Aden casually strode along the side walk, the night covered the neighborhood well, it was a poor neighborhood and like many poor neighborhoods it was not well lit. Crime was easily able to thrive in the dark, but tonight the dark would not hide them. Aden patiently waited for the news media to stop camping out in front of the beach estate. It took an entire week before they started fanning out. For Aden that was far too long, he was past ready for his initiation night. It drove him crazy not being able to stalk the neighborhoods that he staked out for cleansing weeks ago. He was wearing a short black leather biker jacket with a black tee shirt. He had on a black pair of sweat pants and black tennis shoes. He wore a black baseball cap but it failed to really fully conceal his identity, sun glasses were the only thing covering his true face, but he didn’t care. He was walking toward his first spot he staked out, Perry Street. A powerful gang that dealt in illegal drug and sex trafficking controlled this area with an iron fist. The gang was called the Perry Street Posse or PSP which was what most on the street called them. PSP was run by the gang leader Bubba Miles. He was ruthless as well as cunning. He paid off the entire police precinct and ran the area without fear. When Aden found out about PSP and Bubba Miles he knew it was the heavens giving him the opportunity of redemption for his misgivings of his past failure. He walked with both hands in the pockets of his jacket, his head was down. He strode with a casual notion but he felt as if he would explode from excitement. He was walking down Dudley avenue which crossed Perry street. Perry street was just a block away right in front of him. At night no one dare go down Perry street, Bubba Miles forbid it. If you didn’t come on Perry street for drugs or sex from women you didn’t need to be there. Not even the police were allowed to go to Perry street unless they too wanted what Bubba Miles was selling.

The streets were busy with people going to and from Perry street for drugs or sex, cars also drove up to Perry street looking over prostitutes who stood on the edges all up and down the street leading to Perry street. Each step he made toward Perry street brought this neighborhood closer to redemption.

“Get off me!” Said a woman. Aden stopped walking and started tracking her voice, she sounded vexed. There was also the distinct accent in her voice. There was a blue newer model Ford Mustang slowly driving down the street. Two men were in the back seat trying to restrain a woman, she cried out again sounding more defiant than afraid. Aden ran up alongside the vehicle his nanites allowing his legs to be pushed to faster speeds that caught the driver off guard, causing the driver to slam on the brakes bringing the car to a screeching halt. The driver pulled out a gun and without warning started shooting at Aden.

The bullets penetrated the passenger side window before melting in front of Aden, the driver didn’t even see the bullets melt, all he saw was small sparks as the bullets ignited then melted to nothing.

“What the..?” The driver said shocked thinking he just saw magic. “Papa Jinx sent him to retrieve his daughter!”

Aden raised his hand at the driver as flames drew forth from his fingers before swirling into a ball of flames striking the driver igniting his body. The driver shook in pain before his body stopped moving. The two men in the back seat raised their hands surrendering as the smell of burnt flesh filled the car. Aden finally got to see the woman who had screamed so defiantly. It was at the moment that he saw her that he froze, just staring into light green eyes. He had never seen such brown skin that glowed, or even eyes so captivating. Her full lips seemed to call to him as if to say kiss me. She had had a large afro that to him seemed to be like a crown of a queen.

“Get out of the car…” Aden ordered the two thugs, with the occasional glance at the woman who sat between them. As the two thugs got out of the car Aden pushed the one closest to him which made the thug step back fighting for balance. Aden leaned into the vehicle extending his hand. “Are you ok miss?” He said. The woman smiled showing a set of deeply set dimples.

“Serwa.” She said softly.

Aden was surprised, he was not sure if he was surprised by how pleasurable her voice sounded, or that she spoke and looked so confident when she did. “Excuse me?” He asked looking like a little boy.

“My name is Serwa.” She giggled seeing that Aden was flustered, or maybe she giggled because she too felt an attraction to Aden that she had never felt before and since she felt that she could not hide it she was embarrassed. As Aden helped Serwa out of the car he smiled.

“Serwa?” He asked her. She was now out of the vehicle looking at Aden’s face studying his features.

