I’ve always done it this way, and still do unless someone otherwise says they want to see the end of a story. I’ve been on Word Press for some time now and have never had someone say “Hey please finish that story.” On certain stories I ended without warning. 

I didn’t see that many liking the last few parts to Rivals so I decided to end it. I may revisit it since this is an open world I created. The characters will be seen again though in other stories, and Aden and Serwa’s story is just beginning. But for another time in the universe of Humans, Humanites, Mutates and Feya. For those that did enjoy Rivals thank you. 

I have read other blogs and enjoyed them, and did this the first year or more. I commented and liked many really good blogs. But sadly I never got one comment, oh wait I did get one. Lol I was hoping to get feedback and comments like I did on a blog I had a long time ago. For that one I had over a thousand followers and many were really into the characters and so on, but some really bad stuff happened a few years back and I let the blog go which I regret. I shouldn’t have deleted it. 

I was wondering if my stories sucked that bad until a buddy started reading and said he loved where I was going with this. He gets all pumped up and we have extensive conversations on the characters abd the world, the nerd in me enjoys this. 

I do get likes and thank you for that, I just don’t have any corespondense with anyone. But I will continue to write because I do so enjoy it. Thank you again for those that have been enjoying my little world. 

Blogging next is Caira Blaque,86’d! 


R. Sulli