Kale decided to sleep in today, she wasn’t feeling up to facing the world. But then again that was every day. After the violent death of her mother life seemed to loose all of its color. She had no one in her life to tell her that she was worth anything, her mother always did that. This way that she felt, it could be blamed on how her mother brought her up. Her mother to be sure had a hard life, she was one of the 42 that escaped Griffin Core to start over. Starting over was a hard thing to do seeing as how they all had lives before they agreed to become test subjects for Griffin Cores golden elxir. But it was agreed by them all that going back to those lives would put loved ones in danger while other loved ones may not be too accepting of what the 42 had become.

Her mother was a humanite, and once some of them turned to a life of crime it became known that the humanites existed. Something Griffin Core did not want. But then Griffin Core was shut down by the Army, replaced by a new organization called The Eye. The agenda of The Eye was the same as Griffin Core, retrieve all escaped subjects bringing them back into their custody. The 42 were all hunted the more powerful humanites had no problem staying off the radar, and even if found had enough power to take down The Eyes soldiers. Lisa Limmerick was an average humanite. She had enough strength to fight them, but her skin was not as tough as others being only a class 10. She was a class 10 across the board. Which made it easier for The Eye to find her. She did well for a time, it wasn’t until  Kale was fourteen that they came.

Kale recalled it as if it were just yesterday. There was a knock at the door and her mother answered it. Kale was upstairs in her room and heard arguing and yelling so she came to the edge of the stairs where she could see the front door below. Her mother was told that she must surrender peacefully, and that she and her daughter would be well taken care of. Her mother yelled “Like you took care of me before? Rotting in that damn holding cell? No thanks!”

That’s when her mother punched the soldier in the chest killing him. The other soldier raised his gun but Lisa was too fast. She reached out grabbing his wrist and with a quick twist breaking it. The soldier screamed out in pain. That’s when she punched him in the face, he went flying backwards out of view of Kale. Lisa looked up at Kale with fear in her eyes. “I love you!” She cried out just as her body was hit with an electric charge followed by bullets that seemed to continue for close to 30 seconds.

Lisa shook violently from the impact of all the bullets screaming out in pain. A humanites skin was resistant to bullets, but lower level humanites could still be killed with them. The biggest weakness of a humanite was electric shock. So to easier kill a humanite it was theorized that you must first shock them to weaken then shoot to kill. Kale cried out to her mother as she watched Lisa fall to the ground. Kale leapt effortlessly to the bottom of the stairs and kneeled beside her mother. Blood was seeping from every part of Lisa’s body. She was dead, Kale knew it. Looking out holding her mothers head on her lap she saw more soldiers. Tears streamed down Kales face.

“You killed her! You killed my mom!” She yelled with rage. Her eyes flickered white, eventually going from green to all white. She was angry now, and she wanted to kill the ones who killed her mother. The soldiers were not aware that Kale was not a level 10 like her mother. She carried a greater power, and she was about to unleash that power on them.

A total of 12 soldiers of The Eye died that day, and all by the hands of a 14 year old girl. No shock weapons worked on her. And no bullets harmed her. She was what science would call an exceptional humanite, one of the elite. By age 10 she was a class 100. By age 14 she perfected her power. She had class 100 strength and speed, add in her class 100 projection abilities and she was a rival for any humanite. But Kale had only one rival in her mind, and that was her younger sister Valentina Juarez. She was told by her mother that her father Rogelio favored his new wife and chose a new life over staying with Kale and her mother Lisa, who by the way was pregnant with Kale.

So Kale and Valentina had the same father but different mothers. In all of her 14 years Kale only saw her father dropping, or picking up Valentina from school. Yea, they both went to the same school, and although different ages Kale started at the same time as Valentina and both were in the same grade. Her mother deliberately did that.

Everything that Lisa did was deliberate when it came to the situation with Kale’s father and sister. Lisa fed Kale many lies about them. For starters her mother told Kale that Rogelio never cared for her, and that when he found out that she was pregnant, then, and only then did he decide to leave her because he did not want the responsibility of a child. Lisa would also tell her daughter that Rogelio felt Valentina was pretty and better. So it made sense that as Kale grew up she hated her father and resented her sister.

In reality Rogelio wanted to see his daughter but Lisa told him that if he ever talked to her, or that Kale told him that he tried? She would contact The Eye herself and report them all. Rogelio did not want to see his daughters locked up in a holding cell as he and Lisa were. He did not want them being guinea pigs for The Eye, that was no life for them. So Rogelio ordered Valentina never to speak to Kale for fear that a problem would erupt.

And so problems did occur but more on a competitive level. Kale deep in her heart wanted to talk to her father, if at least to ask him why he did not love her the way he loved Valentina, but her mother forbid her. Lisa said it would only bring pain and heartache to Kale because she knew how cold hearted Rogelio was. And like a good daughter she listened to her mother feeling that her mother was only looking out for her best interests.

But conversation with Valentina was unavoidable. Some classes they had together, one in particular was physical education. Now Valentina was also a class 100 in strength but was an class 80 in speed. Which meant she was 20 points lower in speed than Kale, but one could never tell during matches of volleyball, or basketball. Both girls were told never to reveal their true power, but there was this game of war ball that got out of hand in the 5th grade. Everyone got tagged out except Kale and Valentina. The game lasted 15 minutes until the bell rang for the next class, but it left the coach and all the students in awe of the amazing speed and skill displayed by both girls. Neither was able to tag the other out. Oh sure they never went too far in using speed and endurance, but they pushed the limits as far as they could. Anything Valentina did Kale had to be better, but it made sense, after all her mother told her how her father saw her as not quite as perfect as Valentina. But as for Valentina she always wondered why she could not talk to her sister.

One day after school Rogelio pulled up seeing Valentina approaching Kale in the school parking lot, he rushed out of the car yelling for her. Valentina was busted. Rogelio yelled at her and told her how foolish and dangerous her act was. It was after that Rogelio decided to move away from Texas to California. That was when both girls were in the start of middle school. Kale never saw her father after that, or her sister.

It sent her mother into a jealous frenzy. With no way of contacting Rogelio or being part of his life even remotely drove Lisa into a jealous fit, she fed her rage into Kale. Never trust a man, never trust humans, always take whatever you can from whoever you can. And that’s exactly what Kale and her mother did, they would go after drug dealers and take their money and dump the drugs. Of course always wearing masks to conceal their identity. And for a time until Lisa’s death life was good and filled with riches. And after Lisa’s death the resentment of humans grew even more. She eventually forgot about her father and sister but not quite entirely. But without her mother to tell her that she was beautiful, that she was important who else could? According to her mother no one. 

And so every morning she would stand in front of the mirror in her undies and critique herself, but never in a good way. Today was no different than any other day. Looking at her beautiful face she would say to herself “Ugly.” And then she would look over her perfectly formed body and say “Needs more work.” She was never happy with who she was. Her life was meaningless save for when she went shopping, but wasn’t there more to life than shopping? She looked over at the clock, time to bury her depression in new clothes.