Above is the world map from which the story Eyahvah Shi Chronicles takes place. An ancient world that exisited seven thousand years before Egypt, the T’oku are the builders of the Sphinx in my world. Since it is an anceint land placed in ancient Africa (Eyahvah Shi) will have areas flooded in. Feel free to compare the modern day map of Africa and the Middle East with the Eyahvah Shi map. Of course at this time Europe did not exist. It was too cold and considered a place not habital for humans due to the colder weather. The name Eyahvah Shi comes from the ancient tongue meaning “Gods Land”

 Eyahvah: God 

Shi: Land. 

This story reflects how racist people can be, and or judgemental. It also shows how people can overcome it and work together. You will also see how the wealthy and religions play a big part in controlling the people as well as governments. (No I am not anti God or anti Christian but I do see how things are used to manipulate the people) Hope you enjoy the story when it starts posting. Feel free to look the map over.