The heat was intense. Smoke and fire intertwined rising into the early afternoon sky. Burning flesh and corpses littered the ground. Anything that could burn was. All buildings in a five mile radius were either burning or burned down. Fusion stood in the middle of all the destruction that he had caused. No human voice interrupted his peace for they had all been silenced. Closing his eyes for a moment he absorbed this time. It must be this way all the time and he would make it so. The world would be cleansed of them all, he would know true peace, but only once they were all gone.

An MOC10 uncloaked near Fusion, he felt it because he heard it uncloak. He even flinched a moment being disturbed by the subtle sound it made. He kept his eyes closed trying to hold onto his moment of peace.

-They are near- Horacio’s voice said echoing from the small metalic orb. Fusion grinded his teeth slowly, his anger building. Sending out a heat wave it caused the MOC10 to explode with a smile from Fusion on his little victory then he heard two sonic booms and opened his eyes looking up in the sky. It was Kinetic Balance, and American Warrior flying toward him. Let them come, let them die he said to himself. 

Kinetic Balance picked up speed toward Fusion striking him so hard that the bluish hue that was usually his skin flickered showing his original skin in various areas of his body. Fusion was knocked back being hurled half a mile away. He fell to the ground kicking up ash before taking a knee. He was out of breath, he felt pain. Looking at his hand he saw the color of human flesh not blue he was astonished by this. Then it faded going back to blue and hot to the touch. He looked up seeing Kinetic Balance floating toward him. This was the one Horacio had warned him about.

He slowly stood getting his breath back.

“You have brought pain, true pain can only bring an end. Maybe you can bring me peace soldier of The Eye.” Fusion said calmly to Kinetic Balance.

“I am no soldier, I’m Kinetic Balance, the one that’s going to bring you down!”

American Warrior flew low to the ground landing beside Kinetic Balance.

“So that is the name you wish to be called.” Fusion held a moment in reflection, then his eyes reflected a new thought; a resolution. “Well Kinetic Balance. Be my vindicator! Do the one thing that all others have failed to do! Send me to paradise! End my life so that I may find peace!” Fusion lowered his arms to his side. Kinetic Balance took a quick glance at American Warrior.

“Is this sicko for real?” Kinetic Balance asked. American Warrior shrugged his shoulders.

“As sick as they come, so I’d say yes. So give him what he wants. Send him to hell.”

Kinetic Balance looked back at Fusion. American Warrior was right, Fusion had killed so many innocents all the way to The President Of The United States. So many lives taken by this mad man. It was time to end him. Kinetic Balance took one step breaking the sound barrier. Barely in the blink of an eye he was upon Fusion unloading hundreds of punches in seconds. Fusion was jerked left to right from the impact of Kinetic Balances powerful strikes. The punches were relentless. Kinetic Balance then threw a downward hook striking Fusion across the face, he put all of his might behind it. It would be the game ender.

Fusion was struck so hard his body went straight down face first into the concrete. Impact waves rippled outward his body lodged into the ground. The blue skin left again replaced by human skin. The heat that would continually emit from him dissipated. American Warrior stared in disbelief, was the mutate finally dead?


Fusion slowly stirred before his arms raised. Pushing himself up he came to one knee. Bringing  up his hand he stared at the flesh of his palm, he had not seen it since before he became a mutate. His eyes were light brown, not glowing red. Touching his face his closed his eyes being overwhelmed with emotion. A tear flowed down his face. He was human again. He quickly opened his eyes feeling the energy within build and surge outward. In the blink of an eye the heat within him ignited quickly changing his skin back to blue, a heat wave blasted from his body pushing Kinetic Balance back slightly. Still looking at his hand Fusion balled it into a fist then stood, he was an abomination again. This was a cruel joke to let him feel human if only for a moment, then to steal it away. This enraged Fusion.

“You failed. You are just as weak as any other.” Fusion said angrily. Kinetic Balance looked on in disbelief. It was fortunate that he wore a helmet that covered his expression. “The power I possess is limitless. There is nothing that can shut it down. It is a sickness inside me that steals my humanity. And if I can no longer be human, then there can no longer BE humans.”

American Warrior felt it was time to help Kinetic Balance, he gave him the shot he asked for and it didn’t work. It would take both of them to try and bring fusion down.


The sound echoed as American Warrior was struck across the side of his face. He staggered falling to the ground cursing himself for not keeping his guard up. He caught his balance coming back to his feet seeing Horacio Griffin standing there. He was thrown off by the fact that Horacio wore a suit, and by how much force was behind Horacio’s punch.

“I got bored watching, and since my enhancements were made to go toe to toe with American Warrior, well here I am.” Horacio said arrogantly. Raising his arm he motioned with his hand for American Warrior to attack him.