Valentina drove to work from Aja’s place this morning. As he promised the night was eventful, but he was the only one tired. Oh she pretended that she was, and had she been human for certain she would have been, but she was humanite her endurance was a class 100. The nights events were truly memorable and pleasurable, but it would take a lot to tire her out. She laughed thinking about how that could hurt Aja’s ego if he ever knew. 

Driving up to The Working Wrench’s main branch shop Valentina pulled up to her reserved parking spot by the street parking next to her fathers pick up truck.She never understood why her father only drove a pick up truck, with the money they were making he should at least have one luxury vehicle. Granted it was a nice truck, but to Valentina no matter how nice a truck it was still just a truck. Stepping out of her sports car she adjusted her suit, then checked her hair in the mirror.

“Look bitch I don’t care! You don’t ever leave unless I tell you that you can!” The harsh words and how loud they were caught Valentina’s attention, she slowly shut the car door looking over to where she heard the screaming. Across the street a man had a woman by the arm firmly, she looked a little concerned but not terrified which meant she was used to this. The woman broke her grip and the two continued to argue. Rogelio noticed that Valentina took great interest in the couple arguing so he hurriedly opened the front glass door making a bee line to her.

“Have you talked to Aja about the new commercial spots I want on the radio? Haven’t heard back from him yet.” Rogelio said trying to distract Valentina. Valentina kept her attention on the combative couple as she walked slowly toward her father. “The deadline is next week, I want to make sure all is good. This will be our biggest commercial spot yet.” Rogelio said. Valentina still kept her eyes on the arguing couple as she spoke.

“No need to worry dad, everything is…” She paused as the couple across the street began to escalate in voice. “Ready.” She finished. Rogelio looked nervous, Valentina was clearly focused on the couple.

“I already called the police, let them handle it Val.” He said concerned. Valentina looked at her father detecting the caution in his voice. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t reveal us. But damn someone needs to teach that guy a lesson.” She said.

“The police will.” Rogelio said, he wasn’t very convinced with what Valentina said. He only calmed upon seeing Valentina walk up to the front door not looking back, as she passed him he sighed in relief. The man slapped the woman across the face, two men exited the building in front of the couple to help, the enraged man ran to his car knowing he was outnumbered. 

“That’s right, run like the pussy you are! You can hit a woman but you run from men!” She pulled her cell phone from her purse raising it in the direction of her fleeing boyfriend before she started dialing. “I’m calling the police on your ass! You will be sitting in a jail cell tonight!” She yelled angrily. The boyfriend started his car revving the engine in a threatening way before putting the car in drive. His girlfriends words enraged him even more. The tires screeched as the car was urged forward. 

The two men that came outside to help dove to the side as the boyfriend targeted the woman using his car as a weapon. The woman screamed as she ducked down bringing her arms over her head and face in an attempt to protect herself. The sound of the collision echoed down the street. The front end of the car buckled with parts of the bumper and the hood flying in all directions. The boyfriend was tossed forward, his head hitting the steering wheel as the car came to a violent stop. 

The woman was shaken but she was not hurt, looking up she could not believe her eyes. The boyfriend shook off his brief concussion his nose bloodied from the impact. He was dazed, his vision started to clear, he rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

Rogelio sighed heavily, the weight of stress increased in his face as he looked at the scene of the accident. Valentina stood in the crease of the damaged vehicle at the hood and bumper, she was between the car and the woman who the car would’ve hit. Valentina was unharmed. She grabbed the front of the damaged vehicle ripping it apart at the hood so that she could step out of the crease where her body was initially lodged from the impact. Her suit was ripped and tattered showing parts of her legs and underpants. 

People started flooding the streets moving toward Valentina in awe of what they just saw. Then someone yelled out “Did you see that? She ran in front of that car! The damn car was demolished! I got it all on my phone!” 

Rogelio rubbed his eyes with one hand, he knew this couldn’t be good. 

“Dammit Valentina!” He thought to himself. The street was now filled with people, and all of them wanted to know how was Valentina able to do what she just did. The answer to that would now open a can of worms.