Part 4: The Shadowling 

Lora’s voice was loud screaming for Alisha to not open her eyes, but Alisha did not want to be here anymore. The darkness was scary, the presence of the evil woman was easily worse than the darkness. Alisha could feel the evil right in front of her waiting patiently. “You are afraid, but do not listen to your guardian. Open your eyes. I speak truth when I say upon opening your eyes you will wake up, your dear Lorna will be waiting for you once you do this, you will be safe.” The dark voice was mocking yet Alisha found truth in her words. Surely there was more that the evil was not saying but Alisha did not care. To be home, to feel safe, this was what she wanted most and she wanted it now. She opened her eyes to quickly deal with whatever she was going to see, to her surprise she saw nothing but darkness followed by the mixture of Lorna crying out in protest, the dark voice filled her ears with laughter. 

It was then Alisha opened her eyes a second time realizing she was laying on the couch staring at Lorna’s face she did not like what Lorna’s eyes told her. “You allowed Queen to break the spell! We have to go!” Lorna said with a blend of fear, and urgency. Alisha sat up as Lorna quickly went to Alisha’s backpack and unzipped it. Queen? Spell? Alisha was still too dazed to ask questions. Lorna turned the backpack upside down dumping it’s contents on the floor, she ran into the kitchen still holding the backpack. “Get up and put your shoes on, we’re leaving now!” Lorna yelled from the kitchen as she opened the cabinets stuffing non perishable items into the backpack, leaving was not open for argument; not anymore. This time Alisha did not argue, she got up feeling a sense of urgency, she no longer felt safe here. She just wanted to get as far away as possible from this place. Rushing to the front door to grab her shoes suddenly all of the lights flickered with a slight buzzing sound, Alisha stopped a moment taking notice. Lorna paused her packing food realizing it was too late. She ran into the living room standing in front of Alisha defensively, her hands started to glow a light hue of gold. Alisha looked down enchanted by it. “Lorna! Your hands!” Alisha said startled, she watched a halo of magic slowly circle around Lorna’s hands. Lorna shushed her while she stayed focused looking, waiting.

 “Give her to us, and you shall live…” The voice sounded like a hushed whisper being forced from the mouth, it came from the ceiling it startled Alisha to be sure, the voice as vile as the female from her dreams. Lorna was determined she looked up at the ceiling. “I make no deals with evil! Show yourself Shadowling!” Lorna firmly yelled out. Alisha’s eyes stayed glued to the ceiling waiting, there was silence for a moment. “So be it… guardian!” The Shadowling replied with laughter. Instantly there came ghostly chatter all about the room around Alisha and Lorna. Whispers, laughing, ridicule, taunting of a darker sort directed at both Lorna and Alisha; there was more than one Shadowling it seemed. It was then black shadowed transparent feet could be seen coming down through the ceiling slowly. Alisha tightly gripped Lorna’s arm pressing up against her back staring on in disbelief. The Shadowling lowered itself Alisha could not believe what she saw. It’s name pretty much was a true explanation of what it was. There was no eyes, or ears, nose or mouth. Nothing distinguishable to make out a face. There was merely just a shadowed form that stood six feet tall, it was deathly thin. It’s fingers were long and arced into what looked to be claws, it’s entire body pitch black it was an apparition. “Look my brothers, Queen has led us to a delicious meal. Let us partake!” The Shadowling raised his arms inviting the others to join. The chatter turned to demonic sounding howls that made Alisha scream out as she flinched grabbing Lorna with both arms now. From the walls Shadowling’s came by the dozens leaping at Lorna and Alisha but their claws never touched the two. Instead they raked against an invisible magical barrier that Lorna had conjured prior to knowing the Shadowlings approached. The barrier had a double use. It was for protection, but also for attacking. Upon impact of the Shadowlings claws lighting would strike each creature that ripped at the barrier decimating them to nothing. They caught on after fifteen or so of them were lost, now they stood around Lorna and Alisha waiting patiently. Alisha could see that when the Shadowling that spoke walked closer it was easily taller than the others. He reached out his claws inches from the barrier. “Ah yes, a guardian is not without a few tricks.” The lead Shadowling said. The other Shadowlings started chattering amongst one another excitedly, something was about to happen.