Part 5: The man in the white suit

The lead Shadowling kept his arm extended, his claws were spread out wide, his palm facing the magical barrier that Lorna had created. There seemed to be a struggle between Lorna and the Shadowling leader, the only evidence was Lorna’s face showing a struggle, seconds later her body started showing signs of the struggle as well. She was shaking and gasping as if trying to catch her breath, her skin pale and sweaty, eyes rigid. “The last of the royal guard! I will savor slaying you.” The Shadowling said. Lorna said nothing, she remained focused. It was a strain for her, she was failing against whatever was happening between her and the Shadowling lord.  The pack of Shadowling’s would take small steps toward their prey every so many seconds which could only mean that the protective barrier was shrinking. Alisha kept both hands gripped on Lorna’s torso while she fearfully looked around at the Shadowling pack make their way toward her inch by tormented inch. “Lorna…?” Alisha managed to say, Lorna, Lorna did not respond. The Shadowling’s kept inching closer, their chatter and laughter gave Alisha goosebumps. Just as the pack took another step Lorna quickly turned grabbing Alisha’s arm. With intense tearful eyes she said “Run!” Alisha disappeared into thin air stunning the pack as well as their leader. In unison they all cried out in rage and frustration. Lorna turned to the Shadowling lord defiantly smiling. “You will not have her!” She said. The Shadowling leader waved for his pack to be silent, something wasn’t right.

Alisha found herself teleported from the living room to four streets away reappearing at the playground near the apartment. She looked around gasping, her eyes wide with fear. An explosion happened four streets away, instantly Alisha knew what it was. “Lorna…?” She said under her breath. Dropping to her knees she started crying uncontrollably. What was going on? Surely this was just another horrible dream, wake up she kept telling herself, she never did. “Not far you were sent. Not long you will live!” The Shadowling lord said causing Alisha to jump. She turned seeing the Shadowling standing there, many others slowly started to gather around her. Her fear turned to desperation. “What are you? What do you want with me?” She cried out, tears streaming down her face. They started laughing softly. “We want you to die!” The lord said. She looked around seeing the Shadowlings leaping at her for the kill. She closed her eyes bringing her arms protectively over her face giving in to death. Death could only bring peace. Such a sad thing for one so young to accept. It was then that she realized things were quiet, too quiet. There were no sounds of the Shadowlings howls, no sounds of the night at all whatsoever in fact. “Open your eyes my dear Alisha, we are late for an important date.” A man’s voice said. Alisha opened her eyes surprised by the sound of a different voice, being more startled by the fact that a man stood in front of her holding an old style silver pocket watch, he was staring at it watching the seconds tic by. A silver chain was attached to it traveling down into the mans right pocket. The man wore a very fashionable white suit with no tie, prints of blue flowers were sewn into the suit jacket at various parts on the front. He was tall with dark short neatly styled and cut hair, he also wore a gentle smile. 

Alisha glanced around seeing the Shadowling pack frozen in mid leap ready to attack her. “What?” She said amazed. “Not what but how.” The man said kindly with a smile. “My trusty talisman can slow down or freeze time. So sorry I am late, but I was confronted at the portal by Queens minions.” Alisha starring at the Shadowlings. “They are stopped?” She said confused forgetting her fear for the moment. Too many odd things were taking place. “Not all of them.” The man replied. He pointed at the Shadowling lord he was the only one that was moving in slow motion while the lesser Shadowlings remained frozen. “The Shadowling lord has a far greater power. He will break the time spell soon. I say we should really be going then.” Alisha did see that the Shadowling lord was starting to move faster second by second, she looked over at the man nervously. “Leave? Leave to where?” She said starting to sound desperate, the man smiled. “To Wonderland of course…” He said with an enchanted smile. Alisha didn’t know what to think, this was all sounding like a blend between a nightmare and the most foolish dream. The slowed growl of the Shadowling lord could now be heard as his speed started increasing, it sounded as if he was slowly wakening, Alisha did not want to be here when the Shadowling lord as the man in the white suit put it, would break the time spell so she made a hasty decision. “Yes, take me to Wonderland now!” She was almost too insistent. The man in the white suit smiled kindly staring into Alisha’s eyes. “Of course.” He said and with a wave of the hand an oval energy portal opened in front of him glowing and inviting at his feet on the ground. “Shall we?” He extended his hand, she took it just as the Shadowling lord picked up more speed leaping at them they both jumped into the portal disappearing in a flash of briliant light.