taken two seasons to complete the huge statue. The priests of the temple of Eyahvah warned against building the statue and against idol worship and prayer to false gods, but the cult continued to grow in popularity. There was much excitement in the kingdom for in one week a celebration to unveil the statue would occur. Pu’sotep the head priest of the temple of Eyahvah walked with a heavy mind as he strolled down the palace corridors. He had been summoned by King Muab Raies and he knew very well why. He walked past a heavily guarded door into the chamber of wisdom, a place where the king and high officials gathered to speak on matters of the kingdom. No one outside the 10 classes were allowed to set foot inside the chamber. And only one representative from each class was allowed in, they would be the heads of their respective groups. The classes worked so well in T’oku all the other kingdoms followed suit.  The ten classes are:

The King- the highest of all classes, the grand ruler.

The Kings advisor- the second highest class and although there is only three advisors the families of the kings advisor are also treated with the same level of respect and even fear.

The Holy Class- the only ones allowed to teach from the Holy Scrolls or to even touch or hold the great book of ages. Sought out for spiritual knowledge and even advice which is sometimes preferred by the king himself. Keepers of the temple of Eyahvah. The holy class used to hold even greater power until several hundred years ago King Ohm decreed that one class should not hold so much power so the politician class was created to spread some of that power out. Because of this the holy class and the politicians class resent one another greatly.

The Politician Class- they help the King create laws, and help the king with matters of war and finance. They are also the only class besides the kings adviser to be able to approach the king with new laws that might be good for the people and the kingdom.

The Judges Class- they enforce the laws of the king, kings advisers, and politicians. So that the king is not overwhelmed judges are also given power to judge any issue that the king is not either in the mood for, or has no to time to oversee. The kings adviser oversees the Judges. 

The Philosophers Class- they are the teachers of the common wealth in the ways of mathematics, and common sense living, and they are to push their students to expanding their minds to learning all that is possible.

The Warrior Class- not to be mistaken as a common soldier, all are officers bred for military leadership. They are the elite. It is this class who oversees the armies of the king in his name, and under his instruction. They are the weaker ordinary brand of Kulu and not to be mistaken as a true Kulu.

Agriculture Class- they are the farmers. This class is the only class allowed to grow food and sell it to the kingdom’s people. This class also consists of chefs who cook for the king. They also are the ones who open inns and restaurants.

Inventors Class- this class is responsible for making the kingdoms way of life better. And for creating newer better arrows or swords for the kings army, or any weapon that can benefit the kings army . Blacksmiths also are part of this class obviously.

Historian Class- they keep track and record all history down through the ages. Awhile back history was kept and passed down by word of mouth, but then paper was created and ink. The warrior class protect the archives that have been written by the historian class. 

The hall that Pu’sotep walked into had vaulted ceilings that arced upward into a pyramid. A grand painting was on the ceiling with the ten classes of T’oku working together harmoniously. This was not actually the case however. King Muab Raies sat on a throne that was placed on top of three flights of golden stairs his advisor Nimān Pynu stood at his right side, a golden table was arced from one side of the throne to the other with an opening near the entrance of the chamber of wisdom where Pu’sotep had just entered. A smaller throne like chair was placed around the horseshoe shaped table numbering nine chairs, and within those nine chairs sat the heads of the classes of T’oku save for the empty chair that was to the right of King Muab Raies. That chair was reserved for the head of the holy class, and Pu’sotep had just entered the chamber. The room was filled with raised voices, the classes had been bickering over something before Pu’sotep had gotten there, but he cared little for what the subject was, the classes mainly fought for better position or wealth in the kingdom that was all. Ahnkuth the head of the politicians class sat at the left side of the kings throne, his eyes stayed locked on Pu’sotep as the priest made his way to his chair. Ahnkuth waited until Pu’sotep sat down before he spoke.

“The king has been requesting your presence for some time, you have kept him waiting. Did you somehow forget that this meeting was scheduled?” Ahnkuth said slyly, the room silenced sensing Ahnkuth going for the jugular. He said it so calmly it almost didn’t seem like an insult. Pu’sotep did not even seem to notice, he was focused on why he was summoned to begin with. He was fully aware of the scheduled assembly today but he would just pretend that he’d forgotten although how foolishly that sounded. King Raies was not interested in Ahnkuth’s banter today, he had more pressing matters on his mind.

