Had an awesome dream, and with a few subtle changes I have a new story which I think is pretty neat. Hope you like it too. 

A mysterious man named Mr. Rabbit saves Alicia from certain death after her legal guardian is killed protecting her from shadowed assassins. After she follows Mr. Rabbit into a portal Alicia finds herself in an alternate world in a futuristic city called Wonderland. Wonderland is ruled by a powerful sorcerous simply named Queen. And once Queen realizes Alicia has entered Wonderland she is relentless in finding and killing her. Mr. Rabbit tells Alicia that she has a power that Queen fears if Alicia ever controls it. With the help of Mr. Rabbit, the Chessire Cat who is her guardian animal, and a wreckless known terrorist against the sorcerous  who Queen has hailed simply mad she just might possibly stay alive long enough to get back home.