Kinetic Balance and American Warrior stood facing Fusion, they all were looking at one another silently. The Shadow Core war ships took flight knowing they were no match for elite humanite, or mutate. Now it was only the three standing in the middle of Fusions burning, smoldering destruction that was all around them.

“Thanks for what you did to Horacio.” American Warrior said to Fusion while massaging his wrist. Kinetic Balance’s head titled looking over at American Warrior.

“Really dude…?” Kinetic Balance said to American Warrior who laughed just a tad at his joke. He was trying to break the tension with his joke, it didn’t work. Fusion stared silently, the two humanites were talking which meant they were making noise, besides Kinetic Balance had failed greatly at killing him and bringing him peace, for that he must pay. Fusion raised his hand releasing a heat wave from it, the wave struck nothing, Kinetic Balance and American Warrior had already moved. Fusion turned to see them both standing behind him.

American Warrior was first to strike, rushing forward he threw a right cross at Fusion making his head violently jerk to the side. American Warrior’s hand started to burn again, he quickly threw another strike with his other arm it started to burn as well. His body greatly slowed due to the extreme heat, his nanites could not handle it they started trying to build a defense against the extreme heat so it took away from American Warriors power levels.

Fusion smiled wickedly before swinging an uppercut that struck American Warrior that sent him flying back with great force. Kinetic Balance stepped into American Warrior’s path catching him. Lowering him to the ground Kinetic Balance saw that where Fusions fist had struck left American Warrior’s skin melted, the smell of burnt flesh filled Kinetic Balances nostrils.

Professor Fredericks and General Reyes had been watching from various MC30’s that had been cloaked all around the vicinity but just out of range of Fusion’s heat that would be able to melt them. 

Until now General Reyes had remained silent. But after seeing a replay of American Warrior and Fusion he refused to let it continue as it did last time. “You have to take Fusion out at all costs Kinetic, if you don’t he will continue to burn down whatever is left of the Capital. More lives will be lost!” The Generals voice came through a mic in Kinetic Balances helmet. He looked up at Fusion who stood waiting. 

“He’s just standing there.” Kinetic Balance said amazed.

“He thinks he’s already won boy, take advantage of his cocky attitude!” General Reyes said forcefully. Kinetic Balance looked back down at American Warrior, his wounds started to slowly heal. 

“You alright?” He asked American Warrior. American Warrior smiled weakly.

“Yea, I’ll be alright.” He said while slowly sitting up. 

“Just sit tight, sit this one out.” 

American Warrior forced himself to stand. “If we go down, we go down as a team!” He said.

“I’m afraid not sir, you don’t seem to last too long when you get close to that intense heat he gives off. If I need help be my guest, jump in. But just hang back and let me try again please. Meanwhile let your nanites do their job sir.” Kinetic Balance wanted to make sure American Warrior knew that he had nothing but respect for him. American Warrior knew that what Kinetic Balance said was partly true, he needed to heal up some if he was going to be any help. 

“Ok kid, but I’m only giving you a few minutes.” American Warrior knew he’d need more time than that, but he was ready to die if need be.

Kinetic Balance looked at American Warrior nursing his wounds, he didn’t have the strength or power levels to go toe to toe with Fusion, but it made Kinetic Balance proud to have fought alongside such bravery. 

“Yes sir, it’s a deal.” They both shook hands.

“Be careful JJ.” The professor said communicating via the nanites. 

“You bet Pro Fed.” Kinetic Balance responded privately. “Oh General Reyes.” He said.

“Yes?” The General said.

“I ain’t your boy.” 

At that he ran circles around Fusion looking for a point of attack, Fusion just slowly would look around tracking Kinetic Balances movements. Kinetic Balance started attacking while running around Fusion, he would strike a few hundred times before pulling out then continuing to run around Fusion. It had minimal effect.

“What is this? Are you afraid Kinetic Balance?” Fusion replied mockingly. Kinetic Balance came in again for an attack, as he was trying to strike Fusion in the face, Fusion ducked under the strike punching him several times in the stomach before uppercutting him right on the chin. He was tossed into the air before falling to the ground by American Warrior. His helmet was cracked. Standing up quickly he touched the helmet feeling it was useless to wear it now, the cracked glass impaired his vision. Taking the helmet off he tossed it to the ground, Fusion looked at Kinetic Balance with surprise.

“They sent a boy to try to defeat me? A boy!?!?” He started laughing. 

The professor saw JJ’s reading rising. What Fusion just said offended him. His power levels were rising quickly to 680, then to 720, then to 840. Professor Fredericks stood up from his chair, Kinetic Balance’s power was close to Fusions now, this fight was going to be more fair than Fusion realized. 

Upon moving Kinetic Balance broke the sound barrier he brought down a hail of punches striking many areas of Fusions body and face. Fusion struck back and the two traded blows. Fusion then rose above the ground releasing a furious atomic explosion below that knocked American Warrior back. Smoke filled the skies from Fusions attack, there was no motion below. Fusion yelled out that he was victorious, American Warrior put aside his pain and stood up. 

“Kid…?” He said under his breath peering into the dense smoke. As the dust settled Kinetic Balance stood there looking up at a surprised Fusion. American Warrior was overcome with joy as he screamed out happily. The professor pressed his glasses closer to his face in excitement he licked his lips. 

“Oh my God…” He said reading Kinetic Balances P.D.A. It read:

-Subject Jay Jai Barret…. Codename… Kinect Balance ….Power Data Analysis…..

