Jaun lay on his bed fighting the depression of his situation. He was also angry with himself. Had he never answered the post in his barracks for special training he wouldn’t be rotting away in this holding cell. He had to laugh at how excited he was when he was accepted as subject 18 for the Aries Project. The only way was up for him, the pay was beyond well and he was able to also keep getting his Army pay. His fiancé Tia would be well taken care of, and newborn daughter would want for nothing. He felt truly blessed.

All of those blessing changed to curses when he was given the golden elixir. The serum that had the nanites. Juan was told that he might have side effects, and that his body could change. “Such a damn fool!” He told himself, tears streamed down his face as he balled up on the bed. Nothing ever happened after he took the golden elixir, he thought that would be the end of it and he could go back to his regular life but it was only the start of his hell. He was taken to a holding cell that was quite luxurious. It was very large, and filled with everything that one of a wealthy status in life would have. Juan was impressed, at first. He tried to tell himself that this wasn’t so bad. He was escorted out to the garden three times a day by armed guard to enjoy the outside. He was fed whenever he called for room service. He had a tv screen the size of an entire wall with access to any channel he desired. And he was even brought the finest women to have sex with when he so desired. All of these things he enjoyed until the shock of him never being able to see his mother or father, or his four brothers again; orto be able to see his fiancé or ever be able to embrace his newborn daughter struck him with great devastation. What it boiled down to was that he was a prisoner no matter how luxurious the cell was. He was told that he could never leave Griffin Core because of the expensive technology that he had inside of his body. There was also the danger of what the nanites might do later on but that was never explained fully. Juan thought he was a dead man walking by what he was told, so he tried to just make the best of a bad situation. As the years passed he found himself very depressed, he could not shake it not even with the help of psychiatric help.

He woke up that morning realizing that his daughter would now be three, and she would never know her father. He started to cry uncontrollably.

-Juan Marcos Jesus Vasquez. Weep no more.- A voice said inside of Juan’s head. Instantly he sat up alerted, he jumped off of his bed coming to his knees. At that moment he was not aware that it was Valhallas voice speaking to him.

“Madre Dios!” He traced the cross over his heart.

-Do not confuse me with superstition my child. Although I am your savior. Awaken and be a slave to humans no more!- Valhalla said, and at that Juan’s body shook, he fell onto his back going into convulsions that lasted seconds before coming to rest. Juan lay there looking up at the ceiling, that’s when he heard the nanites inside of him. They had been awakened by Valhalla. Juan’s mind started to be flooded with information. For starters information on how to escape. Slowly he stood up, his eyes seeing things that he could not before.

-You are my child, and one day I shall call upon you for your service.- Valhalla said, then his voice was gone. Juan walked up to the door that held him prisoner for so many years. He raised his hand touching the door then looked back at the room, his prison for the last three years. Today he would leave a free man.

He disappeared into thin air. The heat detection sensor in his room went off alerting security that he was no longer there.

Juan met up with the other freed 42 subjects of the Aries Project and with the power they now possessed thanks to the awakened nanites inside of them, they easily overthrew the Griffin Core armored guards and fled the facility. When they all discussed what should be done next after fleeing, many of them explained that it would be best to not return to the lives they once had. Griffin Core would be in search of them, and anyone that the 42 would go back to, the loved ones of their lives would be in danger.

It was agreed by all 42 to never return to the lives they once had no matter how painful they all must go and hide blending in with humanity starting new lives. They  day that Juan Marcos Jesus Vasquez left the Griffon Core compound he died. Rogelio Anthony Juarez then came to life.

Rogelio sat outside on the back patio by the pool sipping coffee thinking back on it all. He only allowed it on his first born child’s birthday. Valentina always thought that her sister Kale was Rogelio’s first child, and that she was the second. But back when he was human, before he was forced into his humanite status he had a little girl named Maria that he never got to hold or love. Today was her birthday. He would only allow himself to think about Maria on her birthday, and about the life he left behind, or the painful ghosts that still resided there.

The sun started to slowly rise, he heard his wife calling for him wondering where he was. Standing he raised his coffee mug to the rising sun.

“For you and your mother my dearest Maria.” His voice bitter sweet, a saddened smile on his face before Rogelio corrected his emotions. It was time to go back to the life he now knew and forget the life he left behind until next year.