Alisha’s Wonderland Part 6: The White Room

Alisha and the man in the white suit were engulfed in white light upon entering the portal, Alisha recognized it instantly; it was from her dream. It was always at the start of every dream that she had in regards to her past. There was a feeling of weightlessness as if she were floating, yet she could sometimes feel as if she were slowly sinking before the sensation changed to Alisha feeling as if she was rising. But the sensations were very subtle. “Oh how rude, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Mr. Rabbit.” After Mr. Rabbits introduction there was a more intense bright flash, it was after this that Alisha realized that she was standing on solid ground, more so standing in a room that was all painted white. The high vaulted ceiling stood 20 feet high. The room itself was quite large. Alisha found it peculiar that there were no windows, it was also barren. She looked around quizzically. “Where is all the furniture and windows?” She asked before noticing something else important. “Where’s the door?” She said startled. 
Mr. Rabbit graced a small smile. “We are at my humble abode, welcome!” He said almost too excited. Alisha was not impressed, she continued looking around for the exit. “So where is the…” She quickly noticed that Mr. Rabbit was no longer with her, he had disappeared. “This is the welcome room. Soon it will happen, if you haven’t felt it you will in the next few seconds.” Mr. Rabbit said. Alisha was very confused at this point. “Feel what?” Just as she ended her sentence she started feeling a tad weird, her body felt tingly. The room started to shrink causing Alisha to drop to one knee. “The room! It’s shrinking Mr. Rabbit! Help me!” Alisha said panicked. She outstretched her arms trying to keep back the ceiling as it met her. “Relax Alisha, your body is just responding to being back on your home world, your power has been activated. You need to control it. The room isn’t shrinking, you’re growing!” Mr Rabbit said. He was no where in site, but his voice was all about the room. “Please calm yourself and control your power! Calibrate your size. I brought you to this room knowing that this might happen, you will grow no bigger, and at key times this ability will most certainly come in handy. But now you must learn to control your power again.” Mr. Rabbit said calmly. 
She listened to Mr. Rabbits voice, it had a calming effect once she knew that she would not keep growing. But this was very uncomfortable being all crunched up. “So how do I make myself regular size again?” Alisha asked. “It’s quite simple really, if you want to be regular sized again just think it and it will be.” Alisha thought about this for a moment, it was just that simple? “I want to be small!” She said to herself. Instantly the room started to alter quickly growing in size all around her until the room was quite huge. The ceiling was as high as a skyscraper, and the walls were miles away. “I’m afraid that you shrank yourself rather than going back to normal sized, this will also come in handy at times I suppose.” Mr. Rabbit laughed. Alisha was annoyed by it all and quite frustrated. She decided to think before she would do this time, but making sure that she was thinking more properly. To think that she was small but meaning regular size only made her small instead of regular size. So this time she told herself to be regular size and in seconds the room around her started to shift and change back to what it was when she first came into the room. “Good.” Mr. Rabbit said, he was standing beside Alisha. He extended his arm to the door in front of him. “Shall we?” Alisha saw a wooden door that was open and again it was time to be startled. “Where did that door come from?” She asked. “Or where did you go that you never noticed it was there?” Mr. Rabbit said. Alisha was not liking this at all, not one bit. The two walked through the door into a normal sized room full of fancy decor with couches and chairs made of gold, and paintings on the wall of various sort. There was a large window with a view. Alisha ran over curious as to what she would see. What she saw was a large expanse of forest as far as the eye could see. The sky was blue and cloudless, the sun was setting. “Welcome to Wonderland Alisha, welcome indeed.”