Jai sat on the edge of the exam table wearing a light blue medical robe. His curly afro had grown out some since coming to the Griffin Core facility awhile ago. He told himself that he wasn’t going to cut his hair until he left this place. He was hunched over, his hands rested at the edge of the exam table, both of his legs pressed together. His eyes were closed, he fought to control the vertigo that caused the room to spin. There were several leads at various points of Jai’s body that tracked and read what Jai’s body was doing and feeling. Proffessor Fredricks stood beside Jai holding a tablet reading the information that the leads attached to Jai were providing. He remained silent while reading bits of information before swiping on the screen to check other information.

“Proffessor do you have anything to make this stop?” Jai replied, his eyes were squinting, his face had a look of great distraction and displeasure. The professor waited to respond while checking over added information before speaking.

“I honestly thought that it would be much longer before any nanites would take to and work in tandem with the human body.” He spoke while still checking more information that scrolled down his screen on the tablet. “But it would seem that the lucky number is 43, for you are the 43rd test subject of the golden elixr, and it seems to be working. You are feeling the sensation of vertigo due to the nanites rewiring your insides.” He kept his eyes glued to the screen hungrily reading the data. Jai looked up with a grimace forcing his eyes open focusing on the professor.

“Can you stop it so that I can get rid of this horrible spinning sensation?” He lowered his head again fighting down the vertigo his face full of sweat. Proffessor Fredricks kept his eyes on the data, his hand moving about as his fingers typed and flicked on the screen.

“I hate to say this but there are theories as to why I can’t give you anything for the vertigo. Quite possibly if I give you something to help your veritgo your body could very well reject it anyway. Quite simply your body is being changed according to this data. Secondly it might interupt what the nanites are trying to accomplish, and you could very well die in the process. The best thing to do is let it run its course.”

Jai looked up, his face looked scared. “What do you mean changing?” His eyes darted about trying to stay focused but failing and giving in to the sensation of vertigo. The Proffessor kept his eyes glued to the monitor.

“The nanites see your body as flawed, they are repairing your imperfections on all body systems from your brain, your immune system, your muscles, you name it the nanites are repairing it. My theory is your body is being repaired so quickly it is causing the vertigo that you are feeling.”

Jai ground his teeth one eye open squinting, the other tightly closed. His head was hung low. “Is this going to kill me?” Was all he was able to muster. Proffessor Fredricks stayed glued to the screen on his tablet almost in a daze, he was excited. 

“On the contrary, if this data is correct.” He paused reading the constant data that filled the screen scrolling downward. “You may possibly never see death again.”

Jai didn’t hear what the professor said, placing both hands in front of him he lay his head onto his palms before his eyes rolled back into his head. He leaned forward heavily falling to the floor oblivious to the professors voice calling out to him with concern. This was how the nanites introduced themselves to Jai Simmons. 

With a bang…