If you have been reading along in my universe, you are aware of three types of species. 

1. Humans- regular folk

2. Humanites- created from science. They are enhanced humans gifted with various powers, and levels of strength, speed, and agility among ither things thanks to the nanites in their bodies. Humanites have broken away from humans either because humans made them feel separate, or they themsleves feel they are superior. They have a weakness to magic.

3. Mutates- created by science as well to combat Humanites. Although the first Mutate Fusion was created to fight the Nazis. Mankind has since seen the potential to make Mutates to equalize the situation between humans and humanites. In thier own right they are equals to Humanites in power, strength, agility, speed among other things.

And now the last species….

4. Feya- the are the original species of earth. Over thousands of years their numbers dwindled from millions to just thousands. It was the de-evolution of man that caused this. Humans considered it evolution, but never realized they became weaker as time went on and could no longer wield magic power. The Feya hate all things science because to them science was what helped their numbers lessen even quicker. They live in small groups around the world. They follow one leader, Papa Jinx of Ghana Africa. Papa Jinx is the most powerful of the Feya. And just like humanites and mutates, feya also have varying levels of magic, and magically enhanced strength, speed, agility and so on. Although not immortal, they can elongate their lives. 

(Serwa Akan was introduced in the short story “Rivals, a Tale of Two sisters. Read her bio. 

The Feya tie into what will happen in future events!

New Feya will be introduced in Caira Blaque, 86’d!