American Warrior gave a brief look at Kinetic Balance and Fusion, Fusion was still monologging . “Now be honest, on a scale of one to ten how much did that punch hurt you?” Horacio said with a grin.

“Zero…” American Warrior said. “You caught me off guard is all.” His face was serious and determined. 

Horacio took a moment to digest what American Warrior said before speaking again. “Well I’ve got something that will hurt…”

American Warrior bolted at Horacio and without warning striking his with great force, Horacio was too focused on talking when it happened. He was sent backwards, then flipped landing on his feet, American Warrior was already on him striking with incredible speed. Horacio brought his arms up for protection absorbing the punches.

-Sir it’s not recommended to continue taking blows from a class 100, his power levels are rising, if he reaches 100….- The operator said in Horacio’s communicator.

“I know this already.” Horacio responded. He stopped blocking and started dodging American Warriors strikes with incredible speed. His cybernetics matching elite humanite speed, but for how long? Horacio got his answer from the operator.

-Sir you will have to slow so as to not wear down your cybernetics too quickly. They were made to pace not over work-

Horacio had built in P.D.A. scans in his eyes, he looked American Warrior over. “Hmm he’s at a steady 50 percent across the board on all categories.” Horacio thought. It was time to push his levels up to 80 and finish this. He felt his body energize as American Warrior threw another punch at him. Horacio smiled catching the fist in his palm. While Horacio twisted American Warriors wrist he saw him grimace in pain, Horacio then struck him square in the stomach several times violently while laughing cynically like a mad man.

 American Warrior broke free of Horacio’s grip leaping high into the air, his training and focus pushing away the pain he felt and the damage inflicted. Horacio looked up as American Warrior leapt away from him. “Oh no you don’t.” Horacio told himself, he knew American Warrior was trying to recover. Leaping after him Horacio reached out grabbing American Warrior by the ankle. That was a mistake, it was what American Warrior wanted him to do. Horacio was now wide open and over extended. American Warrior now surged to full class 100 in speed and strength reigning down a hail of hammer strikes on Horacio’s face cracking his jaw and caving in his cheek bone. His arrogance had gotten the better of him and he knew it. 

-Massive damage inflicted in the jaw, and facial areas sir!- The operator reported. 

“Oh just shut up!” Horacio yelled out. He pushed away from American Warrior creating distance between them. He saw that American Warrior increased his power, but Horacio had a secret weapon, it was time to use it. His hands sizzled with electrical power, electric jolts on a massive scale was the only known weakness of an elite humanite and Horacio was about to test his newest weapon. He rose his power level to 100 channeling it all into his electro shock ability. Small arcs of electrical current danced around Horacio’s hands before bluish white energy shot from both hands in rapid succession at American Warrior, who began dodging the bolts of energy knowing full well what Horacio was attempting to do. Horacio screamed out in frustration with every miss. He switched to a more sure plan. His whole body crackled with electrical power, he chambered his arms at his side with hands balled into fists before he sent out a massive wave of energy that shot out in a circle all around him pushing outward at incredible speeds. “Dodge this Warrior!” Horacio yelled in in a crazed fashion, his eyes were maniacal watching the electrical wave spread outward and toward American Warrior who hovered above him. American Warrior had not fully recouped thus was not able to escape as quickly as he wanted to. Bringing his arms in front of him defensively he braced as the wave hit him. The wave sent a powerful shock through his body, the pain was unbearable. He fought down the urge to scream but could not as he cried out in pain. His muscles locked up, his guard lowered, his body went stiff, Horacio saw his moment. 

Leaping toward American Warrior Horacio’s fists charged with deadly electrical force. He began striking American Warrior and with each painful strike of his electro fists he saw American Warriors power levels decrease by a few points. He smiled and almost screamed with joy, his heart filled with prospects of victory. The levels continued to drop from 100 to 94, then to 90, American Warrior pushed away from Horacio, Horacio stayed glued to him being relentless never letting up his deadly barrage. American Warriors power levels had been brought down to the 40’s this had to stop. Looking over he saw Kinetic Balance and Fusion locked in battle. 

Flying directly at Fusion, American Warrior saw Horacio take up pursuit. He slowed his speed just enough saving his energy. Just as Horacio channeled for a kill blow he moved, Horacio’s fist struck Fusion in the face. His fist started to melt. Fusion looked at Horacio, anger in his eyes Horacio knew his melted fist was the least of his problems. 

“Now hold on…” Horacio said, but it was too late.

Fusion quickly reached out grabbing Horacio’s face which caught fire. Horacio’s body was instantly engulfed in flame and incredible heat. Desperately kicking off of Fusion Horacio fell backwards to the ground.

-Sir massive damage had been inflicted, cybernetic shut down will happen in two minutes ten seconds!- The operator said desperately.

His face and body disfigured, his body badly damaged and melted, his strength sapped from using all of his power against American Warrior, Horacio Griffin weakly spoke to the operator. “I give you manual over ride, get me out of here…” He was barely able to say. His mouth was half melted and he spoke with a heavy impediment. 

-Null generators at max, it might deplete your energy completely but you will escape.- The operator said, and with that Horacio’s body which was no longer under his control lifted into the air. Several Shadow Core war ships uncloaked unloading a hail of fire down upon Kinetic Balance, American Warrior, and Fusion. The idea was never to do damage, it was just a distraction as Horacio’s deformed melted frame quickly took flight. American Warrior was too weak to take up pursuit, he had to regain his strength. 

“You lucky bastard…” American Warrior grunted under his breath as he watched Horacio fly away barely conscious. He then turned looking at Fusion, this was far from over. 

It was time to dig deep…