I hope everyone is enjoying the story thus far of “Rivals, a tale of two sisters.” I wanted to start this story off slowly. I really wanted the reader to be introduced to the main characters and see what makes them tick, and what troubles them or why they are the way they are. I wanted the reader to see that although humanites have all of this power and imortality, they truly are disfunctional.  That way when things do go they way they do in this short story the reader can say “Ok I can see why.” 

My wife is really into this story and she claims for her she enjoys it most out of the shorts she has read so far. Mostly due to the romantic conflicts that could arise she says. And because already she’s asking me if things will go one way or another (she has her theories) for the characters. 

Of course I tell my wife she will just have to keep reading to find out if she is correct, or if she will be surprised. So in other words please go back and read from the first story to catch up so you can be fully informed on the story.

Again thank you all for reading!


R. Sulli