Rayvon stood there stupefied, jaw wide open, tongue sticking halfway out of his mouth; eyes white and in awe watching Chayne floating above him. It wasn’t like this was something Rayvon hadn’t seen before, he’d seen others that could fly but only on TV. his childhood was the start of the rise of humanites; and long before he was even born there was the great battle when Kinetic Balance (See story: The Genesis Event) and the American Warrior fought against Fusion. A battle that decimated an entire city. Rayvon and Chayne both grew up learning about the great battle, and how the humanites grew from a small group to an entire population that would eventually be the dominant race on earth according to what they learned in science class. It was not uncommon now to hear about humanites, they no longer concealed their identities as they did forty years ago before the great battle, they lived freely among humans but with some fear and loathing of them from some of humanity; more so with groups that sprung up against the two races living together. Rayvon never knew any humanites personally although he was sure he had to pass many on the street, he would never know since humanites looked identical to humans, the only difference between the two races was that humanites had nanite hosts and super powers of various sorts. But now? Now Rayvon knew a humanite personally.

So between his best friend Chayne floating above him, and the information that Chanyne provided about his newly discovered powers made for good reason why Rayvon’s jaw was dropped. “So all you can do is fly? No elite level strength like Kinetic Balance?” Rayvon said sounding perplexed. His head was tilted sideways looking like a child who was amazed. “Well I could easily mop the floor with you, or any human for that matter.” Chayne joked. Rayvon didn’t seem to notice. “So how strong? I mean or do you even know?” Rayvon commented. Chayne seemed amused. “So you must have forgotten what they taught us in high school about humanites.” Chayne said before being cut off by Rayvon. “Oh yea, the nanite stuff!” He said while snapping his fingers, Chayne shook his head in disbelief. “Yea the nanite stuff. They keep me in the know on everything around me. Well at least recently, before then I never knew they existed. It’s like a light bulb has been turned on or something”. Chayne was even surprised himself at first until the nanites explained why they waited to tell him, the best reason given was simply it was not time. He was adopted by a loving human family in America as a baby, but he was born in China and given up for adoption so it wasn’t like he hid what he was all these years from his best friend Rayvon because he was not aware of his past. And this was why Rayvon was not suspicious over the current events. Chayne lowered himself to the ground. “So you know everything now? Because of the nanites?” Rayvon asked. Chayne kind of looked around testing Rayvon’s theoretical question. “I wouldn’t say I know everything, but if there is something I need to know the information is given to me.” Rayvon’s face squinted. “So in other words you know everything!” He said, both started laughing but then Rayvon’s face got serious after realizing something. “You are going to tell my sister right? I mean, you have been dating Shia since ninth grade. She deserves to know.” Chayne’s face got serious, he placed a hand on Rayvon’s shoulder. “Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I wanted to reveal to you what I am first your my best friend. Heck, we’ve been friends since I can remember.” Rayvon nodded in agreement waiting for Chayne to continue. “I’m torn on whether or not I want to tell Shia. But let me explain why. You have groups like The Human Front who are fully against humans and humanites mixing; and they can get pretty violent against couples that do decide to intermarry. Then you have the Feya (See: March 4th 2016 post on Feya/Serwa Akan bio posted February 20th 2016) who really have it out for humanites in general. You’ve seen the news, Feya are like terrorists to humanites, they just randomly go killing my kind; they really hate humanites.”

Rayvon raised an eyebrow sternly. He was feeling that Chayne wasn’t going to tell his sister and he wanted a good reason why if there was one. “And…?” Was all Rayvon said while crossing his arms. There was a torn look on Chayne’s face. “Have you ever thought about your sisters safety? She could be killed! Shia is my life, my heart! I plan on marrying her dude after school is done and when I am financially ready! I don’t know if I want that kind of stress on her!”

“So you’re saying you’re going to leave my sister then since you don’t want to tell her?”

“No! No man it’s not like that! But I feel that now I have these powers I can help mankind. That’s the one thing both races share is our humanity! And I want to help!”

“Ok not to be getting off subject, but what can you do? You’re talking about helping humanity. Sure you can kick a humans ass, but you ain’t got nothin on a high level humanite. The whole team of The Immortals are high level villains, you couldn’t got against one of them. What are you going to do? Fly people places? Leave the fighting to the elite brother!”

“I don’t plan on going against The Immortals, but crime is still rampant. I can do my part by cleaning up Bay City and fighting against the law breaking humans! We always see on the news about drug wars and such. Look at that one gang Lords Of War, they are terrorizing this city with all of “their illegal activites! If there are any humanites here they are not helping, but I can! I want to go after The Lords Of War and bring them down! If I conceal my identity then Shia, my family, and you stay safe, and at the same time I can help clean up this city!”

Rayvon put a finger to his chin. “Man I don’t know…”

“I was planning on keeping all of the drug money I confiscate from street dealers or bigger busts I make as payment for my services. Your dad’s a Lieutenant in the police force, and you have that police radio at home he gave you for your birthday last year. Maybe you could use it to help keep me informed on the Lords Of War’s crimes? I’d pay you!”

Rayvon’s face lit up with a slight smile. “Hmm, like a crime fighting team?” He said. You could tell the thought of it was really simmering, Chayne took note.

“Yea, and I could seriously upgrade the police scanner and make it hight tech where you could use it to monitor criminals.” Chayne added.

“You can do that?” Rayvon said before realizing. “Oh never mind, you got nanites now, I forgot.” He excitedly snapped his finger. “And I could have a cool crime fighting name!” Rayvon silenced after his excitement then looked up at Chayne. “Yea ok, we can do this. But at some point I feel you need to tell my sister, it’s only fair.”

The both of them fell silent, with senior year at McKinley high school coming after summer, they knew the summer and senior year was going to be a memorable one, more than they realized. Chayne extended his hand, Rayvon shook it to seal the deal between friends.

End Prelude