Me: It is an honor to finally interview you.

R. Sulli: Thank you. For some time I wanted to do this but with less medication hahaha. 

Me: Hahaha. Ahem well. I’ve noticed that your slowly expanding universe Of Humans, Humanites, and Mutates is of a diverse group. 

R. Sulli: Why yes, yes it is.

Me: Shut up and let me talk. 

R. Sulli: Mi malo

Me: No worries. But anyway could you touch base on why that is?

Silence…. Crickets

Me: R. Sulli…? 

R. Sulli: Oh sorry was making sure I knew when to speak hahahaha. 

Me: Crickets…

R. Sulli: Well Me, it’s simple. I grew up an advid comic boon reader and Anime fan. Comic books had some black heroes and even less of any other colors of the human race. In Anime black people are non existant save for the rare ones. And even in Anime the focus is on Japanese who look white, or stories about European looking characters. 

Me: And you just didn’t shut up and accept this?

R. Sulli: Nope. My family has a diverse heritage bloodline, and even my friends are of diverse backgrounds. My best friend is Lao, with Chiness mixed in. Anothergood friend is African Egyptian, another one is white American, another from Ghana Africa and so on. But if this is how America looks, why do we not see this beautiful diversity in movies, television, comic books and so on? To me such diversity adds more to the story because it’s real world. 

Me: So true. I have to say that I also love my porn diverse. Women of various cultures are beautiful to look at!

R. Sulli: -crickets-…..

Me: Well ahem, but so true what you say! But your wife is also a part of your diversity?

R. Sulli: Why yes she is from Pakistan. And I’ve learned so many beautiful things about her culture from Pakistan, India, and Persia. The world would be boring without diversity! 

Me: So true. And here are a few photos of you and your lovely wife!

R. Sulli: She is my best friend. We travel together often! And we love to take the family on our annual Disney World trip. I feel that traveling is good for the soul of writing. It really opens my mind up. Even if to travel locally it does the mind good. 

Me: How do you feel about those who might feel uneasy about all of this diversity in your life of in your writing?

R. Sulli: -Farts- 

Me: Oh my!

R. Sulli: Well that’s how I feel.

Me: Well it’s been an honor meeting and interviewing such an esteemed dude in my point of view!

R. Sulli: Well thank you. You’re pretty cool yoursef.

Me: Well thank you!

R. Sulli: You’re welcome!