Real Name: Aden Aaditya Basu

Alias: Incandescence 

Species: Humanite 

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black 

Height: 6″0

Weight: 189 Lbs

Country Of Birth: Bengal India

Place Of Birth: Barasat 

Current Place Of Residence: Los Angeles California

Gender: Male 

Age: 29

Occupation: Super hero

P.D.A. (Power Data Analysis) :

Strength: Class 18

Speed: Class 10

Intelligence: Class 26

Endurance: Class 30

Shell: Class 10

Projection: Class 80

Output: Class 80

Bio: When his father disapeared in Bengal India, he reluctantly came to America with his brother Aja. But he felt in his heart that his father might have come to America for reasons unknown. He is passionate about life and about helping others yet slow tempered. This passion to help mankind grew even more after the battle between Kinetic Balance and Fusion occured. He saw a great need to help those in need. He does not have to work due to the fortune his father left him and his brother Aja which greatly bothers his brother. He wants Aja to find a career instead of just wanting to put his life in danger for others who either do not know him, or care. Aja also makes fun of Aden’s chosen hero name Incandescence saying it sounds like a nerd made it up.

Nanite Induced Powers: Incandescene can create fire at will and project it as a weapon. He can create flames so hot that it can melt metal. Although Aden is not elite level in strength he is able to lift over a thousand Lbs with ease. He is immune to fire, or even heat from anything, his skin can not be burned in general.