“Yes, it means noble woman in my native language.”

“What country is your native language from?” Aden asked, he was quite smitten by her.

“Ghana.” She said as the thug Aden had just pushed ran at him taking a swing at his face. Aden simply turned grabbing the thugs fist out of mid air crushing all of the bones in his hand. The thug cried out in pain while dropping to his knees.

“You’re no Feya, you ain’t touched as the woman is.” Aden was startled for a moment, he was so into Serwa he’d almost forgotten that he came to cleanse Perry street. He turned seeing Bubba Miles standing there, Bubba was holding a machine gun, fifty or so of his men stood behind him all of them armed. “You just a damn humanite I think. Turn over the woman and death will come swiftly. If you fail to do that then you gon die slow.” He finished.

Aden snapped back into what he came to do, he was amazed that he didn’t even hear them approach; he was that into Serwa. Bubba Miles smiled showing a full set of golden teeth. Tapping the barrel of the gun in his hand his head tilted back waiting for Aden’s response, the sound of many guns cocking could be heard behind Bubba Miles.

“Stay behind me.” Aden said to Serwa who was very interested in seeing what else Aden could do. “If you know I am humanite, then you know you are no match for me.” Aden said to Bubba Miles.

“You ain’t no elite though I wager. Cuz if you wuz I’d heard of you.” Bubba Miles said challengingly. After that he pointed his gun at Aden. “Anyone who hits the girl is a dead man!” He opened fire with a hail of bullets which none of even hit Aden, they all melted. Aden started slowly walking toward Bubba Miles as the firepower increased. Bubba Miles started to panic seeing that all bullets melted away before even reaching Aden. “What tha hell man!?!” He yelled.

“Time for judgement Bubba Miles! For you and your men!” Aden said in a raised voice. Aden’s body slightly glowed red before flames ignited all around him. Some of the thugs dropped their guns and started to run, but it was too late. Aden’s eyes lit up in an orangish red hue, flames flickering from them. He ordered the flames forward. The flames rushed out hungrily striking all of the intended targets including Bubba Miles. In a matter of moments all bodies were turned to ash but Aden kept going. His rage could not seem to be controlled until the flames continued but burning. 

“Call back your flames Aden, you have judged them accordingly.” Serwa said, her voice was soothing. Aden did as Serwa asked, then he quickly turned to her in realization.

“You touched my shoulder, but you didn’t burn. I, but I know you’re not humanite I would have sensed it. Wait… How did you know my name?” 

Serwa smiled both held each other’s gaze intentently. “There are more in the world than just humans and humanites.” She smiled, but it did not reassure him; it only made him more confused.

“Forgive me, I’m not sure I understand.” Aden said bewildered.

“If you and your kind are born of science, then me and my kind are born of magic. My kind are called what Bubba Miles said that he knew you were not.”

Aden nodded his head recalling. “Feeya?”

She smiled reaching up touching Aden’s cheek. “Feya. Our kind have been since the start of man. In fact all humans were Feya in ancient times.”

“Why did Bubba Miles want you?” Aden asked.

“I can read the thoughts of man, I can also see future events although I have no power over conjuring the future. Moments in the future come when they come. And you have finally come.”

The sound of police sirens filled the night, they were coming toward Aden and Serwa.

“We must leave now, they approach.” Serwa said. Aden stood defiantly in the direction that the police sirens came.

“Let them come then! They too must be judged! For they all have be tainted by Bubba Miles!”

“And the news will say that a humanite killed many innocent police officers. And the footage from their cameras will prove it. None will know that they were crooked cops paid off by Bubba Miles.” Aden knew what Serwa said was accurate. “You are able to fly, take us away before they come.”

Aden was about to ask how she knew that he could fly but then he remembered what Serwa said that she was capable of doing. He put both arms around Serwa. “Hold onto me.” He said. She took both of her arms placing them around his neck. He felt the warmth of her skin his heart began to race, he swore he felt as if he was dizzy as he took off into the night.