We are planning to move soon so as I was packing I came across an old story that I wrote years back. Made an entire language, maps you name it. The short stories starting with “A mothers love” and “Not so evil” are part of that book, but at the start of it, those stories are part of the blog: Tales of T’oku. The Eyavah Shi chronicles take place after the albino King Ma’i, long after. Before I’d stop blogging a story if I didn’t get enough likes and so on. For this story I don’t care who likes it or not. It is for my daughter to read (who has a blog connected to this) and enjoy if she feels it is that good to her. If others enjoy it, thank you in advanced. I put a lot into this story back then and hope to tell it in a refreshed manner. A map will be posted after this post to give one an idea of the lands of where this story takes place. I will be reading along from the story I wrote on paper and typing it to this blog.