Caira Blaque (aka 86’d)- to others she’s a cold heartless yet trustworthy humanite. But on the inside Caira doesn’t know what the hell she is. She just keeps putting one foot in front of the other and keeps on going no matter how much shit she has to walk through. It was tough growing up the daughter of the worlds top female assasin. Life is even tougher being the worlds top assassin.


Gary Cello (aka Bowie)- if 86’d is the muscle, then Bowie is the brains behind the operation. A methodical thinker obsessed with trying to find a way to get Caira to fall in love with him. Ehanced cybernetic eye, and arm which enables him to do more than the average human, but at the end of the day? He’s still human. And it kills him thinking his humanity is in the way of true love.


Silhouette- A thousand year old Feya somehow connected to Papa Jinx. She is leader of Shadow Watch, an organization of assasins she created with the agenda of making billions and controlling the worlds leaders. Her true agenda is to kill all remaining Feya and anyone else who stands in the way of her ambitions.

Cradle- a mutate that can make his skin impervious to damage. Yet his heart belongs to a woman that will never love him. He will do anything to impress Silhouette, to show his love. Maybe then she will return it. If he kills everyone that stands in her way it might lead a trail of blood straight to her heart.

The most dangerous distraction is love in a world of assasins….