-Strength: Class 1,000

-Speed: Class 1,000

-Intelligence: Class 1,000

-Endurance: Class 1,000

-Shell: Class 1,000

-Projection: 0

-Output: 3,000


Professor Fredericks could not believe his eyes. “But how?” He asked himself. JJ’s output increased, this was unheard of. This brought his power levels even to Fusions, and possibly could go higher. He jumped with excitement. “Take him JJ!” He yelled.

“Is that all you got?” Kinetic Balance said to Fusion. Leaping into the air both men collided. A grappling match occurred between them while in the clench high above the ground. The two flew zig zagging about fighting for arm control.

“So you have gotten stronger! Truly a worthy opponent indeed!” Fusion said in Kinetic Balance’s ear. Kinetic Balance spun Fusion around taking him to the ground that shook the earth sending out massive impact waves. The two began rolling around on the ground fighting for a better position. 

American Warrior looked on in amazement that Kinetic Balance could be that close without getting burned. “He’s truly an elite of the elite.” He said under his breath proudly. 

Finally Kinetic Balance found position kicking both legs over Fusions body to side guard, his legs then grabbed ahold of Fusions arm pulling it back while pushing Fusions other arm down with the hand closest to Fusions arm. Fusion was helpless in the submission hold. Kinetic Balance began wailing down thousands of hammer strikes and elbows on Fusions face withing mere seconds. The ground started shaking as if there was an earthquake. Fusion cried out in pain before coughing, then his body went limp the heat wave cut off fading from Fusions body, and the blue glowing skin faded to human. But Kinetic Balance did not care, he continued to pummel Fusions face.

Blood started to flow from Fusions mouth and his nose broke then caved in. “Stop kid, you did it!” American Warrior yelled. Kinetic Balance continued striking until he felt a consoling hand upon his shoulder moments later. Looking up he saw American Warrior smiling down at him. “You did it, you beat him…” American Warrior said it softly and calmly. 

It was only then did he hear the cheers of General Reyes, and Professor Fredericks on the MC30’s hovering near him. He started to calm. American Warrior extended his hand, JJ took it then stood up. The two men embraced in victory. 

“I did it…” JJ said faintly. 

“Your dad is looking down on you with a big smile right now!” American Warrior said with great emotion. He felt a twitch of energy briefly before his heart felt as if it would stop. As he hugged Kinetic Balance he saw Fusion standing up. He released his grip stepping back, Kinetic Balance turned to see why American Warriors face was so pale. 

Professor Fredericks took his glasses off as he read Fusions readings. “No….” He said softly. Fusions power levels had reached 20,000. The power within Fusion surged once more exploding and igniting violently bringing back his bluish toned heated skin. This wave was so powerful it knocked both Kinetic Balance and American Warrior off of their feet. Both men fought to stand up but the force of the heat wave was too intense. Kinetic Balance saw American Warrior cry out in pain as his skin started melting away on every part of his body. 

Without further hesitation Kinetic Balance grabbed American Warrior and flew just out of range trying to escape the hear wave. Fear grew in the professors eyes, Fusions readings kept rising. That’s when he knew that Fusion was going nuclear. The explosion that Fusion was about to cause was going to end the life of every person in a 500 miles or more radius. Professor Fredericks had never seen such readings. 

“I will take you all to paradise! I will lead you there!” Fusion cried out. “I will bring peace to this world!” He yelled out vengefully. A thin hand touched his shoulder, catching him off guard. Looking over his shoulder he saw a young man standing there with his hand still on his shoulder. How was this person not melted and burning Fusion asked himself. Fusions body instantly converted back to human form, his eyes rolled back into his head, then he fell heavily to the ground with a thump. He was dead. 

The professor started instantly getting P.D.A. readings from the man who stood over the lifeless body of Fusion from the MC30’s, that could only mean one thing. “A humanite?” The professor said looking over the readings. The heat faded replaced by cooler winds. He had caught sight of someone walking up behind Fusion casually but he thought maybe his eyes were playing illusions. He was astonished at the final readings of the humanite, they were the exact power levels of Fusion before his death. The humanite wore a black trench coat, a pair of what looked to be paintball gun goggles, and a exercise training mask to conceal his identity. The oddest thing was his green hair. 

Stepping casually over Fusions body he walked toward Kinetic Balance as The Eye warships quickly flew overhead. Medics lowered tending to American Warrior, rushing him off. Kinetic Balance stood up defensively watching the young man make his way up to him. The war ships were ordered to stand down and not attack whoever this humanite was. 

Finally the humanite walked up to Kinetic Balance. “Good job kid.” Kinetic Balance said. 

“Kid…?” The humanite said. “Aren’t you that high school football player Jai Barret? Crap I’m older than you son, by a few years!” He said comically. There was a lighthearted sound to his voice. “Good to see you decided to play hero instead of football.” 

JJ looked on confused. “Who…,” he paused. “Who are you?” JJ asked.

“The names Zilch. I’m the new kid on the block.” Zilch put up his fingers making the parentheses motion with both hands. 

“Thanks Zilch, we couldn’t have done it without you.” 

Zilch laughed. “Yea I know.” He lowered his hands. “But it’s cool, it’s what we heroes do right?” 

JJ smiled. “Right…” He said.

Zilch looked up at the sky. “Well, it’s pretty depressing around here, time to jet. I’ve always wanted to be able to fly. Now I got 24 hours of it. See ya round kid.” Zilch said laughing before taking off into the sky.