The room was dark, Aden remained in a deep sleep until the car lights of Aja’s sports car reflected off of his window tracing from one side of the room to the other causing Aden to stir once the car lights greeted him. Aden heard Aja’s car pull up to the front of the horseshoe shaped driveway. He slept good, and all day. For the past few weeks he had been walking the streets at night in the worst areas of Los Angeles. He was seeing where his hunting grounds would be. 

Aja would of course try to talk him out of it as he tried before. And the times before Aja was always victorious, but not this time. Aden felt that before he wasn’t ready, but after watching on television a few years back when three humanites brought down the super villain Fusion, that situation all but sealed any doubts. 

 Laying in his bed he raised his hand toward the ceiling making a fist. He stared at it focusing.
His fist began to glow red hot lighting up the room slightly. He felt the energy surge through his body, his nanites preparing him for the next phase that he was commanding.

Opening his fist the heat that began to generate from his hand in a focused area ignited into a small flame. Aden smiled readying for the next phase.

Opening his hand completely the small flame ignited in a much larger and hotter fire all around his palm and fingers yet his flesh did not burn. His bed or covers did not catch afire either. Aden had complete control of his powers now. 

He was ready. Sure his brother Aja would protest, that was all Aja ever did. But Aja was human, Aden was not. He was humanite like his father. And back when both boys were smaller thier father would go out and vanquish corrupt officials, or keep criminals out of surrounding villages, but all of this was done for a price. Gold, or updated currency was the payment for Aaditya Basu’s protection. Aaditya was not an evil man, but he was a business man, he would not work for free. And because of this he made a fortune protecting villages from the powerful corruption of drug gangs or officials who wanted land. 

The mansion Aden and his brother lived in was purchased with that money, the money that his father left his boys once he disappeared back home in Bengal India. It was left in his power of attorney that he was leaving and that his two sons would inherit all of his riches. Years had passed and thier father never did come home. Possibly because he could not get over the death of his wife. He loved her more than his own life. She fell victim to cancer and Aaditya saw his loving wife, his soul mate wither away until her death. His power could not save her. And for this he felt that he was worthless. 

When Aaditya left Aden was 15. Life continued on. And a few years later Aden told Aja that it was time to become a hero like thier father. Aja disagreed saying that normal lives would be best. At first Aden felt that Aja just did not understand, after all they had different fathers. Aaditya had married their mother when Aja was a little boy, he did not inherit the nanites as Aden did. So how could he understand how it felt to wield power? Aden decided to go out one night to see how well he would fend against a sex trafficking gang that had caught his attention downtown. Had his father been here they would not be here, and the mayor even came to thier home asking for Aaditya’s aid only to be told by Aja that Aaditya was gone. Privately Aden had went to the mayor and told him that he would run the gang out. 

That night Aden went to the brothel and confronted several of the gang memebers including the leader. The end result was horrific. Although Aden was able to kill the gang members by burning death, he also killed 20 innocent women from the brothel who died in the burning building from the raging fire that he created. Six other buildings nearbye also burned down and an additional 5 other innocents died in those fires. When Aja discovered this he decided it was time to leave Bengal and come to America. 

The brothers had been here now for over 11 years. With the riches left by thier father niether needed to work for the rest of their lives, but Aja was driven to do so. Aden on the other hand felt he was destined for other things. He would be a hero like his father, the only difference was that he would protect those who could not protect themselves at no charge. This was his way to pay back those innocent souls that he killed accidentally. And from the areas he had been scoping out over the last few weeks, the areas where the poor lived where crime was rampant yet law enforcement seemed to have thier hands tied. Aden would go to these areas, these ghettos and cleanse these places by fire. Tonight would be his first test run. If all went well he would continue. Aden decided not to tell his brother of his plans. It would only worry him. More over Aja would just try to talk Aden out of it, but that would be impossible now.