The past few days seemed utterly arid, even beating up drug dealers and taking their money had no flare so last night she killed a few of them just for the excitement. One of the survivors of her steal and kill spree yelled at Kale saying that she was like a serious head trauma that would not go away. She broke his leg but let him live, he was lucky. To escape the mundane monotony of the past few days she went on a car shopping spree. A jeep or something of that nature sounded nice. So she went to a local SUV, jeep, and Humvee dealer. The Humvee is what she decided on, but what color?

As she walked around with the salesman he tried sweet talking his way into more than what she asked, she would’ve loved to just snap his neck but too many witnesses, but maybe that might be part of the fun. She decided not to. As they walked past an office of another salesman she saw that it was full of people glued to a small television.

“What’s so hot on tv that an orgy of you sales dogs need to be in one room instead of trying to steal people’s money?”

The salesman wasn’t agreeable with the term sales dog but he wanted the sale. He forced a grin. “You mean you haven’t heard?” He said.

“Heard what? Spit it out!” Kale said in a commanding voice. The salesman fought down his pride, continuing the facade of kindness happiness keeping a smile on his face.

“They found another humanite in Los Angeles. But this one, she’s some hottie with super strength.”

Kale was already walking away from him back to the office where the salesmen had grouped, pushing her way through the group she stood in front of the tv listening. For some reason she knew this was for her. She waited intently as the message finally looped on the broadcast, and it was then that she saw the face of her sister.

“Val…” Kale said under her breath. One of the salesmen nearby raised a brow.

“You know her?” He said suspiciously. Kale detected this and decided to play a game.

“Yea and?” She said rudely.

“Maybe you should rethink it now since she’s been found to be a stinking humanite.” He said resentfully. Kale stepped up to the salesman, he just realized that she was taller than he was. She stood six feet tall barefooted, but she was wearing heels which made her even more opposing.

“Maybe you should shut the fuck up and mind your own business.” Kale had the attitude that she always enjoyed a challenge, this however was not a challenge more so just starting trouble with a man. Her mother always told her to never trust a man, and at any chance you get humble them. His other failure was that he was human, she disliked them all save for when she was in the mood for sex. And even then she would choose women.

The salesman would not hit a woman, but with Kale getting in his face in front of his work mates? He had to at least scare her just a little.

“Let it go Robert.” Said one of the salesmen, Kale put her face right to his thier noses almost touching.

“Yea Bobbie, let it go…” She let the words hang. Kale said it in such a way that the room quieted, they all knew it was a challenge.

“Look bitch, if you want to associate with those filthy humanites..”

Kale reached out grabbing him by the shirt, tossing him through a wall, it all happened so quickly. The room scattered moving away from her. She looked at them all challenging, that’s when they all started to run. Moving with greatspeed she went up to the salesman that had been walking her around, he flinched when she stopped in front of him.

“I’ll take a red Humvee, get me the keys.” She said cooly.

“Um, we haven’t, um we haven’t run your credit yet.” He said foolishly. Even when he felt threatened it was still all about the sale.

“I’m good for it. Get… Me…. The…. Damn…. Keys…” Her eyes began glowing white. The salesman knew it was time to get those keys, he hurried off to retrieve them. Kale had never felt so alive. She’d almost forgotten about Valentina and now all she could do was remember how much she enjoyed the rivalry she had with her sister back in school.

Life was good again.

Time for a road trip to California…