The wind was cold, so frigid that it made his penis shrink under his loincloth. But he would not be detered for he was Klurb the barbarian. The evil wizard must pay to kidnapping the woman right before they got busy denying his right to poon, this was a barnarians right you know. He was climbing the side of the wizards castle, the cold wind blowing up his ass because back then barbarians didn’t have underwear, and this served to only make Klurb even angrier. “You will pay wizard! You cock sucking mother fucker, you shall pay!” Klurb told himself. 

As luck would have it he found the wizard on the first try, and what enraged Klurb more was the wizard was trying to get some poon from the woman he stole from Klurb. “Wizard! It is time to die!” Klurb cried out barbarically because that’s what barbarians do, they cry out that way. The two men wrestled Klurb in his loincloth and the wizard was butt naked, skin against manly skin, balls crashing against one another yet niether claimed to be gay or even bi sexual. 

Finally Klurb got the advantage throwing the evil wizard out the window. Upon that shit happening like 20 naked women came into the room standing beside the other naked chick Klurb came to save. Klurb looked on in amazement at all the potential poon. “Rom!” He said. 

One of the women spoke up. “The wizard kidnapped us all wanting to stick his penis into our vaginas but he had erectile disfunction and they just haven’t made a pill for that yet. But you have saved us Klurb! Let us all have sexual relations with you as our ancient way of thanking you!” 

Klurb was pleased and he instanly dropped his loincloth revealing his shranked up penis, the women laughed at him. He looked down at his  shriveled up dick. “Rom!” He said. He walked behind the bed peering out over the horizon of naked women and prayed to Rom his god. “Rom I do not pray to you usually because I’m too lazy, plus I have not read your comics in some time but I hear there is a reboot in motion for new comics! But grant me a hard erect cock! For no one will remember this day! All they will remember is that one cock, stood against many pussy’s. And if you do not help me, then to hell with you!”

At that moment Klurb’s dick got hard and big, Rom granted Klurb his wish. So Klurb banged them all not even worrying about child support because back then the court did not enforce it.

The end