 The king was a handsome man with striking features. He was very muscular which was odd for a king. Most kings did not train the way Muab did to keep himself in shape, he also kept himself skilled in the arts of war. He was shirtless wearing a white pair of silk pants and slippers. Upon his head was the red turban of the royal family of Raies. A name that was now considered a name of prestige for the past one hundred years. It was decided long ago that the royal family would carry down from generation, to generation a name that would forever stand and represent them. Raies in the native language of Eyahvah Shi in all the four kingdoms meant “From heaven”. It became more of a devine name than just a ordinary name. Unlike kings long before Muab who were humble and listened to the people and followed the law of Eyahvah; he was arrogant and selfish and followed his own law. He only did things in the kingdom to glorify himself. He could care less about the god Re or Luma because he felt that he himself was a god and he was far too wise to everbelieve in supertition, and to King Raies he felt religion was merely superstition. But to gain favor and great fame he had a grand statue of Re built in the valley of kings, and then started construction two years ago on a grand statue of Luma not far from the Palace of Kings. Muab looked down from his throne at Pu’sotep. Pu’sotep adjusted himself in his seat not feeling the slightest bit intimidated but he did not want to convey that through his body language. He looked up with humility at the king. The room instantly hushed knowing that soon the king would speak.

“I want the blessing of the temple at the unveiling of the statue of Luma. It will bring together the followers of Eyahvah, and the followers of Re and Luma. In this there will be a unified T’oku.” The king said calmly. The room filled with cheers. Ahnkuth rose his hand in a sign that he wished to speak, the room fell silent once more. He made sure to keep his eyes transfixed on Pu’sotep.

“King Raies is wise in his decision, it is time that the people become unified by blending the two largest religions! To have the blessing of the temple of Eyahvah would be a gesture of good faith to the king and what he is trying to accomplish, would it not Pu’sotep?” Ahnkuth said waiting for a response with a wicked grin, the other classes mumbled and nodded in agreement. Pu’sotep did not look at Ahnkuth at all, he kept his eyes on the king.

“Please forgive me my King, but I could not dare taint the true faith with such idol worshipers such as those of the temple of Re and Luma. When the statue of Re was built further south in the valley of Kings I greatly appriciated that you did not involve me. I would humbly ask King Raies that you not involve me with this new venture as well.” Pu’sotep was interrupted by Nūnkara the head of the agriculture class, he stood up angry pointing a finger at Pu’sotep.

“Do not speak against the god and goddess! They will punish you!” Nūnkara yelled, his voice echoing through the chamber, it was obvious he was a follower of Re and Luma. Pu’sotep was calm.

“I serve Eyahvah, I fear no other lesser gods.” Pu’sotep said calmly as he addressed Nūnkara who became so infuriated that he started to walk around the table rushing toward Pu’sotep who remained seated. Ahnkuth was greatly amused.

“Be seated!” King Raies said in a raised voice that caught Nūnkara by surprise making him flinch. After the initial shock her walked back to his seat but continued to stare at Pu’sotep with murderous eyes while gritting his teeth.

“You have caused disorder in the chamber of wisdom! How dare…!” Ahnkuth was interrupted by King Raies in mid sentence.

“Enough of your slick words today Ahnkuth! Out of all in this room Pu’sotep is the only one who has never caused disorder!” The king said irritated. He usually allowed bickering between the classes to make them feel as if they got each others points across. And he allowed Ahnkuth to pick with various classes just to keep them on their toes, but today the kings focus was on getting Pu’sotep on his side. He knew the importance of having the high priest at the opening ceremony of the unveiling of the statue to the people. Although many had become worshipers of Re and Luma, even they still respected and even feared Pu’sotep. To have Pu’sotep giving his blessing on the statue would be what the king felt his kingdom needed, but more so because the people would see that it was he who brought together the wroshippers of Eayahvah, and the worshippers of Re and Luma. The king was displeased greatly with Pu’sotep’s stubborn attitude but King Raies did not show it, instead he smiled. “I want you to free yourself from todays chamber meeting Pu’sotep so that your mind is clear and relaxed when we talk later.” He extended his arm waving Pu’sotep off giving him the permission to leave. The high priest stood and slightly bowed before leaving the chamber hall without even looking back. King Raies studied Pu’sotep as he walked out of the hall. Ahnkuth was most unpleased, King Raies saw the politicians scowl.

“Why do you sulk like a child politician?” The king asked. Ahnkuth erased his negative facial expression before looking up at the king.

“The priest was bold to speak against you, a powerful king from the devine line of Raies! It boils me to see him so proudly defy you oh lord!” Ahnkuth made sure to choose his words, words that would evoke suspicion. The king was no fool, he knew what Ahnkuth was trying to do. 

“Calm yourself, for it is beyond you to know my workings. All will be as it should be.” King Raies said cooly while rubbing hos chin. It was then King Raies stood up and at which time all of the classes stood with him and bowed to him. The king then directed his attention to his advisor. “Nimān, preside over this meeting in my name, I have other things that press my attention.” 

Nimān Pynu bowed lowly as the king walked past exiting through a door that was behind the throne meant only for him. Ahnkuth’s mind was focused on how to deal with Pu’sotep instead of the kings exit. Ahnkuth could see that Pu’sotep still had much authority with the king, but he did not understand why. Had any other class defied him, King Raies would have had them stoned to death without pause. Ahnkuth’s mind started to work, surely there was a way to bring the high priest down.