Shadow Strike ran along the top of apartment building roofs silently, his footsteps could not be heard as he moved with considerable speed. And when he got to one area where the building was further away he leapt and smoothly floated across in a straight line softly landing on the next roof not even skipping a beat remaining silent. He was nearing the warehouse district, his first much higher building approached, it was a building that was used to store the containers that ships would store their wares in upon docking. Looking up he leaped into the night sky flying up to the warehouse roof landing without sound. He slowly walked to the edge taking in the view of the Southern docks. He hadn’t even started to sweat or breath laborously, he was impressed with himself, before the nanites triggered he was a skinny Asian kid that was picked on by the jocks at school. To be this fast, to move as he did when before he couldn’t make the football, basketball, track, or wrestling team because of his lack of physical prowess was truly liberating.  He spotted a small group of criminals standing at the end of the dock. Word had scanned his newly upgraded radio that Shadow Strike rigged personally and came across a conversation on a cell earlier in the day that had been rigged to block it’s transmission from goverment agencies that also made it untraceable which was against the law. Chayne knew it had to be activity from the Lords of War, or so he had hoped. Shadow Strike stood in his outfit of choice, a ninja uniform that he ordered off the internet, he wasn’t worried that anyone would consider it out of the ordinary since so many people ordered ninja uniforms online for costume parties. He didn’t want anything too fancy, this uniform was perfect. It was the embodiment of Shadow Strike, his alter ego, the hero of Bay City. It was dark out but Shadow Strikes eyes easily adjusted making the criminals that he detected visible at the harbor dock. 

“I see them Word.” He said keeping his eyes locked on his targets, he slightly cringed at hearing him say Word, he would just have to get used to the code name Rayvon chose although he felt it was stupid, but then again Rayvon thought that Shadow Strike was a generic name.

 “Good job.” He said surveying the area. 

“I’m getting radio communication between the guys on the docks and an approaching boat.” On cue as Word was speaking Shadow Strike eyed the boat further out and was watching it make it’s way in to the dock where the thugs waited, he’d ready seen it further out before Word brought it to his attention. “Hey someone on that boat is a higher up in the syndicate, the leader I think, I heard one of the guys at the dock call him boss! The leader of The Lords of War is on that boat! Dude if you take the boss down the city would be kissing your butt!” Word exclaimed excitedly. Shadow Strike nodded his head in agreement but remained silent. He knew what Word just said was correct, but he was focused on the now, the task that would make his name known to Bay City. Tonight he would make a name for himself, other heroes would have to take notice across the globe after this. 

He silently made his way closer landing on a shipping container close to the thugs. He unsheathed a metal staff that was the shape of a ninja sword that was on his back, but it did not have a blade. It was a blunt weapon not made to kill, he promised himself to never take a life. There was a twin bladeless sword that remained sheathed on his back.

 One of the thugs turned as the boat approached and walked to where two parked cars and one limousine were a short dostance away. He opened the trunk of the limo and was unseen due to the hood of the trunk blocking him. It caught Shadow Strike’s attention because the man did not move, there was no sounds of him searching for anything he just seemed to be standing there. What was he doing? The boat docked and the sounds of movement from the boat caught Shadow Strike’s attention. Two men walked from the boat and they extended greetings.

 “How was the flight?” One of the thugs who had waited on the dock asked. 

“The flight was a good one, it was the damn boat ride across the harbor on choppy waters that was crap!” One of the men who had exited the boat said light heartedly, all of them laughed. 

“So what’s the plan?” Word asked, Shadow Strike remained hunched down peeking over the edge of the container where he stood above but did not respond, he was too busy focusing on the band of thugs below.

 “Hello spy…” A mans voice said behind him, Shadow Strike quickly rolled to the side standing up startled. A tall and very muscular bald headed Latino male wearing a black muscle shirt, black pants, and black combat boots stood before him, his name was Battle Scar.

