Real Name: Aja Aaditya Basu

Alias: None

Species: Human

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: None

Height: 5’8

Weight: 164 Lbs.

Country Of Birth: Bengal India

Place Of Birth: Barasat 

Current Place Of Residence: Los Angeles California 

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Occupation: Doctor 

P.D.A. (Power Data Analysis) :

Strength: Human levels

Speed: Human levels

Intelligence: Human levels

Endurance: Human levels 

Shell: none

Projection: none 

Output: none

Bio: He is career driven, and is focused on taking care of his younger brother Aden. He is deeply in love with his girlfriend Valentina Jaurez (aka Reckon) but is troubled deeply for both his brothers and his girlfriends saftey because both are humanites. Aja’s father Aaditya was one of the 42. Upon being freed from Griffin Core he fled back to Bengal India where he felt safe. He married and had one son, Aden but adopted and loved Aja who was his wife’s son from another marriage from a husand who had died. Although this was not customary to marry a woman who already had a child and previously married Aaditya felt that he had been through enough and love even with current circumstances was no problem. Five years later Aden was born. Upon the passing of his wife years later, Aaditya went into a great depression and dissapeared leaving his two sons who were then 19 and 15. But they were left with all Aaditya’s fortune that he acquired by using his humanite power to protect villages from criminals but only for payment. With that money both boys grew up with a good edjucation. Aja finally decided to move to the states when he felt their father would never return, his brother reluctantly came along. He is disheartned that Aden cares little of a career and more of being a hero. 

Nanite Induced Powers: none