It is nightfall, the sound of the waves from the Ravvah Sea crashing against the shores of Vor’Du echo through the tunnels of the Ki Citadel. The wind blows abnormally strong causing Hu’Ru to grip his robe tighter for warmth. The stars brightly flicker with the moon shining it’s lunar rays down to the ground below. The hallway was high above the ocean and was open on both sides with a roof that traced all the way down to the main hall. On any given day one could stand in the hallway and have a pleasant view of the sea. Hu’Ru’s sandals could be heard skidding across the concrete floor with every other step. His eyes showed concern, something troubled him. The wind slowed and softened being barely recognizable, Hu’Ru stopped bringing his attention to the sea, the waves had also stopped crashing, the water went still. Dark clouds slowly rolled in blocking out the bright stars in the night sky as the clouds made their way towards the citadel. Hu’Ru walked to the side of the hall gripping the support banner firmly, his eyes fixed on the approaching dark cloud that blotted out the night sky illuminations. “By the Prophets!” He said under his breath. He turned and started walking faster as the clouds came closer and ever closer. He finally neared the door to the main hall. Walking in he shut the door behind him then waved his hand once creating a barrier spell of protection around the entire building. The main hall had vaulted ceilings raising thirty feet into the air, it was the shape of a large pillar with small circular windows placed so many feet apart at the very top near the cieling. It was where the moonlight shone through. Candles were placed all about the room they quickly flickered then were snuffed out. The moonlight shone through the windows high about the great hall before the entire room went pitch black, the dark clouds had reached the citadel. Hu’Ru kept his attention above him for a moment.

“Evil has finally come to our doorstep!” Ta’Ru said as he came through a side door calmly from another part of the citadel, he raised one hand and with a flick of his wrist the candles in the room lit up again. Hu’Ru looked at his brother.

“They plan to kill us thinking it will leave the four kingdoms defenseless.” Hu’Ru said firmly.”

“Then our adversary is more of a fool than I thought.” Ta’Ru replied. Hu’Ru walked up beside his brother placing one hand upon Ta’Ru’s shoulder.

“Yes, to ever think the sons of Ru’Ka were easy prey is truly a foolish idea! Together we will show this demon what it means to underestimate!”

The candles flickered as if some invisible force attempted to blow them out. It only served to enrage Ta’Ru.

“Stop with the parlor tricks demon and show yourself! Ta’Ru and Ha’Ru stand before you!” Ta’Ru yelled out while looking at the ceiling. The candles stopped flickering then calmed. The two brother waited for a response as their attention was above them. Minutes pass with no sound, the brothers patiently wait. The black cloud that was outside blocking all light started to filter its way through the windows above until the ceiling was full of it. The room instantly became cold and fog could be seen coming from both Ta’Ru and Hu’Ru’s nostrils and mouths.

“I know who you are!” A harsh raspy voice said from above coming from the black cloud. “You are the sons of Ru’Ka. And Ru’Ka was the son of Ka’Maan. And Ka’Maan was the son of Maan Sebú and so on. A name is just a name, and I have been here long before the first names given to men.”

Ta’Ru and his brother were not shaken. “We know who you are, and what you wish to do! You speak the names of our ancestors yet you have no name! You have always had your eyes set upon mankind! To dominate and destroy us! But by Eyahvah you will fail!” Ta’Ru yelled upward.

“You are certain that I shall fail?” The dark voice spoke.

“You do not stand before us because you are imprisoned far to the North in the forbidden lands. Your voice may project here but you are there. The demons you sent long ago were defeated! You will always fail prisoner of the North!”

“I see…” said the dark voice. The black cloud fanned out from the top of the ceiling leaving the way it came in. The voice was now heard from outside. “Mankind has lost faith in Eyahvah, they have the gods of greed that they follow now. The time has come of testing. My prison weakens with each passing hour, and in time my full wrath will be lest loose on the four kingdoms! But until then they will come to know fear in other ways. My hand will stretch far from my prison, my spawn will taint the lands of man ushering in a renewed fear of what is to come! Let me show you the start of this!” The dark voice faded away bringing silence. The unnatural sound of hissing followed by agitated clicking was heard just outside the hall. It was in multitudes making Tu’Ru and Hu’Ru fully aware that whatever was outside, it was many of them. The scratching of claws could be heard making their way up along the outside of the pillar. The first demon crawled through the window dropping down to the floor with a soft thud almost silently before springing up quickly. It stood showing it’s charred flaky yellowish skin, eyes deep set and glowing red. It’s frame was thin and frail looking, but the brothers knew after watching it land from such a height the demon was no weakling. It was naked and in the form of a man but had no genitals to show male or female. It had tiny claws that slightly protruded from large hands. Hu’Ru kept his gaze upward waiting for the others to join, Ta’Ru was focused on the demon in front of them.

“Dipur’ah!” Ta’Ru said in disgust. The Dipur’ah laughed mockingly and was not in the slightest insulted for the word Dipur’ah in the native tongue meant a dark vile killer of the supernatural form. The smile wiped from the demons face followed by a scowl as it spit at Ta’Ru. The saliva was yellow in color but a thick gooey substance that seemed to hold weight as it traveled in the air. Ta’Ru barely got his hand up in time as he called forth a deflection spell. The spell deflected the saliva but in doing so the saliva splattered causing some to touch Ta’Ru’s face. Upon impact the saliva sizzled and burned his skin where it touched. He brought up both hands seeing the Dipur’ah hungrily leaping down from above in vast numbers. Blue lighting streaked forth from Ta’Ru’s fingers spreading across the room striking the countless demons turning them to ash. But so many more filled the holes of the windows falling like rain down upon them. Hu’Ru raised his hands just in time to create an invisible barrier of protection. For every ten that Ta’Ru destroyed fifty more demons would fall through the windows above them. Soon the room was an orgy of demons bearing down on the barrier Hu’Ru had created. Hu’Ru grunted upon feeling a crushing sensation all around him from outside the barrier, it was not the weight of the demons who pounced on it, no this was something more.

“The Nameless One has cast a crushing spell around us! Between that and the demons attacking my barrier I fear it will tax me most certainly!” Hu’Ru said urgently, sweat was heavy upon his brow dripping from his thick dark eyebrows. Ta’Ru kept the lighting busy from his finger tips but to no avail, sheer numbers were also draining his power. That was when he sensed something more.

“The demon master has cast two spells. The crushing spell, and a magic draining spell! We have sorely underestimated our foe!” Ta’Ru said anxiously. The air became thinner then pulled away before crashing back at the two mages like a powerful wave, Hu’Ru almost dropped to one knee from the force that pressed against his protection barrier, his breath was briefly taken from the crushing sensation around him. It was then he knew how dire their situation was. The Nameless One was far more powerful than Ta’Ru or Hu’Ru thought. They both thought the prison that held him also kept him weak, this used to be so, but no longer. Ta’Ru called back his lighting to save his energy and magic, it was futile to keep destroying the demons, it only served to drain him more. Ta’Ru looked at his brother with a look of finality, Hu’Ru gave the same look back to let his brother know he was in the same frame of mind. A bright light emitted from Ta’Ru engulfing the entire room causing an explosion so massive that is could be seen by sailors from Zhannu who were on a night fishing excursion miles out on the sea of Ravvah beyond the island of Vorh’Du where the citadel of Ki was built. Smoke billowed from it’s remains as the citadel was consumed by fire.