Alicia’s Wonderland

Part 3: The Dark Voice

The fifteen minute walk home was a debate between Lorna and Alisha on why Lorna felt they should move, and why Alisha felt it really didn’t matter. By the time they got home Lorna decided to agree to disagree for the moment. Lorna opened the door to the apartment letting Alisha go in first. Alisha dropped her backpack by the door then walked over to the couch plopping herself down heavily. Lorna shut the door looking at the backpack. “Homework needs to be done before six.” She said firmly. Alisha stretched out on the couch kicking off her tennis shoes. “I know, I just need to rest a bit, our argument made me a little more tired than I thought.” Alisha crossed her arms behind her head looking up at the ceiling. Lorna gave a slight smile. “Ok, but have it done before dinner.” She walked past Alisha tapping her on the head playfully before going toward the kitchen, Alisha giggled. “What’s for dinner?” Alisha asked. “Fish, tatter tots, and green beans!” Lorna yelled from the kitchen. Alisha grimaced at the thought of green beans but loved how Lorna cooked the fish, and she felt you could never go wrong with tatter tots. “Can you put that cajun seasoning on the tatter tots?” Alisha yelled. “Always do!” Lorna yelled from the kitchen. You could hear cabinets being opened and dishes being prepared. Lorna started humming, something she did many times when preparing to cook, or just doing chores. It was a welcome peaceful change compared to the walk home. It eased Alisha and her eyelids began to get heavy, she just needed to close her eyes for a minute; the stress of the day was a bit much. She told herself that after a brief nap she would feel rested. Her eyes slowly closed she drifted into slumber.

“Alisha…?” She knew she was dreaming, and it was the same dark voice that she heard before in past dreams, but this time it was different. There was no bright light followed by the voice that brought her peace. This time things felt different and more real than ever before. She stood in complete darkness knowing that the dark voice sought her out, she remained completely still frozen with fear. “Alisha, I know you’re here child…” The voice trailed off and it sounded much closer now. Alisha dropped down hugging her knees she attempted to peer into the pitch black all around her. The voice trailed from left to right and at times it would fly past overhead. There was no doubt that the voice aggressively sought Alisha out and this terrified her. What would happen if she was discovered? Alisha decided not to find out. “I know you are here child, you will not wake until I find you, I have seen to it this time. My spell will keep you here until you are revealed!” The dark voice said sounding twisted and immoral. The voice stopped not too far from Alisha, she could feel it’s vile presence. “You are close, very close girl.” Alisha felt the dark presence slowly and methodically make it’s way toward her. “Speak child, let this end. For it surely will regardless of how long you hide.” The voice stopped, it hovered right above Alisha. The tears started flowing from Alisha as she shuddered. “I can smell your tears child.” The voice lowered, Alisha could feel its presence right in front of her face. She wanted to get up and run, but she was too afraid to move. “Hello Alisha, I’ve been looking a long time for you. Now open your eyes, let me finish this!” The voice said with such conviction that it knew victory was hers. It was at that moment Alisha heard Lorna calling out to her in the distance telling her to wake up. Dark laughter filled Alisha’s ears causing her to cringe. “You want to escape don’t you? Open your eyes and you will wake!” The voice coaxed Alisha, the offer was tempting. If it was the only way out of the nightmare then so be it.