It only took twenty minutes for every  local news channel to be sitting in front of The Working Wrench waiting for a comment or anything from Rogelio or Valentina. Rogelio called his lawyer who was working on making a statement for the family. Within an hour more than just local stations were at the shop. Rogelio looked out of his office window overwhelmed, Valentina was sitting on his office chair in sweat pants and tee shirt, she felt bad at how upset her father seemed to be, but on the other hand she felt relieved that the world would know that she was humanite. In reality that was selfish, she had not yet realized the domino effect that she had caused. 

When Rogelio was spotted several people came up to the window snapping photos, the camera flash filled the room even though it was broad daylight. Rogelio quickly teleported Valentina and him to her office which was upstairs on the second floor away from prying eyes. When they appeared in her office she was amazed.

“Wow dad. Tell me why you have forbid yourself from using this power? I mean you could easily take mom on any vacation she ever desired!” She felt vindicated in what she was saying to her father. Rogelio hurriedly walked up to her, she stood up thinking he would hit her, but she knew he would never.

“That’s your problem! There is more to our power than just pleasure! Our power comes with two sides! I thought you would understand that from our conversation the other day when you asked if I ever regretted marrying your mother! I do not and I stand by what I told you! But I can not grow old, I can live forever if I am not killed. There is the duality! I madly am in love with a woman that I know will one day die! In my heart it is best to just be as normal as possible instead of reaping the consequences of my power! This power sprang from negativity! How could me using it be a positive?” His eyes were watery, his voice strained. And even through all of this Valentina did not understand his stress. For her the abilities that she was born with, she could help others as she did today. She felt that her father was overreacting.

“Dad I get it, you never have fully told me what happened to you back at Griffin Core. But you never really have to tell me. I’ve heard stories, seen shows about what happened to test subjects. But you have a power that could help this world yet you choose to waste it!” Valentina started to get combative, Rogelio was not going to back down from his personal views. He stood closer to Valentina’s face anger building in him because Valentina failed to see what he felt were valid points.

“You have caused a domino effect! How can you not see this?” He walked to the blinds at the window pointing down to the large group below. “Do you think they are all here to spread positive news? When does the news ever follow positive save for at Christmas time? They are like vultures waiting for something bad to happen then they descend on it feeding off of it before spewing their half truths to the rest of the world! They are all here to find out why a humanite was masquerading as a human! To humans this will only cause more suspicion! Did you ever think how this will affect your mother? Did you ever think that before this life I had another? I can only pray that my old life does not come back to haunt me! And now The Eye, they know where we are!”

Valentina tried to walk up to console her father, she knew now was not the time to be combative. “Dad…” She took a deep breath finding her words. “I’ve read articles about The Eye. Two of the worlds strongest humanites work for them. The Eye is now only concerned for the safety of the world! Don’t you see this?” She was hoping that her father would make the connection. The intensity in his eyes did lesson, but there was no connection.

“No, The Eye is still up to no good. I bet my life on it. One day you will see and understand this princess.” His voice had calmed, he knew they would get nowhere arguing. Besides there was other matters to focus on. Rogelio saw his lawyers car slowly making its way through the crowd toward the repair shop. 

“This discussion will have to wait, Larry is here. I’m sure he will be making a statement to the press.”

Rogelio kissed Valentina on the cheek then walked out of her office. It was then she realized her phone was buzzing. Pulling her phone out of her pocket she saw over twenty missed calls, all were from Aja. Checking her text messages she saw only one message from him it said “We need to talk.” That text was sent 20 minutes ago. 

She hit speed dial, it only rang once before Aja picked up. “Hey babe…” Was all that Valentina was able to say, Aja cut her off storming in.

“How long were you going to hide this from me?” Aja was extremely upset. Valentina was taken aback by his attitude, she didn’t expect it. 

“When is it ever a good time to say, by the way I’m a humanite?” She tried to keep it peaceful. She didn’t want an argument, not now, and not with him.

“Aden says that the news media is camping out front of my estate, and my cell phone has been fucking ringing for the past hour or so! I will have to change my number now!” 

Valentina felt it all starting to crumble as she feared it might, she was unable to say anything. She just listened to Aja argue and blame her for all of the attention from the news media he was getting, he finally stopped for a moment allowing her to respond. “So where does this leave us?” She said weakly. 

“We need to take a break, at least until things cool down. My advertising firm does not need this, and I surely don’t!”

“So how long then?” Her voice was a little shaky. Biting her lip she took a string of her hair twisting it around her finger. She did this when she was nervous, but that was rare. 

“I don’t know. Look I’ve got to go, more media types are trying to get in my building for a statement from me.” Aja said angrily before hanging up. 

Valentina was dazed. She was always afraid that something like this would happen if he knew that she was a humanite but in reality she was kind of hoping his love for her would overlook it. Sitting down heavily with a plump on the couch her head rested in both hands as she hunched over. Maybe this was for the better, she was wrong for lying to him she didn’t deserve such a man. She should have been honest with him but it was too late to rectify that now. She just remembered that Aja said he needed to change his number, but he didn’t even tell her if she was getting his new number.