Part 1: The dream

The Genesis is a bright light, it is of magical origin. It is always followed by a woman saying her name.

“Alicia..” She says, and when she speaks all feels well. The voice is filled with love. The voice brings peace and solace. So many positive emotions are attached to it, yet it is never known of the woman who belongs to the voice. And then the darkness comes bringing with it howling wind. The cold and heavy downpour of rain always follows. The rain is constant never letting up. That is when she hears her name again.

“Alicia…” This too is a woman’s voice but unlike the other woman’s voice there is no love attached to it, there is only hate, fear, anger, loathing, all of the negative things attached to her voice.

“Alicia…?” The dark voice says again, this time in a manner of seeking out. Alicia never responds to the voice, she is too afraid. She knows if she calls out to the voice she will be found and the darkness will engulf her. The voice continues calling out, Alicia hides in fear remaining silent.

“Alicia…” The voice calls out again. Just stay silent and wait until the voice stops, over time it always stops.

“Alicia…” The voice has changed sounding familiar now. Slowly the winds weaken, and the rain stops as hazed light forms around her. “Alicia wake up…” The voice says, she feels a hand on her shoulder urging her to wake nudging her gently. Alicia opens her eyes thankful to be able to flee the dream as she raises her head from the desk. She bats her eyes slowly in a daze looking up at Miss Pat her teacher. “Thank you for deciding to rejoin us Miss Freeman.” Miss Pat says mockingly, the room softly laughs Miss Pat looks around bringing the students back in order with just a soft glare. “All right class let’s get back to Mars and why or how it could be habitable for us one day.” Miss Pat walked back up to the front of the room, Alisha rubbed her eyes and with a slight yawn sat back in her chair. The attention shifted away from her back on the studies at hand.

Part 2: Food for thought

The school bell rang, Alisha came casually walking out of the school holding her backpack on one side of her shoulder looking to the ground, her legal guardian quickly noticed Alisha even in the crowd of children walking out of the building. Lorna was the best friend of Alisha’s mother. When both parents died Alisha was too small to recall it. Lorna became the legal guardian after that taking care of Alisha since she was a baby. Alisha would ask about her parents and Lorna would always supply valuable information that helped Alisha know more about her mother and father but it always felt as if Lorna was guarded when it came to talking about them in a certain detailed light. For instance she never gave details on what took both of their lives, and she never would go into detail about where they lived, or even stranger other family members. It never made sense. It was like learning these things was a bad thing, and Lorna did not try to conceal this fact either.

Lorna walked up to Alisha studying the twelve year olds face, she knew that obviously something troubled her. Lorna traced the side of Alisha’s face with her finger. “Hey you, why the long face?” Lorna asked. Lorna produced a smile in hopes that if Alisha looked up at her that it would make Alisha feel better. But Alisha did not look up, her mood did not change. Ordinarily Alisha was a happy girl, and always very upbeat. Lorna thought it over in her mind before speaking. She had an idea why Alisha was feeling so down, only one thing made her feel like this. “You had that dream again didn’t you?” Lorna asked. Alisha looked up at Lorna her face long and sad. “Yea.” Alisha sighed. “Every time I dream it, I swear it becomes more real.” She said the tone in her voice showing the sadness on her face. There was a brief look of concern on Lorna’s face, then she instantly wiped it away followed by a forced smile. “I think we should move to someplace else. Somewhere near the ocean where there is never winter, and the sun is always shining.” Lorna replied before taking Alisha’s hand. Alisha sighed heavily at hearing what Lorna just said, she became even more upset. “I’m tired of moving Lorna, and you always decide to move us after I have that bad dream. Next time I have it I won’t tell you.” Alisha looked down watching her footsteps. Lorna tried making the moment more upbeat. “What’s wrong with new and exciting places? Sounds like new adventures to me!” Lorna said sounding excited hoping that it would motivate Alisha to feel that way too. Alisha looked forward focusing on the horizon in front of her. “We’ve moved two times prior to this, and both times were because of that dream. I’m tired of moving.” Alisha was really bothered, more so than the other times. “The dark voice, it sounded much closer this time. It felt as if she was really trying to find me. If Miss Pat didn’t wake me up, I swear it just felt like I was going to be found and it terrified me! The dream was too real, more than any other time!” Alisha said. “Maybe the dream felt so real because quite possibly this environment that we have lived in for the past two years is affecting you. Can’t you see? This is why I want us to move Alisha!” Lorna tried to be convincing. Alisha just shook her head in disagreement. “It rains everywhere, the sun can’t stay out all the time, and even if there are no winters surely cold days will come from time to time.” Alisha said convinced. “And what is your point?” Lorna asked looking down seeing that Alisha was going somewhere with her comment. It was then that Alisha glanced up with a half smile catching Lorna off guard. “It means that my dream will not change, only my surroundings. So what are we really running from?” Her words hung in the air forcing an awkward nervous smile from Lorna. “What ever do you mean Alisha?” She asked containing her distaste for Alisha’s comment. “I’m old enough to know we’re running from someone. We have been this whole time, I was just too young before to notice it until now.” Lorna kept her eyes forward, she paused to say anything until she thought of the right thing to say. “So you’re going to let a dream spook you into believing that we are running from someone? Think about that for a moment.” Lorna said firmly. And for the next five minutes or so as they walked Alisha did just that. She stayed silent thinking things over. Was she spooked over the dream and she was just overeating?