 “You must not be all that if you let me sneak up on you.” Battle Scar said mockingly, Shadow Strike felt stupid, it was only now that he realized the thug going to the limo trunk was merely a diversion which meant Battle Scar had already noticed him as they approached. But how? After a few seconds of studying Battle Scar he got his answer, Battle Scar was a humanite. The muscular giant bolted forward with great deceptive speed for one so big bringing down one large fist in a hammering motion, Shadow Strike saw the attack leaping backward just out of range as the fist struck the ground. The force of striking the top of the container rang out loudly vibrating through Shadow Strike. Battle Scar quickly rose, his eyes studying his opponent, then he also realized what Shadow Strike was. “You are a humanite? But I see that you have only recently been awakened, the nanites are still getting used to to their host. Who are you boy?”

Shadow Strike stood up defiantly balling his fists. “I am Shadow Strike!” He yelled out, the display was comedy to Battle Scar, he started laughing and held one hand to his stomach pointing with his other hand at Shadow Strike amused. 

“You really are new! Who sent you?” Shadow Strike now felt stupid and he didn’t like being made to feel this way. He pulled the other metal weapon from its resting place firmly holding both in front of him. He didn’t know how powerful Battle Scar was, it was time to test the waters. In three steps Shadow Strike was in front of Battle Scar. He swung his weapons from the outside striking Battle Scar on both sides of his face; where the sticks hit two bruises appeared on his cheeks; Battle Scar grunted painfully. Shadow Strike didn’t hesitate, he brought one of his weapons downward in an attempt to hit his opponent on the top of the head. This would hopefully end it. Battle Scar extended his thick forearm using it as a shield, the weapon struck his arm. His other hand extended with a closed fist striking Shadow Strike in the chest sending him reeling backward. He fell to the ground rolling backwards then stood up quickly to his feet. Battle Scar did not advance he just stood there studying Shadow Strike with a curious stare. “Really? Is that all you got?” He said. The injuries that he had inflicted on his face began to fade being erased from his skin, he saw the surprise in Shadow Strikes eyes and smiled. “No way someone sent you, why are you here?” Battle Scar asked, everything about Shadow Strike felt like an amateur. To Battle Scar this was no assassin as he initially thought. Shadow Strike was winded but quickly rebounded, his main concern was that Battle Scar seemed to be able to take damage and heal quickly from it, and although his own nanites could also repair bodily damage it took time to do so. He’d already taken a direct hit from Battle Scar, his chest was hurting; he knew that he could not take many more punches like that, he had to let his body recoup. But he wasn’t going to let Battle Scar think this was going to be easy either. He was going to be smart and retreat. He’d be back to finish this another time. Shadow Strike stood up masking his pain, he forced confidence from his voice.

 “If you’re asking who sent me, no one did. I happened along this place upon your arrival and sensed you must be up to no good; I see that I was right.” He stood taking deep breaths silently so that his body could relax as it healed. Battle Scar laughed again. 

“If that’s the case you’ve got the worst luck my friend, you are about to die!” Battle Scar’s confidence exuded from his muscular frame, he knew without a doubt there would be no defeat for him tonight. Battle Scar was not an elite humanite, but he was stronger than Shadow Strike, and both knew this. The enhanced healing abilities of Battle Scar and the lack of knowledge in this type of situation tipped the scales in favor of Battle Scar, both were aware of this as well. Battle Scar ran forward at his opponent eagerly, Shadow Strike did a single backflip throwing a smoke pellet down before leaping off of the supply container; Battle Scar swung his way threw the smoke before realizing too late that he lost his footing. He slipped off the edge of the supply container but grabbed the edge as he fell. His finger dug into the metal stopping his fall. Dangling from one arm he quickly glanced around seeing that Shadow Strike was gone, he let go landing heavily below with no damage. “You were smart kid! Stay gone or next time I see you there ain’t gonna be no smoke and mirrors! Next time I go all out!” He yelled loudly. His voice echoed in the harbor, there was no reply. He causally walked over to the limo where the others waited for him, one of the thugs opened the back door to the limo. 

“You want us to go look for him?” The thug said to Battle Scar. Battle Scar rested a hand on the roof of the limo giving a final look around before speaking.

 “Nah, he ain’t comin back. He just found out that this ain’t for him, he bit off more than he could chew.” He slid into the limo and the door was shut behind him. Shadow Strike watched the thugs get into the other two vehicles and follow the limo. As they drove out of sight he looked down at the dented steel where Battle Scar grabbed to keep from falling, he traced his fingers over the indentation studying it carefully before flying off into the night. The first night started off good and ended up a lesson learned.